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And with a blink of an eye,suddenly april was gone.
Wrapped with beautiful memories and laughs all around,we have to greet my favorite month of the year and welcome the next one to come - bring it on,May!
To start May as positively as possible,of course I had to do my monthly journal spread. The colors I wanted to pick were pretty easy this time - peachy, baby pink, and light green.
Although it resembles the March spread regarding colors a little bit, it still holds its uniqueness and difference to the other months.Without further ado,here's my journal!
 The left page contains my go-to way of doing things - a tracker. I think it's the best way to reflect your improvement,right? On the right side we have a calendar accompanied with an "appointments" sector beneath it. I color-coordinated events such as appointments,exams,and homework due -which I circle on the calendar and write on the given space at the sector.
Below it, there's a quote that speaks to my soul. "Many things interested her, and nothing satisfied her entirely".
On the right side,we have my study tracker at the very top.Each time I study I tick the certain date - you know?
Below it,on the left we have the usual monthly mood - where I doodle what I'm feeling every single day. Right next to it,is the Ursa Minor constellation and The Neighbourhood logo. And then we have a list of my goals for the month...nothing special really.
And in the last part,we have an "Ideas" board which is very self explanatory and I just drew two hands almost touching with "You couldn't save me." written over the drawing. (13 Reasons Why reference ay).
An overview:

To add a little spice to this month,I also made a page to organize my mornings in general (since they're a mess).
The first page is just a morning routine, and the other one is my workout schedule (which,guess who is NOT gonna follow ha).

Other months I've covered: APRIL  MARCH  FEBRUARY

I hope you enjoyed this post that has become traditional for me to do! Make sure to let me know your opinions on journaling and monthly spreads! XO
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  1. I want to start a bullet journal really badly...Yours is so creative! Thank you for sharing.