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It's mid-november,yet my country's streets are foggy and cold steam comes out each time you open your mouth.Some days,it rains more than someone would expect.All these signs are pure significances of the winter arrival.So in honor of that,I decided to make an all-cozy blog post for all of you at home,relaxing.
Prepare yourself a tea,grab a blanket and enjoy this short list of my must-haves for this pre-winter period!
•Scented candle.Candles are a neat example of coziness and warmth.Lighting a scented candle in a cold weather in cozy circumstances is guaranteed to spread happiness around.The best thing of all,is that there's all sorts of smells,and a variety of scented candles based on size,theme,and price.Vanilla/dessert/gingerbread ones are highly recommended from me.What's also good about them,is that you can find them everywhere.

•Fuzzy socks.They tend to be very "cliche" or very overused on blogposts about winter,but it's impossible to go down a coziness list without including a good pair of soft socks.You just can't go through winter without keeping your feet warm.Just like scented candles,there's a huge variety of them,so you can also represent your personality.I found some pastel ones,and in that moment,I knew I had to get them.
•(Ankle) slippers.To go along with the above item,you just need a cute pair of slippers to go with the socks,and bonus point if they're ankle high.
As you can see,they're also pastel.(What a shock!!).If you look around for a while,you can find very cute and cheap ones...I mean,I bought mine for less than 2 euros.But normal slippers work just as fine,as long as your feet are kept warm and safe.

Fall has been here for almost a month now,and I haven't made a blog post about my bucketlist,what a shame! I will be posting a lot more about fall though,so make sure you don't miss by following me on my social media or google+ and bloglovin'.Enough rambling,let's start with my bucketlist!
1.Light a scented candle
2.Cook something related to cinnamon
3.DIY fall decorations
4.Watch Hocus Pocus
5.Watch the sunrise
6.Make a cozy fort
7.Go to a Halloween party
8.Crunch leaves
9.Have a fall photoshoot
10.Make apple pie
11.Wear an infinity scarf
12.Read a good book
13.Have a Halloween movie marathon
14.Wear something orange/yelllow/red
15.Wear fuzzy socks
16.Take a bike ride around to see the leaves
17.Listen to a fall playlist
18.Make a fall playlist
19.Try a new flavor of tea
20.Take a picture of everything on this bucketlist
I hope you enjoyed or found at least some inspiration for your bucketlist! Leave a comment below suggesting my next blog post! Fall essentials?Fall DIY decor?We'll see!
Until next time,
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Yo what's up.It's been exactly a month since I haven't posted,and I'm truly sorry for everyone I've let down.I promise I'm going to post more often now.But I started high school (yes,I'm a freshman.We have 3 years of high school),so it was very stressful considering that my anxiety was going over the rooftop.I was forced to interact with people,and I'm very VERY bad at that.I should make a blogpost about that.Anyways,to celebrate my comeback,I wanted to do a small haul of some colorful stuff  I bought at Jumbo S.A last night .Let's get right into the post! :)

