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I  believe you all remember the "Things I've been loving lately" post. Since it got a positive response,and I had fun writing it,I decided to bring back to life the post, reviving it with new ideas and things that I'm obsessed with right now.

1.13 reasons why 
I'm currently in love with the Netflix series "13 reasons why" and if you haven't heard of it at this point,you're probably living under a rock.It just came out two weeks ago and it's being manifested with a huge success.
I can't log in on we heart it and not see a post about this show.
I finished it in under two days,and I was left heartbroken but that's what we need to remind us that reality isn't just happy endings and rainbows. 13 reasons why is a story about a teenage girl who commited suicide, but recorded 13 tapes talking about the reasons she decided to kill herself,a.k.a 13 people who caused her death. And each of these people had to listen to the tapes. It's a really wakening story, and it makes you think twice about your actions and words. I would definitely recommend it!
2.Black buttoned skirt
These skirts have been the death of me. I've been looking everywhere in hopes of finding the perfect button skirt. Hell, I'd be able to take it in a different color,too. But the chances of me finding skirts that are slightly similar to these seem to be zero. So lovely!
I was planning to pair this skirt with fishnets and docs. Imagine how tumblr would that be.
3.Holo see-through jacket
While we're at clothes,I've already given up searching for this cute see-through holographic jacket.
I've seen it on instagram and in an online store I think,but it doesn't ship to my country :) :) :).
Something that I love about the jacket is that it can match literally anything. (Well,now that I think about it, NOT exactly everything,for instance a red dress..yikes.)
4.Too Faced Natural Love Palette
Now into makeup.This cute eye shadow palette has got me having hella heart eyes.
Every single shade is really beautiful and I doubt I wouldn't wear each at least once. But,I don't like Night Fever that much but let's roll hah. This palette is called "Natural Love" and it costs more than my existence.
Well, not that expensive for branded make up but still..
Would you look at all these pastel shades argh.
5.Glitter lip gloss
I've never been a fan of glitter lip gloss,so I don't know what has gotten into me but now I'm really digging this I - came - from - space look. The reflections in the lips are absolutely stunning and just...I can't really put into words, but this image is considered art to me. Like, wow.
Besides, glitter lip gloss can be also worn with whatever,I mean it's going to match your outfit whether you're dressed up or down.I love taking my sister's lip glosses :)
6.Coral lipstick
Coral , coral , coral. What more need I say? It creates a perfect shade for lips - whether it's matte, gloss, balm, or liquid lipstick. I recently bought a coral shade liquid lipstick,so I can finally tick this off my wishlist.
But in all honesty, this color has been on my mind not only for make up, but other things,too - decorations, shirts, pants, it has no end.
7.B.U Trendy perfume
I became obsessed with this perfume after I got it - does it count? Well, I'm still including it on my list anyways. After a friend of mine gave this perfume to me as a Christmas present (I know, I know, it's been too long) , I started using it and did I fall in LOVE with the smell so now I use it regularly and like crazy,may I say.
I can't go anywhere without having this perfume in my bag, backpack , or pocket.
8. Faber Castell pencil colors
And lastly on this list,we have an art supply (wow, rare!). Faber Castell is a really known brand or pencil colors, at least from what I've seen on the art community. Since I'm an artist (didn't you know?shame!) , I tend to obsess over art supplies just like I obsess over make up.And Faber Castell right now,is like Anastasia Beverly Hills,or Kylie Cosmetics, or Too Faced - regarding the hype. That's why I saved a lil bit of money and I actually got them like two days ago,and call me crazy but I sleep with them.
Nah,I'm just joking.

Anyways,I hope that you enjoyed the comeback of an oldie but goldie, and if you'd like more just let me know! What have you been obsessing over these past few weeks?
XO, A My Pastel World Citizen.

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  1. These posts are fun! I'm here from Facebook, fyi! I'm currently watching 13 Reasons Why - I loved the book and I'm loving the show, but I'm not really good at binge watching! lol I'm glad you loved it though.

    That palette is gorgeous. Love all the colors.


    1. Thanks! You're just like Clay,I guess haha.

  2. Nice nice! I'm planning to watch 13RW too.
    Also, just a bit of advice, some of your text gets squished next to the pictures so it's really hard to read. I think you should look over your formatting a bit so that your content is easy to see.

    1. Could you send me a screenshot via email or something? Because that doesn't happen on my computer,at least.

  3. I have been planning to watch 13 reasons why, but I still have so many shows to watch before that! So.. maybe soon!

    Heidi 🍓 |