As a fellow bookworm, I know the struggle of losing track of a page. A few days ago,as I was reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" a few ideas of bookmarks popped into my mind.
And we shall start with the easy DIY-s!
1. Stickers!
 To make the bookmark, just fold the paper in two and scribble cute words on it. Then, to make sure it sticks out, just put a sticker right on the top edge of it.
Not only it looks super cute, but it is done within a few minutes and it comes in very handy and it's really practical!
As  ridiculous as this sounds, a map makes a great bookmark. Before you come at me for ruining a map - I have 100 maps of the world so I don't necessarily need them. Why not turn them into something useful?

As you can see, I chose South America to be my bookmark.
Once again, just cut a piece of paper in a map, fold in two then cut the edges so they're straight and parallel with each other.
3.Magazine or book article!
It didn't take me a lot of time to find this cute part in a magazine, and as soon as I saw it I imagined using it as a bookmark. So I cut it in a "banner" type of form.

There are a lot of cute articles for you to choose from - the options are endless!
And it also sticks out really well - so you can just gently open it.
4.Easy tape!
For those of you who prefer something really easy and quick to make, while maintaining a modest and cute look at the same time - this DIY might be just for you!
At first, you need to cut a small piece of paper and washi tape.
Take a side of the washi, and tape it to a side of the piece of paper. Then tape the other edge of the tape on the opposite side of the paper, and just secure the washi tape is sticked into each other.
It's very easy and I don't think this even needed a "tutorial" but, oh well!
Or doodling? Since I love melons, I figured I would draw a kawaii one!
To begin with you're going to need a piece of paper folded in two. Then you're going to cut it however you want - shaped like a fruit, coffee, animal, food .. your call! You just have to make sure you're going to leave the edge uncut so the bookmark stays in two parts.
Although I left a SMAAALL part held together, it doesn't matter because it looks cute,so!
6.Sticky notes!
Sticking two sticky notes instantly makes a fast bookmark (or just one sticky note at that!).
But I must warn you, it can get pretty annoying when they're not glued well to each other.
You can't say this isn't cute, right?
And that concludes the list of these 6 easy-to-make cute bookmarks!
You can find other pretty ones on pinterest - some even are origami ! However,they take more time, so.
This was it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed it.
(Did anyone notice a change on the theme?)
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen

Hello and welcome back my dear friends.
As you can see from the title, for today's post I'm going to ramble about things that make my heart sing and fill with fluffiness.
Since I'm a nostalgic person, I'd love for my future self to come back here, read this post and remember all the things that make me happy. Let's get down on this unordered list!
~Finding good music & bands~
One of the things that I appreciate in life most is bands (and good music, but bands usually make THE best music so). Recently, I've listened to The Neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys more than I usually do. I occasionally listened to both bands for a few years now, but I think I've started my fangirl mode just now. I'm literally obsessing over 505 by Arctic Monkeys and Crybaby by The Neighbourhood.
Do NOT get me started on Twenty One Pilots. I've been a part of the clique for quite a while now and you probably have seen their name on my blogposts if you've stuck around for a bit.
Those bands make me very very happy & their music inspires me a lot.
~Writing and drawing~
I can't explain how much I love being creative and imagining situations, places, things. If you combine the two, you'll get the result of either a chapter of a book or a drawing. Since I love both, I really wish to be a mangaka in the future, and to publish at least one manga/comic book. 
However,me in the present really likes to push her limits and practice drawing as much as she can.
I hope the results will be worthwhile.
~Pastel things~
Whether it's stationary, food, clothes, shoes, accessories - if it has a pastel color, my heart is immediately filled with happiness. Pastel colors respresent positivity to me - they scream cuteness and fluffiness and uh - they make me SO excited! Note: even a pastel photograph makes me happy,like that one. (am I crazy or am I crazy?).
So now you know the meaning behind my blog's name. My Pastel World = My Happiness World.
~Starry skies~
Where do I even begin? Stars are something my heart is always fond of, but when they show up at night, that's where my happiness is at its peak.
As I stare into the sky,it makes me realize that what I am is reflected on those stars.
 It makes me realize how my life is going to just pass by, but these stars will remain there - watching me over.
One night recently on 1 AM, I was in the dark listening to music in my room before sleep (the lights were off) and as I stared into the window, I saw the moon shining brighter - and that's how I knew the stars are also more visible. I got an idea and carefully hopped off the bed, and went outside.
I did run into obstacles - such as my mom asking me if I was sleepwalking - but when I sat there, listening to The Night We Met - Lord Huron and staring at the sky, I felt as if the world was mine.
Yes,very spontaneous of me.Heh.
Yeah no,don't be shook. I like studying at times, but the times where studying makes me genuinely happy, is when I learn something my heart desires and aches to know ; for example constellations. 
And homework can be cute,too. I really don't like chemistry that much but solving chemistry reaction problems is becoming fun surprisingly.
And studying doesn't necessarily mean school studying. It can also mean studying a figure, studying a place,and angles, studying a language, a situation and more. I do love being nosey. Jk. I hate it.
Last but certainly not the least.
Support is what keeps me going,no matter who it's from - a stranger,family,friends, my cat even!
When someone ensures you it's going to be okay and they're going to be all the way through with you, it becomes comforting of course.
I have such a loving and caring family and I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING.
I also love the support you guys give me,and your comments make my day brighter.
Here's a lil shoutout to the comments that made me super happy:

Thank you also to everyone else who has ever commented! I love you all so much.
Oh and I love the readers too - especially those of you who don't miss any of my posts. Huge hug to you,my lovelies!