A small overview / flatlay of the things.
We're going to start off with my favorite things I bought.This notebook is the most amazing thing ever.Once I laid my eyes on it,I knew I'd have to get it,no matter what price it had.Suprisingly,it was very cheap for the thickness it has (also not to mention the cute design of the actual pages).Unfortunately,Jumbo's chains go no further than Europe,so I don't think you can find it anywhere.RIP.
The other thing I bought is this folder for school.Its color is so pretty and I feel like it makes a good blog photo background haha.
I also bought this water bottle for school,but I felt like sharing it because it's just so simple and cute.I can't wait to make smoothies and lemonades and all sorts of stuff in there!
Ever since I joined studyblr,FOR THE LONGEST TIME I've wanted to have arrow shaped sticky notes (or are they called that?idk english is not my mother language).So I finally got around to purchasing them and I have absolutely no regrets,although to be honest,they costed quite more than they actually deserve to be but that's fine.Notice the background?Hahahaha I warned you beforehand though.
The last but not the least,my freshman year diary.I just live for simple designs and soft hard covers and elastic bands.It's bigger than you think it is,but I'm going to leave that to your imagination hah.
I haven't done hauls in a while.What do you think?Should I do more?Did you particularly enjoy this mess of a post?Leave a comment below x
See you as soon as possible (with a fall post maybe?sitck around!)
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Hello everyone! As I'm going to take a mini-vacation,I thought I'd share with you my essentials and all of the stuff I'm getting for traveling.I'm not in the mood to make a really long blog post rambling in the intro,so let's just get straight into the actual post yay ! :)
First of all,this is where I'm going to keep my stuff.I originally planned on getting my backpack but that plan failed as it's washing and won't be dry til tomorrow..R.I.P. This tote bag is really cute though,and as you can see it's gonna explode because of the stuff I put in lol.
First of all,is a deodorant.It smells like heaven.Plus roadtrips tend to make me sweaty so it's such a save.I can't go anywhere without keeping this aroud.
A body spray.This AVON one is so good,I'm making a review on it on my second blog,check it out :  But yeah,while I'm on vacation I'm really going to need this one.
Sunglasses because why not?Especially a colorful pair.They bring the summer mood everytime I wear them,although it's mid August. ;-;
The headphones/earbuds are a MUST.Not only they keep you entertained with music,but it's also really helpful when you want to watch a video and don't want anyone to annoy you.(or you're simply on a bus and you have to be silent)I love my pastel pink ones,they really reflect a part of my personality.
Yes.I'm serious.No.I'm not going to wear it on the roadtrip.But since it's a vacation,we're going to be at the beach everyday and I want to take some tumblr-worthy pictures and props like these help.:) I'd definitely recommend grabbing stuff like this that makes your photo prettier.
My favorite cap of all time.Because:
1.It's pastel
2.It's half-mesh
3.My horoscope sign is written on the front.
Like yas.I wear this everywhere.I like the sporty look it gives and also I tend to have bad hair days quite a lot so..
My wallet (duh!).Although I'm 15 and my parents will most likely pay for everything,I still want to purchase kawaii stuff that noone else has here.So,pretty much.But I do have a bad history with this wallet and it terrifies me..then at the end it's pastel so I have to get it!
 What's a vacation without a beach?So I put these two babies into my exploding tote and I thought I'd share how they look.P.S they do have their bottoms,don't worry :p
Other stuff that I'm getting that didn't quite make it as an actual photograph:
•My phone&charger
•Water bottle
•A sweater (in case it gets cold)

And that's it!Some of you may ask if I bring make up and the truth is that I don't,because I don't wear make up.I know.Shocking.
See you next time,hopefully on monday when I'm back from the trip.
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Back to school season is here,which means I'm going to (obviously) make a SERIES sharing my tips and tricks on how to survive this school year.For the first series,as the title says,we are going to discuss and share the easiest and most fun ways to study.Without more rambling,let's just get straight to the list.

1.Be genuinely interested on what you are studying.
Make internet researches,watch youtube videos and look up images for the subject you're studying for.Not only you're left with extra knowledge,but when you're interested in something it's most likely you'll remember it more.Don't do it as a chore,as if you're forced.And actually it's fun without realizing, because you start getting into the subject more and more :)

2.Revise and revise and revise
Because the school year hasn't started yet (I mean,at least not for me) we need to keep reminding ourselves to revise every single lesson.We aren't aware of this,BUT just reading the textbook once helps so much.Don't let yourself not touch the textbook when you're at home.If you revise now,it's going to be more helpful than you could imagine. (Ah,the amount of A's I got doing this!)

3.Surround yourself with inspiration
Seriously.Print some cool quotes (or even write them on a piece of paper!) or,use social media. We don't know how much impact the internet makes on us.
Here's a list of my favorite instagram accounts related to studying that you should follow:
and when you follow these,many more study accounts pop up,so.

Favorite tumblr studying accounts:
And also I'd recommend following the tag #studyblr because that's what the most study tumblr blogs tag.
Oh,and this is my studyblr account :

4.Make a pinterest board dedicated to studying
Pinterest is a treasure chest full of studying tips and inspiration all around.If you don't have an account,you're missing.I already made a board about studying.You can find websites to help and tricks you never thought of. CLICK HERE to check out my board.

5.Write after you read
Writing is one of the most commonly known ways to remember things easily.It is said that writing is equivalent to reading 7 times,so.My way to do this is to read and then write what you remembered,OR write as you read.Writing the most important things out of the lesson makes you memorize more.

6.Make a schedule
Take the exact time of the day to study or simply revise.Not only helps you out on doing other productive tasks and socializing,but it also helps on making studying easier.
Note: studying in the morning is better because the brain is refreshed while studying in the night will not be as easy because the brain is exhausted or overworked.

