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As a beginner in the blogging world,I was very confused with the theme and HTML.I had no idea what I was doing,I just knew I enjoyed doing it.I remember on my first theme I didn't even know how to change the picture in the sidebar.It was a random woman! But after watching tons of tutorials,I started getting the hang of it,and now I can't believe I'm the one doing a tutorial.! So for today,I'll be covering the topic of the sidebar buttons.
They play a huge importance in our blogs,because not only they attract the readers with their beauty and general matching to the theme,but they also allow us to link them anywhere and increase the blog traffic in other social media.
To begin with,you're going to design your button.As for me,I have a free program installed on my computer called PhotoScape,which I do most of my editing on.But,for buttons I'd recommend using canva ,which by the way,is also helpful for graphic design in all shapes and forms.
You can also use Picmonkey,Fotor,or BeFunky!
Using canva,I made this button:

You can take inspiration from other bloggers and how they design their social media buttons,such as cuteinstgram's ones:
But your creative soul isn't made JUST for social media buttons.You can do buttons for all kinds!Your badge,a quote,a link to your shop or your other blog,the options are really endless!
However,where most beginners are stuck on,is how to make your link pop up once you click on the button.
This is how I do it:
First of all,I upload my button picture anywhere.It doesn't matter:  facebook, twitter, photobucket, anywhere just so I can get the image address.
Then I turn it into a html code that goes like :  

<a href="https://YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA LINK" target="_blank"><img src="https://YOUR IMAGE LINK"/></a>

For example,this is my instagram button html code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

And then,you take this html code,copy it,and go to your blog layout (on blogger).
You're going to click the "Add A Gadget" and then a list will pop up.
And then you're going to select "HTML/JavaScript",paste the code and the button will be there!
Have fun using this method!

By the way,full credits to [this video] that helped me figure out how to do my social media buttons and then I took it off on a spin.

I hope I was a little useful to any of you!Make sure to let me know if you make a button using my tutorials.XOXO


March is just around the corner! I mean it's been a week since it's here.The sun is already showing itself more these days,and the radiations just radiate happiness to me.The sunny cloudy weather is what makes spring very enjoyable - considering it's right after the coldest season.I'm already envisioning flowers and stuff.
Inspired by all these little things that make march unique from the other months,I designed this month's journal spread.
The colors I went for this month are pink,green and gold.Now let's take a detailed look at the pages:
In the left side,we have the monthly tracker of the things I should do daily.On the right side,however,we have three components.The first one is a monthly overview (including events,days of the week etc.).Right under it we have the "tests" section,because it's THAT time of the year.I've written the dates of the tests and circled them on the small calendar,too.Then we have a half-quote haha.The rest of it is on the other page.
"If we wait until we are ready-"
On the very top,we can see the 'study sessions' table,where I track the days that I study and the days that I don't.Below it,on the left we can see a new element that I added,which is an "idea organizer" if that makes sense.I divided it into "draw" and "blog" and casually drew a rose there.I really love that little touch-up.
Next to it,we have the usual 'Monthly goals' list,which consists of thing that I most likely won't do *insert upside down smile emoji here*.
Then on the bottom we have the rest of the quote "-we will be waiting for the rest of our lives"
And the monthly mood,where I doodle an emoji of how I'm feeling that day inside the boxes.
Now take an general overview of the spread:

And that's about it for this month's monthly spread! If you're curious,you should check out the February one [ HERE ].
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The My Pastel World President hah

