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Hello ladies! We all have the days that we say "Ugh I have nothing to wear" while our wardrobe is full of clothes.But little do we know,there's actually ways to pick outfits easier than sitting there and whining how you don't like anything you have.I'm going to share with you these ways.Enjoy the ride!

1.Download a wardrobe app
You probably didn't know they were a thing,did you? Those trendy apps help you keep in touch with fashion by showing you outfit ideas, and most of them have the feature to add clothes to your virtual closet. You can take the pic of the item,or find a similar product picture and add it. Then when you have an overlook at your closet digitally, suddenly a lot of ideas come up! (Tried and true).
Most of the apps also have features to select clothes from your closet and make an outfit - and even select a date on the calendar for when you're going to wear it! They provide the weather too, to make sure you ain't freezing. Here's a few of them:
-My Dressing
There's a ton more that I can't remember, BUT you'll surely find them with a short google research.

2.Write them down or draw them
Personally,I've kept a notebook full of drawings about outfits I wore that I liked so much I'd wear them again and you can't believe how much it helped.I'd recommend this 10/10.Also maybe try finding outfit inspiration online and writing them down.That's also really great.
Finding inspiration on magazines,cutting them & making a collage is also something that could work.
But honestly,all I do is draw myself in different outfits featuring things that I own that I forget I do. (That is a mouthful haha!)
Need I say more? Pinterest is an endless world full of amazing outfits you can simply copy.Who doesn't want to get outfit ideas with clothes they actually have in their closet?Honestly,don't miss out on this one. Similar to Pinterest is Polyvore - which unlike Pinterest,it was made solely to help 'em girls out with outfits and fashion.
Social media in general is a bouquet we pick the flowers from - all of the inspiration.
YouTube, Instagram, etc etc are platforms where people share their "outfits of the day" which can be really really helpful not only to pick clothes, but to shop online,too.

--- This was the post for the tuesday's girly/fashion blogpost! Tune in on thursday for DIY/tips kind of post.
I hope you all found this a little helpful, since I tend to make helpful posts out of the things that actually worked for me.
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo

-Disclaimer: this post isn't sponsored.

Since it's finals' time, and I already finished mine, I decided to be a little help to those who are currently "eating" their book alive.
To find a hq version of these printables, click here. When you click download, make sure you select the "Original version" option.
Here's a preview of them (you might as well save them from here,but I can't guarantee high quality though).
I hope these help anyone,let me know if you print them! :)

See - I made it in all shapes and forms haha. I played around with colors so it could fit your taste.
If you want more freebies, I send them via email to my subscribers every friday, don't miss it!
All the love in the whole wide world,
A My Pastel World Citizen


Have you ever desired to have your own space in the internet,but were too lazy to make YouTube videos? Then,blogging is just for you.I'm here to guide you so you can throw your first blogging steps firmly. I'm going to also share with you funny stories about my blogging experience.So stick with me :)

In the beginning, every single thing seems overwhelming.All these blogs, all these tips.It seems endless.
What I did,though,was keeping a notebook specified for my blog.
On this notebook,I kept my:

  • blog ideas
  • traffic sources
  • tips from other bloggers
  • props for pictures that I should buy
  • traffic growth within days,weeks,and months.

- which is something I would request you to keep,because you can't exactly remember every information you've gathered about blogging. My tips could go straight to your notebook as well.;)
Now get cozy,as I'm about to touch the most common subjects about blogging and what you should know.

The theme has an important value in your blog,because it's the visual that represents you and attracts people. In the beginning,you're going to be really confused but trust me,it's going to be okay.
Now,depending on what platform you use for your blog (Blogger, Wordpress, etc), there are different types of themes that are offered by the platforms themselves, but sadly they reflect not a bit of your personality. To know how to set up your theme, you should know a little bit about coding.
Here is a free course that I'm taking for HTML and CSS : Click here
But if you want to know how to apply a free theme that you found online, you should watch this video for Blogger,and this for Wordpress.
Like I said,as a beginner,you don't really need to worry about the theme / nor be frustrated (just like I was ),because eventually,your knowledge in the blogging world will expand and your content will be better.
However,before starting your blog,I'd recommend you to pick a color scheme for your blog,as it's very important to have a coordination of colors in your blog.Check out mine:

You can find a lot of palettes online,so this isn't a problem,but it's just a highly recommended thing to do before starting.(As well as picking the font you're sticking with,too!). Here's just a few I found:

I'd suggest focusing on the theme a bit more,because it really does reflect your personality and besides,customizing it in your own taste is really,REALLY fun!