7.Use amazing websites to get you studying -helps you revise with quizzes,flashcards,mind maps and more - makes raining sounds which is perfect for when you're studying - helps you find words to use on your essays instead of repeating the same one - the best math website out there that helps you solve a problem and explains why

This is pretty much a list full of tips that have helped me get through school with straight A-s :)
I hope you enjoyed.Make sure to share with a friend!
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See you in the next time,
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Yo guys!It's been a long time since my last post.In a few words,I've been in a sudden hiatus because of responsibilities,but now I'm fully back and with a few announcements!
1.I made a second blog,where I post daily personal stuff like favorites,reviews,rants,poetries,drawings and more.CLICK HERE to visit it and make sure to follow it x (It's called My Pastel Thoughts hehe)
2.Now I have my own YouTube channel.How crazy is that?!The content may not be 10/10 though,considering I film with a Samsung Galaxy s3 but aye CLICK HERE to go check it out!
3.If you're curious about my art,I do have an instagram account where I post almost daily.CLICK HERE or find me by my username "mypasteldrawings".I follow back ;)

*skip to here for the actual post*
Summer can be very lonely.Whether if you have no friends (like me),or all of them are on vacation and find absolutely ridiculous reasons to not hang out with you,you always end up being alone.I figured I could make up a list of activities to do on your own and have fun without having anyone else there with you.Let's go! :)
-Bikeriding is always a good idea,especially to do on your own.Noone can know where you're going so might as well explore amazing places.I like bikeriding on the countryside nearby my town,it's so calming and relaxing.I usually stay up until sunset and the view just inspires me.For a bikeride you might like:
•A bottle of water (essential af)
•Earbuds and phone (it's fun but it's also risky since you can't hear the cars passing by)
•Gum to chew on the way (i mean, why not?)
-Spa Days never fail to keep me busy and clean.The refreshing feeling afterwards is amazing.In the 'Spa Day' category,there's a few things you could do:
•Painting nails
And while doing these,you can also multitask by:
•Listening to music
•Watching a YouTube video
•Reading a magazine/book/encyclopedia
-You don't have a professional camera?I always use my phone camera for everything.I mean,I used to own a Nokia Express for like a whole year of this blog,so..(now I've upgraded into a Galaxy s3,don't worry lol). Just grab a camera,whether it's 2mp or 20mp and find beautiful things to capture a moment with.I like taking photos of flowers,water,sky,nature,animals and what I find beautiful in general!So move your bum.You don't have to go on public (if you have anxiety and feel embarrassed).A garden will do just fine. :)
-I have never in my life worn make up (except for prom) but I occasionally sneakily get my mom's make up and make a fool out of myself with it.But it's so much fun and you could actually improve yourself while you're at it! Experiment with bold looks,and something you've never tried before.And if it turns out great,you might earn some instaworthy selfies too!
-It's always nice to wander around your town on your own.It's very relaxing and it's such a great boredom killer,too.When I do this though,my biggest essential is earbuds so I double enjoy my walk.
If you're a woman/girl (which you probably are),I'd recommend doing this in the morning and/or midday.It's too dangerous to do this at night,sadly :(.
-Don't you dare say stuff like 'They're for children' cause I know for a fact children wouldn't want to read stories about bullying and suicide.[just sayin']

Favorite Anime:
•Bokura Ga Ita (romance)
•Maid Sama (romance-comedy)
•Toradora (romance-comedy)
•Lovely Complex (romance-comedy) -side note;this one is hilarious

Favorite Manga:
•Orange (romance,slice of life)
•A Silent Voice (slice of life) -this is the bullying/suicide one I was talking about earlier
•Namaikizakari (romance)

Now,you have a lot of things to do,don't you?
-Who says you can't play football on your own?I like jumping like crazy,running and following the ball and hitting it so hard it goes elsewhere for me to follow.There are quite a lot of sports you could do on your own:
•Football (as I said)
•Tennis - you versus the wall
•Volleyball - you versus the wall

Since I want your struggle to be over forever,here's a list of more things to do without going into details:
•Water the plants
•Make lemonade
•Finish a pinterest project
•Do yoga (on sunrise)
•Do something that scares you (after making a list of what scares you)
•Start a challenge (and finish it)
•Write a future letter to self
•Learn a new language (  is life,it's also an app)