As we dig deeper into our closet,we find clothes that we haven't worn in a long time,so we take them and put them in the bin.But honestly,why would you throw away a piece that could turn into a trendy unique new self ?The process is not only fun,but does no harm if you accidentally screw up - since you were going to throw them out anyways.
These thoughts all came to me as I saw a pair of jeans that I bought back in 5th grade (5 years ago) that still fit me but somehow are out of trend.
And THEN I figured out a few ways to revamp them and decided to share them with you!
We can start off by the back pockets! There is so much you can do - starting from gluing jewelry,glitter,painting etc. I decided to paint Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night".This idea was inspired from an image I found on weheartit.
I started by sketching the painting using a reference,of course.This is highly recommended because it makes the work easier and more accurate.
Then I started painting.
And this is the finished result! As you can see,I also painted the other pocket with a light blue shade,just so it wouldn't look so blank.Acrylics are really nice,however,I wouldn't recommend doing this to the pair that you plan on wearing everyday,because once it rains,you're doomed.(unless you use fabric paint,of course).
Moving on to the next idea:
Using just scissors,tweezers and (not necessarily) a marker,you can join the "see my fishnets through the rips" trend.The steps are pretty much self-explanatory but I'm going to break it down for those who haven't tried ripping their own jeans (yet).So you wear the jeans and then mark  the part that you want to rip.It's really important to do that while wearing the pants,because it's more accurate.Anyways after that,grab the scissors.
And this step is done! I would recommend saving the excess fabric for one of the next ideas ;)
Now,with the tweezers,start plucking the corners and pull out.This is really fun especially when you're angry haha.You may skip this step,you know,but this gives the rip a more "natural" cut,as if you bought it ripped.
And that's about it.If you feel like it,go crazy with the rips,ain't no one stoping you!
To give the pants a fresher and more original look,I rolled the bottoms and wrote stuff with black acrylic paint (what a suprise).
Then I grabbed a black pen and drew on the pants,using a reference of an outline (here).I didn't let the creativity run wild with this one,but you can do all sorts of patterns and mandalas and much more beautiful ideas!You don't have to be good at art to do a mandala,since it's only made of triangles and circles.Just make sure to use a reference though!
Now,grab the excess fabric I mentioned earlier.
Using that piece of fabric,I made a sort of a "patch" with a tumblr quote and rose written on it.
Then I cut it out and glued to the pants.You could do so much with this idea,there is tons of patch insipration online.You can use other fabric,color and even paint the patch,and sew it to your pants.Why not sew something directly to your pants if you're good at it?

To add more spice to the look,I wore fishnets under the jeans,and to anyone curious as to how they turned out,here is a picture:
The patch is on the knee under the rip but you can't really see it since it's jean colored.But yeah.
I'm really happy on how these turned out,even if I can't really wear them outside often.They're useful for pictures and I'll certainly wear them more than I used to.
If you have any old clothing,I'd recommend trying to add spice to it,whether it's a shirt,pants,shoes etc.
Oh and here's a comparison.
You can clearly see which version is the glo-up here lol.
Anyways,expect a ' march monthly journal layout ' REALLY really soon!
I hope you enjoyed today's blogpost.
A My Pastel World Citizen

So,remember when I did this post back in 2016? I showed you exactly what I'm about to show on this post,just it was way worse back then,because not only did I have a bad phone,but I also didn't have anything that interesting to show..
Now fast foward to a year later,I have a much better phone,customized way more according to my tastes.
I have a Samsung Galaxy s3.People often ask me why didn't I buy an Iphone.
See,the thing is I've always been a samsung lover because of the endless customization options such as widgets,icons,bars and more.
The only thing Iphone has that I actually want is emojis,nothing else.
Let's start with what's in my phone now,shall we?
This is what you see when you unlock the phone.A combination of grunge and pastel pink - just like my style. The first page out of four consists of mostly social media and studying apps:
1.Instagram - well,duh.I'm on instagram on the time. Follow my blog account : @mypastelworld1 , my art account : @nderarusart and my photography account : @nde.rarus .
2.Chrome - it was installed itself when I got the phone,but it's such a great help and even if it's not a "Social media",it really does deserve to be on the first page.
3.Whatsapp - where I talk with my relatives and friends.LOVE THEIR EMOJIS.
4.Tumblr - where I spend time reblogging inspiring stuff
5.Lite - this is facebook lite btw.I got it only to talk to people who message me there.
6.YouTube - where I spend 70% of my day
7.Snapchat - it's laggy and it drains my battery but oh well,everything for the streaks!
8.We Heart It - basically a faster version of tumblr
And now the studying apps:
9.ClassUp - it's an app that lets you make a timetable and take notes and such.
10.Memrise - is a course app,in which you can take lots of different courses starting from language to arts to music to even geography.

The 4 icons down there are the permanent ones that stay on every page,they are:gallery , camera , music and play store (since their names don't show).
Swipe to the right and you will see this organized page (unlike my life haha ha h  a).
I managed to organize apps that aren't social media into four different folders: Art , Needy , Photography and Customization.
While we'll get on them eventually,I'm going to discuss about this cute widget. This is the thing I love the most about samsungs.I can turn on and off the music with just a tap on that cute little thing that matches my phone.
(It's not sponsored btw I wish it was lmao).
While most of you don't know,I actually draw.So I have these two apps that I need in order to be able to express myself through art.
1.Medibang - is the app I use to draw
2.Deviantart - the biggest artist community where we share art,do collabs,do commissions etc.