2.The actual blogposts
Of course that as much as the physics matter,the inside is what people come for! And by inside,I mean your content,of course.
First of all,you need to figure yourself out.What do you want to blog about?
Poetry? Music? DIY? Make-up? All at once?
Your content is what makes your blog your blog. 
Here is what I'd recommend (always) doing in a blogpost:

  1. Make the content as rich with things as possible (and as long as possible,too)
  2. Make sure you use some fancy words here and there
  3. Make sure to reflect yourself and your personality
  4. Leave your social media buttons/links at the end of the blogpost
  5. Make it easy to share
  6. .Divide it into sectors (don't just write a huge paragraph and hit publish).

Besides all of these,think about the purpose your blogpost has.Will it help anyone? Will someone enjoy it? Think about how happy you're gonna make some people,and the role model you're being.
Based on that,share kindness around.

3.Photos,their quality and editing
Now,this is where most beginners slip.(Me too,me too!)
Photography is something most of bloggers are passionate about. However,not all of us have the right equipment for the most high quality pictures,because let's be real,not all us are rich.
It does NOT mean you cannot take pictures and go after your dreams.
Grab a phone,an old camera,anything! As long as it doesn't make the picture look like a potato of course.
Do not let the fact that your pictures aren't taken with a Canon destroy your dreams. Do what you can with what you have, and the rest will arrive with your hard work!
Editing is also really important. As a beginner,each blogger makes the mistake of over-saturating their photo edits. I would recommend only adding a light chic/urban filter and adding brightness and a bit of saturation,and lowering the contrast a little bit.That's what I usually do.I edit my pics using Spinly on my phone and Photoscape on the computer.
If you're wondering,here's a comparison of my first (ever) blogpost edit and my latest blogpost edit:
I had the tendency to write a watermark over my pictures...I wouldn't recommend you to do that.
Not only it ruins the picture (as you can see,mine was HUGE), but as a beginner,you wouldn't really need the watermark.
Another thing to remark about photography are props. Don't forget to add them to your pictures!
Props can be anything from flowers to nail polish,make-up,notebooks,tea,coffee, heck I could go on!
If you don't know what they are,props are basically things that are useless in the picture but they make it more attractive.For example:
This picture is from Hello Gwen,and she made a whole blogpost about props,which you can read here.
And one last thing about photography: the background.
I can't stress it enough how important the background is.Take a little time of your day to find a cute fabric,rug,wood,paper,anything that could be used as a background. There is a lot of amazing materials laying around your house.
HINT : I once used a fluffy pillow as a background because it looked like a fur rug. ;)

4.Getting an audience
You can't expect to have 1,000 followers on your first day,right? But,you can give yourself a little exposure as a headstarter.
To begin,you need to set your social media up. Twitter,instagram and pinterest are a MUST.
After setting up your profile,start following bloggers.Either go search by the hashtag #blogger, or just find a blogger and start following other bloggers on her "Following/Followers" lists.
Make sure to follow small bloggers,too - they return your follow as well.
Using this technique you can get to 100 followers really fast.
Social media is the key to blogger exposure.That's why you should use it constantly and consistently.
When you post,make sure to tag relevant accounts (for instance, company of the product in the picture) and to use hashtags.
 Leave comments on other blogger's instapics and blogposts too, linking back to your blog.
Now,the sites that give me the biggest audience are Facebook and Reddit.
Facebook has groups,as you know,and there are A LOT of bloggers' groups,containing over 1,000 bloggers who interact with each other and share their own links.
Here are a few Facebook groups you MUST join :


AND that was what I had in store for you!
Oh,and another thing. This is my new blog schedule,from now on:
As you can see,I will post on tuesdays and thursdays.
I will send freebies to all of my email subscribers every friday.
To subscribe,you need to scroll to the bottom and a pop-up will pop-up.(I'm all the way pop-up )
And I will post mini-blogposts on my facebook page on sundays. (Click here to go check it out!)

Thank you for taking your time,and reading this post. I hope you found any of my tips helpful.
All the love in the world,
A My Pastel World Citizen. XO.


I  believe you all remember the "Things I've been loving lately" post. Since it got a positive response,and I had fun writing it,I decided to bring back to life the post, reviving it with new ideas and things that I'm obsessed with right now.

