I'm a 16 year old girl. (as of now, 2017)
I started this blog just as I turned 14, and this blog has been a part of my life for the past two years.
To grow it, I started taking pinterest's advice.
I started acting like a professional blogger, I wore myself out pretending to be everything I wasn't.
Which is the reason why I didn't post for around 4 months in a row during october 2015.
I've always disappeared from this blog for months during these two years.
I claimed I was on 'break'.
Truth is, I lost interest because I lost a part of me. This blog wasn't representing me anymore. It was representing a positive professional teenage blogger.
This blog, of course, still contains a part of me, it always has.
But I've outgrown it.
I was so pressured to stick to one subject, one theme (lifestyle / blogging advice / photography etc.) so I forced myself to stay in one lane.
Then I realized, why?
It's not like I'm doing this to earn money, or to impress people.
I've always liked blogging cause it's a form of self-expression, everything from the theme to the posts, to the photos. Just like a  youtube channel.
I still love blogging to death.
But I realized, that this blog in particular needs to come to a clear end, because it's not what I want to post. It doesn't make me content with myself.
For the sake of documentation of my growth, I chose to keep this blog up.
You can still read, share, and comment on this blog. And the blog posts of course contain a part of me.
I decided for a fresh start the best.
Since I didn't like the theme nor the branding but I didn't want to delete the blogposts, I came to the conclusion that I can make a new blog, while this one remains untouched.
My new blog is going to be different from this blog, but it's still me, this little dreamer.
There's going to be less tutorials, cause I've grown to dislike making them.
There's going to be hauls, stories, poetry, artwork, cozy rainy days, and random thoughts.
Please don't expect it to be similar to this blog, because that one is my authentic 100% self.
Check it out if you want to:

I'm sorry to my loyal readers.
I hope you understand that I'm not going anywhere. I'm just starting fresh. <3
I'll still read the comments you write.

All the love in the world,
A My Pastel World citizen...finally deciding to move away to BleachPeach town. c;
That doesn't mean you should move away,too. Stay in this world, if you want to.
It's cozy up here.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new series on my blog.
This series is called "Fun Summer Activities" (FSA), which is pretty blunt, simple and straight to the point.
I've decided to give you guys ideas for an awesome summer while I'm trying those ideas.
To put it simple: I do an activity -> I take pictures -> I blog about it -> You get inspired.
To not miss any of my FSA posts, [this] is where you'll find them.
For the first FSA post, I will cover the topic of making drinks such as smoothies and lemonades.
 Now, personally, I've done a smoothie once in my life and fully regretted it - because sometimes the taste doesn't turn out that great let's all agree~. So that's why, I postponed ever making smoothies again.
But when my mom brought home strawberries and bananas, I knew I had heard about this combo earlier on so I searched the internet for a recipe and eventually came up with my own.
Here's how it goes:
 Chop up some bananas and put them in a blender,
Add strawberries.
Add vanilla pudding (completely optional, but a sweetener is prefered)
Add milk.

Blend it all out.
Pour in a cup and enjoy.

Since I felt like a brave spirit, I also tried a different recipe (is it even?), which I was really surprised in the end because of the magical taste.
I'm talking about strawberry lemonade!
The recipe is really simple: Just leave fresh clean strawberries in a cup in the fridge and they'll  let out their natural juice,even if it's the smallest amount.
Make a regular lemonade and add the strawberry juice to it. As I said, the strawberries won't let out that much, but it will still add an amazing taste to the drink.

There are a lot of drink recipes on the internet - whether it's a milkshake, smoothie, lemonade etc etc. Go out of your way this summer and try out different handmade drinks! Maybe come up with your own recipe as I did, as well. Document it all and live a happy summer.
Until the next post and the next FSA,

Hello everyone! ♥
Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret doesn't have a chain of stores in my country and I can't help but feel miserable when bloggers talk about their products and how good they are.
When I accidentally ran into a dupe of a Victoria's Secret body mist in a cosmetic I almost lost it, especially because the price was really cheap.
So I went off and bought it, and I thought I'd do a post reviewing and comparing the two products.
First of all, let's compare them.
As you can see, they're as identical as they can be. The background is completely identical, and the shape of the bottle and the caps are twinning as well.
What's different is the font / writing and the logo. As you can see even the name is similar:
 "Coconut Passion" vs "Passionate".
Vanilla & Coconut is what's written in both of the bottles, which makes me think the scent is similar as well, but I can't know that in complete certainity.
They both have the same size - 20 centimeters. As for the price, I'm not really sure what price is the Victoria's Secret bottle. From my research online it's around $12-$16 , while I got the dupe for $3.5. CRAZY,right?
Now, into the review.
Because it is a dupe, I didn't really have high expectations on this fragrance, I just got it because of the appearance.
But, to my suprise, it was quite high quality. The smell is just as it's described ; a sweet vanilla scent with a coconut and cotton candy touch to it. You just wanna eat it!
It's a mildly light scent, that is very recognizable and leaves a mark.
 The appearance is 10/10. It has the ability to be a decoration too. It just fits everywhere. Even though the design was practically ripped off from Victoria's Secret, it still makes me gaze in awe.
It is very long lasting as well. I thought the smell would disappear within an hour or so, but to my surprise not only it lasted the whole day, but when I wore the same piece of clothing the other day, I felt a trace of the smell of this fragrance.
Oh, and it's made in Turkey, which is something I was delighted about when I found out, because these "Made In China" dupes really scare me sometimes.
So overall it's done a decent job on all aspects that a good body spray should have.
Here's the back for y'all who wanna read it.