And yes,I'm that obsessed with my theme so I changed the icons inside the folders,too.
The "needy" folder may not look the best according to my opinion,because I literally just put random icons and I didn't even bother to fix it.Anyways,here are the apps:
1.S Memo - it's the memo app that every samsung has.I needed an easy accessible way to open it faster so I put it here
2.Night Mode - absolute life saver when it comes to being on my phone on the dark.It's an app that darkens the phone screen far more than the lowest brightness option on the phone itself.
3.Calculator - obviously I'm too lazy to actually do some math.
4.MirrorGo - is an app that allows me to look at my phone on the computer.It's lit.
5.InstaSaver - no words to describe this one.I love instagram posts but I hate screenshotting and cropping,so this app came along.
6.S Planner - also a Samsung app that comes with the phone.
7."Music" is actually a bookmark of mp3juices haha where I get all my music.
And here we have the legends-,the lifesavers-,the unimaginable-,the photography apps!!
No but seriously they've made me look less ugly in a lot of photos,so shout out to these guys:
1.APRIL - not only love it because it's called like my birth month,but it actually has tons of filters and the fonts are to die for omg
2.Boomerang - I'm sure you know what it is but it basically makes a video go back and forth
3.Photolayers - the most amazing photography app with a low mb and a huge role.You can add layers to your pictures such as png-s,quotes,and everything that you have on your gallery.
4.Spinly - all the tumblr and VSCO effects/filters.
And last but not the least folder out there,Customization.
1.Kika - it's my keyboard app where I can change the keyboard color,letters,etc.
2.Buzz Widget - it's a DIY widget kinda app.With this one I did the music widget and another one that you will see on the other page.
So,this is the third page which includes another self-made widget and a sticker (YES,we can put stickers on a page using the launcher that I use).The wording on the sticker is not family-friendly but oh well,we need an aggressive reminder sometimes,no?
And the last page is my timetable but since it's all in albanian,you all wouldn't be able to understand a thing anyways,so.
Now for my fellow samsung users that want icons like mine- just use the LINE launcher.You can make DIY icons there and that's how I did mine.I saved tons of pics from weheartit.And then,you hold the tap on an app,there's a menu that pops up.Pick 'icon' and then this will show:
Tap on the 'Icon DIY' and then pick the pic you want from the gallery.Which means,yes,you can put your face as an icon if you want to.
You're welcome haha!
No,but for real I had a lot of fun typing this,and I feel like I breaked the professional barrier thingy,but I couldn't care less!
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Until next time,
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Hi my lovelies! I know I haven't been the best blogger in the world regarding the number of posts,but from now on I'll try to be.I deeply apologize for the lack of posts..It's man,I don't even have a proper excuse.I left the community altogether.I stopped doing DIY-s,I stopped reading blog posts..BUT I'm fully back now.I started a monthly/daily journal and it has helped me get back to my tracks.It feels like home somehow... :)
Ever since I started writing on it,ideas have been flowing in my mind.I already have two blog posts I'm working on so I'm super hyped!
All that aside,let's just get right into my monthly spread ^-^

 This is an overall look.
Now let's look into a bit more detail.
In the left side,we have this "tracker" where I write all the dates of the month on the left side,and keep track of my habits each and every day,ticking in the right place once I do any of the things listed.
On the top right side,we have an overall look into the month,so I can circle important dates and check days.
On the bottom right side,as you can see I doodled two hands holding each other (*cough* i'm so lonely though it's ironic *cough*).And above it,I put a quote to ease my anxiety,anywhere,anytime.
On the right side,we start off with a list of my monthly goals,and monthly mood.
Monthly goals is self explanatory,and monthly mood is just a daily doodle of how i feel when i fill up the page.
On the middle we have the "study sessions",where i keep track if i studied that day or not.(because seeing it filled up fills you with motivation).
And on the very bottom we have the mini bucketlist,which is a compilation of 6 fun things I want to do during this month.
I will post the monthly spread every month from now on,so be sure to not miss it if you like it! (I switch colors and details up every month,I did January so haha)
See you tomorrow,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo

There goes another year of my life.Another year filled with all types of emotions and an expansion of the  new experiences.
2016 hasn't been too kind on me and many of you either,but it wasn't bad.I guess it would be fair to label it as slightly average.
  However,we all know that we've got to experience the bad,in order to value the good.So,besides being a lesson,2016 has brought me a lot of adventures and new passions.
I've got to laugh,cry,get angry,feel suicidal,feel anxious but somehow,it's all just a memory now.It's all a mess of tangled strings that contain special moments,soon to be forgotten.
I'm writing this to 2016 so I can peacefully end it clean and start 2017 with a positive mindset.