1.13 reasons why 
I'm currently in love with the Netflix series "13 reasons why" and if you haven't heard of it at this point,you're probably living under a rock.It just came out two weeks ago and it's being manifested with a huge success.
I can't log in on we heart it and not see a post about this show.
I finished it in under two days,and I was left heartbroken but that's what we need to remind us that reality isn't just happy endings and rainbows. 13 reasons why is a story about a teenage girl who commited suicide, but recorded 13 tapes talking about the reasons she decided to kill herself,a.k.a 13 people who caused her death. And each of these people had to listen to the tapes. It's a really wakening story, and it makes you think twice about your actions and words. I would definitely recommend it!
2.Black buttoned skirt
These skirts have been the death of me. I've been looking everywhere in hopes of finding the perfect button skirt. Hell, I'd be able to take it in a different color,too. But the chances of me finding skirts that are slightly similar to these seem to be zero. So lovely!
I was planning to pair this skirt with fishnets and docs. Imagine how tumblr would that be.
3.Holo see-through jacket
While we're at clothes,I've already given up searching for this cute see-through holographic jacket.
I've seen it on instagram and in an online store I think,but it doesn't ship to my country :) :) :).
Something that I love about the jacket is that it can match literally anything. (Well,now that I think about it, NOT exactly everything,for instance a red dress..yikes.)
4.Too Faced Natural Love Palette
Now into makeup.This cute eye shadow palette has got me having hella heart eyes.
Every single shade is really beautiful and I doubt I wouldn't wear each at least once. But,I don't like Night Fever that much but let's roll hah. This palette is called "Natural Love" and it costs more than my existence.
Well, not that expensive for branded make up but still..
Would you look at all these pastel shades argh.
5.Glitter lip gloss
I've never been a fan of glitter lip gloss,so I don't know what has gotten into me but now I'm really digging this I - came - from - space look. The reflections in the lips are absolutely stunning and just...I can't really put into words, but this image is considered art to me. Like, wow.
Besides, glitter lip gloss can be also worn with whatever,I mean it's going to match your outfit whether you're dressed up or down.I love taking my sister's lip glosses :)
6.Coral lipstick
Coral , coral , coral. What more need I say? It creates a perfect shade for lips - whether it's matte, gloss, balm, or liquid lipstick. I recently bought a coral shade liquid lipstick,so I can finally tick this off my wishlist.
But in all honesty, this color has been on my mind not only for make up, but other things,too - decorations, shirts, pants, it has no end.
7.B.U Trendy perfume
I became obsessed with this perfume after I got it - does it count? Well, I'm still including it on my list anyways. After a friend of mine gave this perfume to me as a Christmas present (I know, I know, it's been too long) , I started using it and did I fall in LOVE with the smell so now I use it regularly and like crazy,may I say.
I can't go anywhere without having this perfume in my bag, backpack , or pocket.
8. Faber Castell pencil colors
And lastly on this list,we have an art supply (wow, rare!). Faber Castell is a really known brand or pencil colors, at least from what I've seen on the art community. Since I'm an artist (didn't you know?shame!) , I tend to obsess over art supplies just like I obsess over make up.And Faber Castell right now,is like Anastasia Beverly Hills,or Kylie Cosmetics, or Too Faced - regarding the hype. That's why I saved a lil bit of money and I actually got them like two days ago,and call me crazy but I sleep with them.
Nah,I'm just joking.

Anyways,I hope that you enjoyed the comeback of an oldie but goldie, and if you'd like more just let me know! What have you been obsessing over these past few weeks?
XO, A My Pastel World Citizen.

 April is the most important month of my year,not because of the good weather and flowers and all,but because it also holds two major dates - my birthday and the blog anniversary.
This year I welcomed April open-armed and excited,whilst also making sure that the new monthly spread is ready to set & go.
I didn't have any inspiration for the color scheme,but I went for aqua, purple and pink.

On the left side of the spread,we have the usual tracker that I do,and as you can see,I haven't been THAT productive.
On the right side we have a month overview, decorated with a headset, lipstick and hot chocolate. Right below it, we have the infamous ideas section, where I organize my thoughts and remind myself of things I had to do. And then we have a quote from Hannah Baker - 13 Reasons Why (episode 10,if you're wondering) that says: "It's what you do next that counts. Not what happens, but what you decide to do about it."
 The right page,however,is more exciting. First and foremost we have a list of things I wish to achieve,and right next to it,I made a mini adventure plan that I'm going to follow through these next three days.
Then we have another quote from 13 Reasons Why, (YES,I'm obsessing over that show) that says "Maybe we're more than what the world sees".
In the middle of the page we have the study tracker,on which I track my studies.But since I'm on spring break,shocker,I haven't studied anything!
Then below I wrote some happy things to remind me that life isn't bad at all. Right under it there's a mini bucketlist which isn't obligatory to do,but I wanted to give myself a few fun activities to do when I'm bored.
The monthly mood is something I usually do.I didnt keep track of how I felt though.What a bummer.
Here's an overview:
If you enjoyed this one,make sure to check out my other monthly spreads:
March: here
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Have a nice day/night,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo


