Creative ways to save memories

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Personally, I'm a very nostalgic person and I love the thought of looking back at a certain memory and/or memories. And we often tend to forget about little things, that's why I make sure to save that memory in one way or another - thus I developed a list of things you can do,too.

1. A memory jar
Not the most original idea,but it still HAD to be included in this list. While a moment is happening, I collect a thing or two which later I put into my jar of memories.

 If you're a forgetful person, you'll probably wonder why there's a rock or a receipt in your jar (same tbh). And that's why I keep a list of the things inside of the jar, where I explain the memory further.
The jar can be designed in any way you want,which is pretty awesome because it can resemble your personality or mood.

2.Doodle book
Everyday there's a small funny thing that happens - an encounter, an awkward situation, a joke. Since these don't allow you to attain a physical thing to hold onto in their memory, I came up with the thought of drawing it out in a comic form or just a simple doodle.

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As days and months go by and you look back,you're gonna get warm inside when you remember the small things that mattered. I'd recommend this even if you aren't the best drawer - drawing two stickmen having a convervation is enough.

3.Memory book
Those who can't draw and don't fancy the upper option, can still maintain a book of memories by filling it out with receipts, tickets, flat things ( such as fabrics and tissues from a restaurant ) and why not polaroids. It's a world with endless options!
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Have you ever just looked at one of your clothing items and just remember an amazing night you had while wearing it? I tend to do that a lot so I decided to make a few ways to link clothes with memories.

  • clothing chart - where you name/doodle your piece of clothing and list down memories of it
  • if the clothing is old and you wanna throw it away, cut a little bit of fabric and glue it into a paper,and list your memories
  • make a blogpost about your clothes and the memories they hold
  • make a collage of you wearing the same piece in different occasions 
  • etc etc. 

This can't be more obvious, but snapshots are the greatest way to save a memory and a part of its visuals. However, just taking a picture isn't enough creativity (in my opinion).

-print them out and:

  • make a banner
  • stick them on the wall
  • make an album
  • make a scrapbook
  • make a "photo box"
  • make a photo jar
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  • •make a "Crazy Memories" folder
  • •write a blogpost about it
  • •make a video about it (don't necessarily put it online, keep it for yourself)
  • make a compilation / collage

And that concludes this whirlwind of ideas! I hope you got inspired to dedicate yourself to at least one of those things - I promise you it's going to be worth it in a hop of a few years when you look back.
With all the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen
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  1. Omg I love your blog! & hey this is such a unique post! Creative ways to save memories. omg I love this :D And you also gave it nice tips. Thanks for that. So cool ^_^

    1. Your comment made my whole day ! Thank you very much <3

  2. I think everyone can relate to this. I love days out with my kids and treasure the memories we make via photos.

  3. These are wonderful ideas! I also blog about certain memories over at It's really very helpful. I also keep a bullet journal for other reflections/memories. :)