April 2017 monthly journal spread

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 April is the most important month of my year,not because of the good weather and flowers and all,but because it also holds two major dates - my birthday and the blog anniversary.
This year I welcomed April open-armed and excited,whilst also making sure that the new monthly spread is ready to set & go.
I didn't have any inspiration for the color scheme,but I went for aqua, purple and pink.

On the left side of the spread,we have the usual tracker that I do,and as you can see,I haven't been THAT productive.
On the right side we have a month overview, decorated with a headset, lipstick and hot chocolate. Right below it, we have the infamous ideas section, where I organize my thoughts and remind myself of things I had to do. And then we have a quote from Hannah Baker - 13 Reasons Why (episode 10,if you're wondering) that says: "It's what you do next that counts. Not what happens, but what you decide to do about it."
 The right page,however,is more exciting. First and foremost we have a list of things I wish to achieve,and right next to it,I made a mini adventure plan that I'm going to follow through these next three days.
Then we have another quote from 13 Reasons Why, (YES,I'm obsessing over that show) that says "Maybe we're more than what the world sees".
In the middle of the page we have the study tracker,on which I track my studies.But since I'm on spring break,shocker,I haven't studied anything!
Then below I wrote some happy things to remind me that life isn't bad at all. Right under it there's a mini bucketlist which isn't obligatory to do,but I wanted to give myself a few fun activities to do when I'm bored.
The monthly mood is something I usually do.I didnt keep track of how I felt though.What a bummer.
Here's an overview:
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Have a nice day/night,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo


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