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So hi bebs! You seemed to really enjoy my printables,so be ready to have some more! Not on this post tho
:( But anyways,today we have another exciting post.I decided to share some tips,ideas,design and more about Bucketlists (summer bucketlists,to be concrete).This is the first post on my new summer series "How to have the best summer".Tbh I'm really excited to show you my tips on this series.Without further do,let's get into this post!
-First things first,here's my summer bucketlist.Kinda colorful (and childish) I know.But that's summer — full of colors and happiness.
I watercolored a label,let it dry and then wrote "My ultimate summer Bucketlist 2015". And then just made some rubrics and filled them with lots of fun ideas (which I'm gonna show) and them colored them with colored pencil - warning: patience requested - ha.Another great way to design your bucketlist is just to grab some colorful sharpies and doodle. But the idea that I like the most is to create the bucketlist on a word document,design like a pro and then print it.Sadly I couldn't print my bucketlist but still happy with the result. I really like the water color label,it's just so bright,fun and trendy.

Okay,so here's the list of the things I wrote and why I wrote them..

1.Get a sun tattoo -  sun tattoos are free,temporary,natural and really cute.If you don't know what sun tattoo is,search it up :)
2.Stargaze - watch the beautiful stars while laying on the ground...what's better?
3.Chill in the kiddo pool -  haha this is sooo fun I have a kids pool in my house,I really love chilling there.
4.Go to the pool - my house doesn't have a pool (nor any house in my country) so I really wanna go to a public pool this year ! x
5.Nature(or anywhere else) scavenger hunt -  it's self explanatory.It's soo fun!! Search up if you have no idea what this is:p
6.Make popsicles -  well,it's fun and yummy so why not? :)
7.Tennis (or any other sport) - get up this summer and play some sport with your friends.I promise,it's fun!
8.Have a water balloon fight -  self explanatory.
9.Take a roadtrip -  a spontanous one,course.
10.Lay in the grass
11.Build a fort
12.Watch the sun rise -  aka stay up all night ha.
13.Catch a firefly (&let it go) -  kinda fun to find one as they're pretty rare
14.Watch Paper Towns -  once it comes out,course.Paper Towns is a movie based on a book written by John Green..all of his books are amazing ,so can't wait!! :) Plus Cara Delevigne is the main character.
15.Make a [friendship] bracelet -  I've seen lots of tutorials on youtube,they seem cute and fun! Can't wait to tick this off my bucketlist! :)
16.Sunbathe  - well,we gotta get that vitamin D.
17.Doodle the sidewalk with color chalk -  doing this with my bestie.Can't wait^u^
18.Sit on a rooftop -  easy&fun tbh
19.Try a new ice cream flavor
20.Go to my local Luna Park
21.Go to a concert/festival
22.Make a 'labeled week' -  I've seen it on pinterest and it goes like so:
~Make something monday~ use your creativity to spend the day making things! :)
~Take a trip tuesday~ self explanatory
~Wet & Wild wednesday~ spend the day splashing with water
~Thinking Thursday~ a day to let your thoughts wander around
~Fab and Fun Friday~ a day to spend doing your favorite things
23.Play hide&seek in Viva - Viva is my city's biggest mall,but change this part to Target,Ikea or whatever place you'd like
24.Pull an all-nighter
25.Watch all Harry Potter movies -  I did it last summer,it was sooo fun ! :)
26.Watch fireworks
27.Eat watermelon -  yumm,it's easy to check off the bucketlist but yeah,I love watermelon so its name should be written on my bucketlist at least once :p
28.Go work-out a lot - I'm skinny,but that doesn't mean I don't want a round butt or toned feet.
29.Run through a sprinkler - get a plastic bottle,stab on it,duct tape it to the hose and turn it on: voila ; a DIY sprinkler :p
30.Create a summer playlist -  always fun to jam out to music handpicked for summer :)
31.Eat melon -  another favorite fruit of mine
32.Experience a night I won't forget
33.Get 100 instgram followers (
34.Go on a craft supply hunt -  explore the city and find cute craft supplies :)
35.Join a club/course
36.Complete this bucketlist! :)

Huh! That wasted me a good amount of time,but it's worth it! At least I hope you got inspired and I hope that any of those things will be written in your bucketlist :) x For more bucketlist ideas , follow my insta account where I post lots and lots of ideas : @mypastelworld1 .
Lot's of love,

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