Pastel Cute school supplies haul

By | May 10, 2017 9 comments

Lately I've been loving hauls, and pastel school supplies, so my mind combined the two into a new blogpost. As I enjoy reading these types of posts, I hope that you all enjoy mine too.
Let's just get into it shall we?

The first thing in my haul is this sticker pack that I might've used a little too much. (oops).
With its cute school supplies stickers,it offers a variety of colors for each one of the supplies. There were tons of pink, but as it happens, I used them.

As we're talking about stickers,check out those kawaii bunny stickers.
They're like a real-form emoji. There's bunnies who are sad, happy, angry, frustrated, flirty and more. I love to use them to express my feelings in a journal or anywhere.
 Next we have those cute scissors. You can see the pattern on the side - and that's how it actually cuts. Y'know - not just a straight line.Instead, a really fancy zig-zag cut.
Next I got those babies. I purchased them solely because of their color...and that's how much I love pastel colors in a nutshell.
Now I present to you - John. Our chemistry teacher wanted us to do our homework and write the questions with a pen, while the answers are made with another pen color - so it looks more neat and she can differ the questions from the answers (which is a boss-up idea to be honest). So,thus,John was born and I bought him and I wanted to introduce him to the world.
Glitter always catches my eye. And pastel colors. And cheap prices. I could go on and on about those babies' qualities, BUT I have to stop.
Not your unusual school supply, however I decided to give them a lil' shout out since I bought them along - and besides,they're totally cute.

Hungry? You can now eat post-its! Look at how cute it is - it's like out of this world.
It's pastel colors are what make me happy the most.
Speaking of post it notes,I also bought simple ones.
Can't go wrong with glitter or gold - OR both combined in a small tube for you.
AND lastly - some of you have seen it before.
It's my go-to notepad that doesn't really belong in this haul but I just can't not include it.
Everyone needs a notebook or notepad that is like a friend or assistant to them. And this beautiful item puts an end to this haul.
If you enjoyed and want more, make sure to let me know in the comments section below!
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen.Follow

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  1. I'm such a big scrapbooker, but I'm not very big on keeping up with my daily planner. I wish I could even remember when I put it, but the stickers would be great for it.

    1. Haha I can relate to that! It's not easy to write daily on a notebook when your schedule is so busy

  2. It looks so cool. I love all the different things here you have for scrapbooking. I know that I always hoped my ex would make one for our time we were together with our daughter. She bought stuff for it but never seemed to do it.

  3. Love that glitter and the pastel colors are so much fun. I have never done scrapbooking but it looks like a great way to channel creativity.

  4. My daughter is so into stationary especially school stationary. She adored all the animal themed stickers and erasers etc when she was younger. She would have loved your pastel themed haul. She now loves the more teenager themed stuff.

  5. So beautiful!!! I love stationery so much!! And these are all so cute!

  6. Ahh omg I love everything! School supply shopping was always my favorite time even though I knew that meant homework. I love the bright colors!

    Ivelisse |

  7. these are super cute! thanks for sharing.

  8. I love school supplies! I may even have a stationery addiction!