Dear 2016,
First of all,thank you for giving me the possibility to live through.
Thank  you for giving me the opportunity to experience amazing things with different people.
Thank you for motivating me to start focusing on art.
Thank you for teaching me that people leave,but the ones who were meant to be in your life always come back,no matter how long it takes.
Thank you for bringing me down,and giving me anxious situations that I managed to live through and become stronger.
Thank you for treating me quite well ,without any big struggles whatsoever.
Thank you for teaching me lots of new things,such as latin and italian,astronomy,html and many more.
Thank you for welcoming amazing people into my life.
Thank you for letting me find out about Twenty One Pilots.
Thank you for being the 15th witness of my life in this place.
-You won't be missed now,but in the future,I'm sure I'll look back at you with a smile.-


It's mid-november,yet my country's streets are foggy and cold steam comes out each time you open your mouth.Some days,it rains more than someone would expect.All these signs are pure significances of the winter arrival.So in honor of that,I decided to make an all-cozy blog post for all of you at home,relaxing.
Prepare yourself a tea,grab a blanket and enjoy this short list of my must-haves for this pre-winter period!
•Scented candle.Candles are a neat example of coziness and warmth.Lighting a scented candle in a cold weather in cozy circumstances is guaranteed to spread happiness around.The best thing of all,is that there's all sorts of smells,and a variety of scented candles based on size,theme,and price.Vanilla/dessert/gingerbread ones are highly recommended from me.What's also good about them,is that you can find them everywhere.

•Fuzzy socks.They tend to be very "cliche" or very overused on blogposts about winter,but it's impossible to go down a coziness list without including a good pair of soft socks.You just can't go through winter without keeping your feet warm.Just like scented candles,there's a huge variety of them,so you can also represent your personality.I found some pastel ones,and in that moment,I knew I had to get them.
•(Ankle) slippers.To go along with the above item,you just need a cute pair of slippers to go with the socks,and bonus point if they're ankle high.
As you can see,they're also pastel.(What a shock!!).If you look around for a while,you can find very cute and cheap ones...I mean,I bought mine for less than 2 euros.But normal slippers work just as fine,as long as your feet are kept warm and safe.

Fall has been here for almost a month now,and I haven't made a blog post about my bucketlist,what a shame! I will be posting a lot more about fall though,so make sure you don't miss by following me on my social media or google+ and bloglovin'.Enough rambling,let's start with my bucketlist!
1.Light a scented candle
2.Cook something related to cinnamon
3.DIY fall decorations
4.Watch Hocus Pocus
5.Watch the sunrise
6.Make a cozy fort
7.Go to a Halloween party
8.Crunch leaves
9.Have a fall photoshoot
10.Make apple pie
11.Wear an infinity scarf
12.Read a good book
13.Have a Halloween movie marathon
14.Wear something orange/yelllow/red
15.Wear fuzzy socks
16.Take a bike ride around to see the leaves
17.Listen to a fall playlist
18.Make a fall playlist
19.Try a new flavor of tea
20.Take a picture of everything on this bucketlist
I hope you enjoyed or found at least some inspiration for your bucketlist! Leave a comment below suggesting my next blog post! Fall essentials?Fall DIY decor?We'll see!
Until next time,
A My Pastel World Citizen

Yo what's up.It's been exactly a month since I haven't posted,and I'm truly sorry for everyone I've let down.I promise I'm going to post more often now.But I started high school (yes,I'm a freshman.We have 3 years of high school),so it was very stressful considering that my anxiety was going over the rooftop.I was forced to interact with people,and I'm very VERY bad at that.I should make a blogpost about that.Anyways,to celebrate my comeback,I wanted to do a small haul of some colorful stuff  I bought at Jumbo S.A last night .Let's get right into the post! :)

A small overview / flatlay of the things.
We're going to start off with my favorite things I bought.This notebook is the most amazing thing ever.Once I laid my eyes on it,I knew I'd have to get it,no matter what price it had.Suprisingly,it was very cheap for the thickness it has (also not to mention the cute design of the actual pages).Unfortunately,Jumbo's chains go no further than Europe,so I don't think you can find it anywhere.RIP.
The other thing I bought is this folder for school.Its color is so pretty and I feel like it makes a good blog photo background haha.
I also bought this water bottle for school,but I felt like sharing it because it's just so simple and cute.I can't wait to make smoothies and lemonades and all sorts of stuff in there!
Ever since I joined studyblr,FOR THE LONGEST TIME I've wanted to have arrow shaped sticky notes (or are they called that?idk english is not my mother language).So I finally got around to purchasing them and I have absolutely no regrets,although to be honest,they costed quite more than they actually deserve to be but that's fine.Notice the background?Hahahaha I warned you beforehand though.
The last but not the least,my freshman year diary.I just live for simple designs and soft hard covers and elastic bands.It's bigger than you think it is,but I'm going to leave that to your imagination hah.
I haven't done hauls in a while.What do you think?Should I do more?Did you particularly enjoy this mess of a post?Leave a comment below x
See you as soon as possible (with a fall post maybe?sitck around!)
A My Pastel World citizen x 

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