That wraps it up for the content I want to share today :) I hope you enjoyed and hopefully got inspired to do something.
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Thank you for sticking around.All the love,
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Hey you all.I haven't posted in two weeks and I'm sorry about that.It's just that it's been an overwhelming time for me (for good!) so I had to take a mini hiatus.The past weeks have been filled with school,acting,performing,swimming,getting a new phone etc etc but it was way TOO MUCH for me to keep blogging during this time.Now,school is over,and therefore I'm done with all the activities.
Too much rambling there.
Anyways,as you all know,I love pastel colors (hence why the blog name) so I own quite a few pastel clothing items.I thought it'd be fun to share with you how to style them and show you a few outfit ideas.Let's go!
Our first stop is pastel tops.How I usually style them:

1.Neutral colored jeans such as grey,white,black and leather.
They always match pastel tops perfectly.I mean,look at the amount of slay this model is radiating with that outfit!

2.Jeans and details
When I wear a pastel top with jeans,I always make sure to add at least one small detail to the look.Either a necklace or bracelet,or a different hairstyle,it's important to add something new to the look.

Oversized tops are my aesthetic.Especially the pastel ones.If they're oversized enough to cover your booty,then why not wear it as a dress,too?
Remember when Ariana Grande slayed this look:
Although I'm positive I'd find a slightly longer sweater maybe (and/or wear them with tights or sheer tights).

Movin' on the next section of this blog post:jeans.Here's how I like to style my jeans:

1.Neutral colored shirts and small details
What a reverse!Anyways,it looks great asf and this is the best way to style pastel jeans :)

2.Denim shirts.
Like yaaas,slay that look.I found this one on polyvore,and couldn't help but share it with you all:

It just looks so pretty!If you have the clothing items,don't miss the opportunity to look this great *wink wink*

3.Pastel tops (duh)
No matter what color is your top,it's still going to match with your pants just because they're both pastel and you're going to look like an angel.
This is my tweet when I became aware of this simple combination that even now I can't stop wearing;
And now,the finale.......
Accessories are great,especially when they're pastel.How I like to style them:

1.With simple outfits that have no pastel in them
For example,a white t-shirt,jeans,heels and a pastel pink bag/bracelet/cap would look great together.

2.With pastel outfits pretty much
When they match,then why not?I just make sure to not overdo the pastel vibes.

I love pastel accessories so much,I mean look at these:

Ugh,so frustrated I don't have them ;-;.
Do you want me to make a 'What's in my new phone' blog or nah? :) Comment below.

Btw I'm going to spam yall with blogposts since it's summer,so make sure to not miss any of the posts.
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Until the next post,
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Today's post belongs to the inspiration category.I really felt like I needed to talk about the fear of getting out of the comfort zone,and holding back because we're scared.It's like a mind prison,which we're not allowed to escape,but we can when we're ready.
If you related to any of that,keep this in mind: "The adventure begins at the end of your comfort zone".What's the point of living,if you want to be safe constantly and not experience some amazing things while making unforgettable memories?I'm sharing a bit of my story here and how I got inspired to write this post.
This friday,I went to do a play on a different city with my acting squad.After the play,which turned out a success (and I actually had the gut to act in front of thousand people),our teacher (who was our director at the same time),said that we deserved to take a rest after months of rehearsals and sent us to a horse ranch as a suprise.We all bought tickets.
I really doubted myself.I didn't want to ride a horse,and negative thoughts were flowing in my head.  ; 'What if I fall?' "What if the horse slips?" "What if the horse runs away?".But then,a voice in my head said "If you don't experience riding a horse,it will remain a desire and you will regret you didn't experience it today".So I went with it.And I did it.I was actually scared,but hey,now I know what feeling it is to be on top of a horse and feel your body jump up and down.Here's an actual footage:
 That person was telling me where to lean on,and I seem pretty chill in the picture but inside I was screaming.Haha.
But yeah,I learned a lesson,and I thought I'd share it with you.If you ever come across a situation like mine,please remember what I did and have courage to do so,too.Remember that life was made for us to collect memories,experiences and crazy decision.Say YES.Do it.Take the risk.What's the worst that could happen?
Never miss an opportunity,you will regret it.Here's a few quotes to live by and remember:

Now go out there and enjoy life!This post was a quick one,but I feel like I really need to spread this message more,and also,more posts are coming your way.Do you like the 'inspiration' kind of posts? Send me your feedback! 
Also,share your story of being scared to try a new experience below for others to read.
A My Pastel World Citizen x

Hey guys! For today,I'm going to share with you my daily routine.Well my day doesn't go always like this,but kinda close.Let's get started! Also I love blog-vlogging so might as well do it more often.
P.S these photos were taken real time while on action so sorry for the low quality on some of the photos.
'Goner' by Twenty One Pilots starts playing on 07:20 as an alarm,and then I find myself waking up and jumping slightly,but quickly enough to turn the alarm off.After a few sighs,I get up and go to the bathroom,where I moisturize my face with cocoa cream and wash it with cold water,which freshens me up.
After making myself feel like a queen,I leave the bathroom and head to the empty living room,where I get my chapstick and put it on my lips.Then I go straight to the heater and sit right in front of it.
After a few minutes of getting heated up,I feel my throat getting dry and go get a mug of tea/water/milk/juice. It really depends on my mood.
You can see my cute lil pastel pajamas right on the bottom of the starbucks logo hahah.Anyways,I drink the drink and then I go back to the heater to get dressed up.(YES.I know.But it's too cold in my house.)Because this post felt more like a v(b)log,I decided to share my ootd with you:
Nothing too special.I was lazy to get dressed properly haha.Also my hair was half up,in an Ariana Grande signature hairstyle.Then,I have a space of time to do small things such as fill up my water bottle,spray some perfume,etc until I hear a knock in my door.It's my best friend who comes around on 07:45 to pick me up to go to school together.I took a candid shot of her while she was waiting for me hehe:
And then,off to school we go.

On the way there,we stop by a bakery to purchase yummy croissants for breakfast (which we eat at school).
I usually get a cherry cream filled croissant,because it's so yummy.In the photo,it's in the top shelf on the right.You can see the pink filling.It's so delicious I haven't gotten tired of it yet,although I eat it daily and have been doing so for at least a few months.
And then,we get to school and sit down.I didn't take much pictures at school,just a symbolic one:
I was really bored so I took a pic of my iconic sneakers haha.

But enough with them.So 6 hours of school fly by,and we get out of it on 1:10 pm.For the past few months,I've stayed later than that for the drama play rehearsals,but today we didn't rehearsal after school.Instead,we did rehearsal on 6pm.We're showing the play tomorrow,and I'm dying out of excitement and fear.
Anyways,so then I come home and eat something.Usually something sweet,but there's been cases that I made sandwichs or bought chips.So,I just find something to eat and do it.
And after eating,I find myself sitting down on my pc,ready to spend hours on it.
After two hours of watching videos,,scrolling through weheartit and tumblr,and reading blogposts,I finally decide to do something.I went to my dad's shop for a little and then went to a market to buy some more food yas.
Here's me.Having fun.A lot.I had to change my pants bc the dark ones are SO uncomfortable so once I came home from school,I took them off.
This is turning into a vlog.I usually go out everyday,so I'm telling today's story only,because I can't describe exactly what I do on a daily basis on just 1 blog post.
So,after purchasing food I went back home and watched Ricegum's new video while enjoying my food.
He's hilarious and original.If you want a laugh,go check out his YouTube channel :')
Anyways,I did a lot of things until 6pm,where rehearsal time came by.
I went to school (where we do the rehearsals) and started practicing with my friends.

When you're done with your act,so you just gotta sit there and watch others play on their act (& you're super bored haha).I stumbled across this antic camera students got as a prop for the play:
It seemed really interesting to me,so I took a picture and thought I'd share.This camera was used in the XX Century and it makes me sad people don't appreciate those things anymore. :(
After a long day of rehearsals,we finally were done and were sent home.It was getting dark,so I thought I'd get a quick snap of the school in the dark before I left.
Kinda bad quality,I know.
So,then I went home and started editing a blogpost.To be continued..Hahahaa.
I loved making this post,might as well start doing weekly blogs.Do you agree?
Also,as you probably know by now,you can now subscribe to my blog.The tab is right there.If you do,there's a freebie pack of my favorite resources that you get;

Sooo,make sure to subscribe,okay?Haha no just kidding.See you tomorrow with another post,although tomorrow is pretty busy.XO,
A My Pastel World Citizen.
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