How to use plain notebooks

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Hi guys! This time I'm back with another idea which poped up while showing you my cookbook , and it is: How to use plain notebooks! :D I mean come on,we all have found notebooks from years ago that aren't used and we were forced to throw them out. NO! This time you won't throw them out-you'll use them to release your creativity with a pencil.Without being sad,let's just get straight into it:)
1. A design sketchbook. :) This is mine.Don't worry if you don't draw well,who the hell cares,just try and design some cute outfits there.Because I thought you might be curious,I decided to share my worst design ever:
Lmao you also get to see a design in the back XD You see,I don't draw faces really well but I just don't care,I go with the flow:p.So this was the first idea.And oh,make sure to design your cover because duh it's a design sketchbook :p x
2.A journal - and by journal I don't mean a "diary" , I mean a notebook where you write,sketch,scrap and do everything on your style! :) My journal is called "My World in a notebook" bc I thought it was a good representation of what this notebook is/what I use it for.Here's one of my pages;
The day after I created this blog haha.And there's my old theme drawn on the screen of the laptop XD. But also you don't need to draw nor color ; there are a lot of journal ideas on pinterest so search for those ideas (challenges and stuff). Great way to pour your creativity and personality at once in a notebook. :) x
3. A cook book..Here's mine:p You might recognize this from the last post (it looked prettier there ha). Anw,search up for easy recipes,find them and write them down! :) Such an amazing way to use notebooks and to reveal the love for cooking heh.Some of the recipes written inside this cook book might come out as a blogpost.^u^
4.A planner! :D [my pen got lost so I had to write with a green marker just to show you guys the idea xD) Personalize it however you want.For mine,I wrote Date in the top and then a to-do list just below.At the right side I wrote -workout and a square next to it so I can check it[tick it] after I work out:3 Also in the right bottom corner I wrote Water Glasses and like 8 or 9 squares so I can tick after I drink one glass.I need to finish all the squares daily in order to progress :) However you could leave a blank space and just decorate on it and write,it's all up to you.It's the idea that counts ha ;p
5.Last but not the least — write a book on it.lmao. I'm not joking,it could turn into a worldwide famous book^u^ I started writing this bc I was bored ha [feel free to read this crap xp] but anyways,maybe you have better writing skills than me :) It's always worth a try.Or maybe try writing poems if you have more talent on this option.

~You could also use the notebook as a diary,there's nothing wrong with it.Or something you're really passionate about (design,writing,cooking,blogging,etc.)~

That's it for today loves! Hope you enjoyed and make sure to follow me on bloglovin or blogger to keep up with my posts.
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