And that's a wrap for today's post.
Make a list down below in the comments with 5 things that make YOU happy.
And make sure you appreciate each of the things who made it in that list!
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen

Personally, I'm a very nostalgic person and I love the thought of looking back at a certain memory and/or memories. And we often tend to forget about little things, that's why I make sure to save that memory in one way or another - thus I developed a list of things you can do,too.

1. A memory jar
Not the most original idea,but it still HAD to be included in this list. While a moment is happening, I collect a thing or two which later I put into my jar of memories.

 If you're a forgetful person, you'll probably wonder why there's a rock or a receipt in your jar (same tbh). And that's why I keep a list of the things inside of the jar, where I explain the memory further.
The jar can be designed in any way you want,which is pretty awesome because it can resemble your personality or mood.

2.Doodle book
Everyday there's a small funny thing that happens - an encounter, an awkward situation, a joke. Since these don't allow you to attain a physical thing to hold onto in their memory, I came up with the thought of drawing it out in a comic form or just a simple doodle.

via pinterest

As days and months go by and you look back,you're gonna get warm inside when you remember the small things that mattered. I'd recommend this even if you aren't the best drawer - drawing two stickmen having a convervation is enough.

3.Memory book
Those who can't draw and don't fancy the upper option, can still maintain a book of memories by filling it out with receipts, tickets, flat things ( such as fabrics and tissues from a restaurant ) and why not polaroids. It's a world with endless options!
via tumblr

Have you ever just looked at one of your clothing items and just remember an amazing night you had while wearing it? I tend to do that a lot so I decided to make a few ways to link clothes with memories.

  • clothing chart - where you name/doodle your piece of clothing and list down memories of it
  • if the clothing is old and you wanna throw it away, cut a little bit of fabric and glue it into a paper,and list your memories
  • make a blogpost about your clothes and the memories they hold
  • make a collage of you wearing the same piece in different occasions 
  • etc etc. 

This can't be more obvious, but snapshots are the greatest way to save a memory and a part of its visuals. However, just taking a picture isn't enough creativity (in my opinion).

-print them out and:

  • make a banner
  • stick them on the wall
  • make an album
  • make a scrapbook
  • make a "photo box"
  • make a photo jar
  • via

  • •make a "Crazy Memories" folder
  • •write a blogpost about it
  • •make a video about it (don't necessarily put it online, keep it for yourself)
  • make a compilation / collage

And that concludes this whirlwind of ideas! I hope you got inspired to dedicate yourself to at least one of those things - I promise you it's going to be worth it in a hop of a few years when you look back.
With all the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen

Lately I've been loving hauls, and pastel school supplies, so my mind combined the two into a new blogpost. As I enjoy reading these types of posts, I hope that you all enjoy mine too.
Let's just get into it shall we?

The first thing in my haul is this sticker pack that I might've used a little too much. (oops).
With its cute school supplies stickers,it offers a variety of colors for each one of the supplies. There were tons of pink, but as it happens, I used them.

As we're talking about stickers,check out those kawaii bunny stickers.
They're like a real-form emoji. There's bunnies who are sad, happy, angry, frustrated, flirty and more. I love to use them to express my feelings in a journal or anywhere.
 Next we have those cute scissors. You can see the pattern on the side - and that's how it actually cuts. Y'know - not just a straight line.Instead, a really fancy zig-zag cut.
Next I got those babies. I purchased them solely because of their color...and that's how much I love pastel colors in a nutshell.
Now I present to you - John. Our chemistry teacher wanted us to do our homework and write the questions with a pen, while the answers are made with another pen color - so it looks more neat and she can differ the questions from the answers (which is a boss-up idea to be honest). So,thus,John was born and I bought him and I wanted to introduce him to the world.
Glitter always catches my eye. And pastel colors. And cheap prices. I could go on and on about those babies' qualities, BUT I have to stop.
Not your unusual school supply, however I decided to give them a lil' shout out since I bought them along - and besides,they're totally cute.

Hungry? You can now eat post-its! Look at how cute it is - it's like out of this world.
It's pastel colors are what make me happy the most.
Speaking of post it notes,I also bought simple ones.
Can't go wrong with glitter or gold - OR both combined in a small tube for you.
AND lastly - some of you have seen it before.
It's my go-to notepad that doesn't really belong in this haul but I just can't not include it.
Everyone needs a notebook or notepad that is like a friend or assistant to them. And this beautiful item puts an end to this haul.
If you enjoyed and want more, make sure to let me know in the comments section below!
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen.Follow