I couldn't find a link for it on eBay or amazon. That makes me sad, but you guys mostly have access to Victora's Secret itself anyways hehe.
This was the post for today!
I hope you enjoyed, see you next time.
A My Pastel World Citizen

Hello everyone!
Sorry for my little disappearance, I was overwhelmed with school and exams and such. Now that summer break is beginning, my free time is overflowing me with joy and blogpost ideas! To begin with, I have to do my monthly report on my bullet journal, this time: JUNE edition! Let's go.
This is how the pages look like in general. I blurred the ideas I wrote on the "Blog" section so I won't spoil the next few blogposts hehe.
Now let's do the usual habit - talking about each page!
The color theme for this month is peachy and two shades of blue - light and dark.
The first page consists of my usual vertical tracker of habits - and as you can see, I clearly wasn't that productive those last few days oopsies.
Right next to it is a mini calendar just so I can have the whole month in my hands. It's really useful for birthdays, and forgetting what day of the week it is etc.
Lastly on the page we have the "Ideas" part, which is seperated in two things that I love doing most: blogging and drawing.
The right page is kind of empty - most likely because I was undecisive on what I should put on that particular part, so I said "Eh, f it" and left it like that.
On this page we have the monthly mood, my overall goals and appointments/ events that I need to remind myself of more often.
Next we have my june bucketlist,which you're free to get an inspiration from:
•Go to the library
•Recreate a make-up look
•Balloon fight
•Re-read Bokura Ga Ita (the.best.manga.EVER)
•Have a photoshoot
•Make a new sort of lemonade
•Watch the sunrise
•Make popsicles
•Go to the pool
•Build a fort

I kept the list short, because this bucketlist is limited to this month only - not to the whole summer.
And lastly, we have this idea that I - hands down - stole it from the internet, but I took a spin of me and my taste on it. A doodle a day keeps the stress away!
And this was all on this month's bullet journal spread. If you want to read the others:

 I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to read more of my posts, make sure to follow my social media or my blog! ♥
A My Pastel World Citizen

Spring is almost over,but during this season I've magically discovered so many good songs and so many new artists - with the help of Conan Gray's recommendations and a lyric youtube channel haha. Since the list of the songs I've discovered got longer than I'd ever expect it to, I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys.
By the way I obviously listened to wdbwotv by Twenty One Pilots but the sleepers version is just so good.
So, I did this little image design thingy:

Most of these songs aren't mainstream - therefore I can't guarantee that you'll like them on the first listen. However if you keep repeating and repeating, you will fall in love with them. (It happened to me so lol)
BUT I also made sure to make a live playlist for those of you who are too lazy to search these songs:

I also included a few other songs that I like, since I wasn't able to write all of them on the photo.
Happy listening!
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo

As a fellow bookworm, I know the struggle of losing track of a page. A few days ago,as I was reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" a few ideas of bookmarks popped into my mind.
And we shall start with the easy DIY-s!
1. Stickers!
 To make the bookmark, just fold the paper in two and scribble cute words on it. Then, to make sure it sticks out, just put a sticker right on the top edge of it.
Not only it looks super cute, but it is done within a few minutes and it comes in very handy and it's really practical!
As  ridiculous as this sounds, a map makes a great bookmark. Before you come at me for ruining a map - I have 100 maps of the world so I don't necessarily need them. Why not turn them into something useful?

As you can see, I chose South America to be my bookmark.
Once again, just cut a piece of paper in a map, fold in two then cut the edges so they're straight and parallel with each other.
3.Magazine or book article!
It didn't take me a lot of time to find this cute part in a magazine, and as soon as I saw it I imagined using it as a bookmark. So I cut it in a "banner" type of form.