Recently,I turned 16,so it's about time I start using make up.Even though in the U.S and many other states, make up is allowed on preteens and early ages really,I just didn't think make up was something suited for my age. But now that I've entered high school,I've grown to really love make up and gradually own a small amount of make up products.(I still take my mom's stuff,though hahaha).So let's have a look of things I have.
Firstly,I'm going to introduce you to my cute ocean-colored make up pouch.
On the front,it has two small pockets that are sewn in between.A small cute button to close the pouch is seen on the top middle.As you can see,some small details have a muddy brown color,which doesn't go bad,I guess.
On the other side,we have another pocket,which has a zip.I usually put unnecessary stuff there (such as Kylie packages for photos...go me).There's not much to say really.
This is how the inside looks with all the products in.
When I saw this makeup bag,I fell in love because I love all of the things that have a lot of pockets aka special places for certain things,you know what I'm on about?
I love this thing,how can I call it...mesh pocket or something? I dunno,but I love it SO much!
It has one of these on each side.
This is how it looks without the products. You can't see much,but there's loads and loads of pockets,one of them even has a flip! The one with polka dots is the one I'm talking 'bout.
Anyways,now let's have a look at the products.
I'm gonna start with this Kylie mascara,which is most likely fake since I got it for so cheap.It's really pretty and glittery,and also does its job as a mascara well.
It's also a really pretty photo prop I guess.It's just multifunctional for me.
Then we have the highlighter.Usha's highlight trio.
I haven't gotten around to using it yet,since I go for simple make up looks,but y'know,I bought it so I'd have it in any occasion.
It comes in three colors - rose pink, peachy and watermelon-ish. When I googled it,I found another brand that sells the exact highlighter with the same shades so I'm guessing mine is a dupe.
Can't review it when I haven't used it,haha.
Next we have this mysterious box.I wonder what it is.
It's the famous 15-shades foundation palette. I'd be suprised if you haven't heard about it or haven't seen a video on YouTube where people reviewed this palette they got of off Ebay for like 5$.
For real though,it's really cheap and there's tons of reviews everywhere so I guess mine doesn't have a huge role,but the colors' consistency is what makes this palette good for me.They are really creamy,and the yellow middle shade is my go-to for my "around-the-eyebrow" concealer. Take a look at all the shades:
Could be used as eyeshadow, foundation, contour and I could go on and on.It blends really well and it's actually nice for its price. Here's a link if you're interested (not spon, just wanna help fellow ladies out cause makeup can be expensive) : CLICK.
Next we have a Meet Matt(e) Hughes lipstick in the shade "Honest".You can get it in Sephora  or any other website for even cheaper than Sephora haha.
This shade is something I've wanted for a while,a color that is a mixture between red,orange and pink.
My damn shaky hand haha.But it's suprisingly long lasting..I had a hard time wiping it off.(*sheds a tear*).
It also smells coffee cake? I don't know,but it has a pleasant smell.
 Then we have my life saver.I present to you,my eyebrow pencil. It's short but don't bully it,it's sensitive.
All jokes aside though, it's not a specific brand and I use this one a lot,that's why I had to sharpen it hence its height. It has a cute cap with a comb for my fancy brows.
This is a Glowing Eye Shadow by LDM Paris..(as you can read). I don't wear eye shadow,but I caught my mom trying to throw this precious palette away,so I insisted that she shouldn't. And then she gave it to me. It's nice to know you have an eye shadow palette though. I've used this one to make fake bruises for halloween and it was really handy indeed.
It also has this cute curved brush that fits in the palette.So lovely.So nice.
Lastly, (yes,I know,I don't have a lot of makeup) we have these two lip balms,which are my go-to.
Baby lips is known everywhere so I shouldn't really introduce it because most of you are familiar with it.
The Lacalut lip balm came with the Lacalut toothpaste when I bought it,it's really great because I got it for free. It smells like a vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles and a yellow frosting. Too specific,right ? Right.
I also usually wear a matte lipstick from Avon over it,but it's in my mom's make up bag so I consider it to not be mine.
This is my daily school make-up look (can you even call it a look?). Filled eyebrows (+concealer on 'em), simple mascara ,and a lip balm with matte lipstick.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing and taking photos for it.
Make sure to not miss any of my posts by following my social media and/or bloglovin:
Until next time,
A My Pastel World Citizen

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