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By | June 12, 2015 1 comment
Hi loves! It's been a long time since I last posted and I deeply apologize.But now I'm back,and as you can see,ready to attack :) Today I'm gonna show you a easy way to have your personalized labels in a trend everyone seems to love in the blog world: watercolor! :D Hope you enjoy,and make sure to send me pics in intstagram @mypastelworld1 or twitter @mypastel_world . Now without being sad,let's get into it x
-First things first,the base.Take a paper and watercolors and let your creativity do the job! Create different shapes with different colors,making sure the colors are too bright.Also make sure you dip the brush into water for a long time so it's too wet.That's how this effect works.Then let it dry for as long as you want,but I prefer overnight. :)
-The fun part : doodling! After letitng them dry,grab a [preferably black] pen and draw on the shapes,also letting the creativity blow ! :D Don't forget to also use a ruler (a really cute ruler,in my case:3) for some of the shapes you think need it.*-*
-Incase you wondered,here's how mine turned out.I made them messy on purpose tho:p I also let some of them the way they were bc I was afraid I'd ruin them. I really like how these turned out.
-Now cut them out.Cut them as you wish.I decided to leave a bit of the paper around the edges just so it looks kinda messier and more fun (but it's totally up to you!).This green color is so bright it even reflected on my scissors ha>_<
-There you go! Now you have some free watercolor labels :) I'm saying "free" bc you probably have all the items you need lying around your house ;).It doesn't consume a lot of time and it's really customizable ! For example , if you didn't notice,I made a ombre label :p It's oval shaped.If you want,scroll up and you'll see it.
Here's how I used the pink cute label,to make a cookbook ha! x And you see dat hint hint? It's bc in one of my next posts Imma show you how to make this cute galaxy patterned notebook :D Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin,Google or any social media so you don't miss [>u<]
With all the love.

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  1. Super cute! I love this idea! Your blog is so adorable and fun to look at :)