Cute fruity summer lockscreens

By | June 30, 2015 Leave a Comment
Well summer's already here,which means we should make changes to our phone lockscreens and desktop wallpapers.It's really hard to find some,so I decided to make a deep research,find some cute lockscreens and show them to you! For today's category we have fruits.Cute fruits.Hope you guys like any of these,and keep in mind,-none of them is my work,I found them on google images so I don't have the smallest idea who made these-.
This one is really cute.It's not exactly fruity,but it still contains fruits and it's adorable af.This is also like more pale comparing to others (who scream color).
Pineapples were a huge trend last year,and so are they this year! That's why I saved this one,plus it's really really cute with that pinkish background. ;)
Haha,this one is also really cute and kawaii.It kinda reflects my personality and that's why I love it.Plus,I've developed a huge love for lemons so this one is perfect for types of people like me (and oh,not to mention it's a really good representation of summer).
This is my personal favorite.It's just so tropical and fun! All the trendy fruits are there,screaming color and fun.And to anyone wondering,this is my lockscreen atm and it motivates me a lot tbh I don't even know why hah.
This one is also so freakin cute.Watermelons,like pineapples,are also trendy for the summer.I like everything on this lockscreen,starting from the background and continuing to this watermelon's cheeks hehe.
Here's a bonus from me.You've read the post from the beginning till here so you deserve an extra lockscreen! Here,enjoy this popsicle-ish lockscreen who represents summer the most out of all of the lockscreens I showed you. Hope you guys enjoyed it! :) Make sure to comment and let me know if so.Have a nice week yall.I love you all from the bottom of my heart.Bye♥
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