There are a lot of cute articles for you to choose from - the options are endless!
And it also sticks out really well - so you can just gently open it.
4.Easy tape!
For those of you who prefer something really easy and quick to make, while maintaining a modest and cute look at the same time - this DIY might be just for you!
At first, you need to cut a small piece of paper and washi tape.
Take a side of the washi, and tape it to a side of the piece of paper. Then tape the other edge of the tape on the opposite side of the paper, and just secure the washi tape is sticked into each other.
It's very easy and I don't think this even needed a "tutorial" but, oh well!
Or doodling? Since I love melons, I figured I would draw a kawaii one!
To begin with you're going to need a piece of paper folded in two. Then you're going to cut it however you want - shaped like a fruit, coffee, animal, food .. your call! You just have to make sure you're going to leave the edge uncut so the bookmark stays in two parts.
Although I left a SMAAALL part held together, it doesn't matter because it looks cute,so!
6.Sticky notes!
Sticking two sticky notes instantly makes a fast bookmark (or just one sticky note at that!).
But I must warn you, it can get pretty annoying when they're not glued well to each other.
You can't say this isn't cute, right?
And that concludes the list of these 6 easy-to-make cute bookmarks!
You can find other pretty ones on pinterest - some even are origami ! However,they take more time, so.
This was it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed it.
(Did anyone notice a change on the theme?)
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen

Hello and welcome back my dear friends.
As you can see from the title, for today's post I'm going to ramble about things that make my heart sing and fill with fluffiness.
Since I'm a nostalgic person, I'd love for my future self to come back here, read this post and remember all the things that make me happy. Let's get down on this unordered list!
~Finding good music & bands~
One of the things that I appreciate in life most is bands (and good music, but bands usually make THE best music so). Recently, I've listened to The Neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys more than I usually do. I occasionally listened to both bands for a few years now, but I think I've started my fangirl mode just now. I'm literally obsessing over 505 by Arctic Monkeys and Crybaby by The Neighbourhood.
Do NOT get me started on Twenty One Pilots. I've been a part of the clique for quite a while now and you probably have seen their name on my blogposts if you've stuck around for a bit.
Those bands make me very very happy & their music inspires me a lot.
~Writing and drawing~
I can't explain how much I love being creative and imagining situations, places, things. If you combine the two, you'll get the result of either a chapter of a book or a drawing. Since I love both, I really wish to be a mangaka in the future, and to publish at least one manga/comic book. 
However,me in the present really likes to push her limits and practice drawing as much as she can.
I hope the results will be worthwhile.
~Pastel things~
Whether it's stationary, food, clothes, shoes, accessories - if it has a pastel color, my heart is immediately filled with happiness. Pastel colors respresent positivity to me - they scream cuteness and fluffiness and uh - they make me SO excited! Note: even a pastel photograph makes me happy,like that one. (am I crazy or am I crazy?).
So now you know the meaning behind my blog's name. My Pastel World = My Happiness World.
~Starry skies~
Where do I even begin? Stars are something my heart is always fond of, but when they show up at night, that's where my happiness is at its peak.
As I stare into the sky,it makes me realize that what I am is reflected on those stars.
 It makes me realize how my life is going to just pass by, but these stars will remain there - watching me over.
One night recently on 1 AM, I was in the dark listening to music in my room before sleep (the lights were off) and as I stared into the window, I saw the moon shining brighter - and that's how I knew the stars are also more visible. I got an idea and carefully hopped off the bed, and went outside.
I did run into obstacles - such as my mom asking me if I was sleepwalking - but when I sat there, listening to The Night We Met - Lord Huron and staring at the sky, I felt as if the world was mine.
Yes,very spontaneous of me.Heh.
Yeah no,don't be shook. I like studying at times, but the times where studying makes me genuinely happy, is when I learn something my heart desires and aches to know ; for example constellations. 
And homework can be cute,too. I really don't like chemistry that much but solving chemistry reaction problems is becoming fun surprisingly.
And studying doesn't necessarily mean school studying. It can also mean studying a figure, studying a place,and angles, studying a language, a situation and more. I do love being nosey. Jk. I hate it.
Last but certainly not the least.
Support is what keeps me going,no matter who it's from - a stranger,family,friends, my cat even!
When someone ensures you it's going to be okay and they're going to be all the way through with you, it becomes comforting of course.
I have such a loving and caring family and I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING.
I also love the support you guys give me,and your comments make my day brighter.
Here's a lil shoutout to the comments that made me super happy:

Thank you also to everyone else who has ever commented! I love you all so much.
Oh and I love the readers too - especially those of you who don't miss any of my posts. Huge hug to you,my lovelies!


And that's a wrap for today's post.
Make a list down below in the comments with 5 things that make YOU happy.
And make sure you appreciate each of the things who made it in that list!
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen