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By | June 24, 2015 3 comments
Hi lovelies! So today I decided to challenge my graphic design skills and make some cute printables [which are actually the first ones I make so no hate please]. I also matched it with my blog theme haha :p. So let's's the first one:
So you see,there's a huge calendar so you can organize your summer and plan the adventures.Right below it there's two rubrics : one for workout,one for cleaning.Once you do one of these,just tick on one of the circles,and by the end of the month these should be full ;) I made it to give you motivation. After it,there's objectives.And you may ask "what objectives?duh it's summer" and I can answer that there are a lot of objectives that aren't related to school. For example my objective is to raise the blog traffic and to make 100 followers on pinterest..Ya know,there's more than school in this life.And right beside the objectives,is the 'favorite quote' section,where you write your fav quote and get inspired by it each time you take a look at the printable.Now,to match this printable... this cute af printable of stickers.Print this,cut the stickers,and stick them to your calendar! :) You can also make one by yourself,if you follow those steps:
1.Find pngs you like on Google Images and save them
2.Go to PicMonkey and press design
3.Then click a size that you'd like and start designing x
...but since there's some lazy gals,I made it ready for all of you :D.

That's it for today,hope you print any of these and enjoy them.

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  1. Omg!! Your blog is literally amazing! I really like every your post! Good job, this calendar very cool! I want for all months like this! Thank you!

  2. This blog just literally made me do a squee!! Sound at almost midnight..and I'm a grown person. Y'know like an adult. Lol anyway love this adorable post and I'm going to be printing out these too cute printables tomorrow at work. Their printer is so much better than mine.

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply! I wish I could've seen this sooner argh.Anyways thank you SO much.Your comment made my night <3