February 2017 monthly journal spread

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Hi my lovelies! I know I haven't been the best blogger in the world regarding the number of posts,but from now on I'll try to be.I deeply apologize for the lack of posts..It's just..life man,I don't even have a proper excuse.I left the community altogether.I stopped doing DIY-s,I stopped reading blog posts..BUT I'm fully back now.I started a monthly/daily journal and it has helped me get back to my tracks.It feels like home somehow... :)
Ever since I started writing on it,ideas have been flowing in my mind.I already have two blog posts I'm working on so I'm super hyped!
All that aside,let's just get right into my monthly spread ^-^

 This is an overall look.
Now let's look into a bit more detail.
In the left side,we have this "tracker" where I write all the dates of the month on the left side,and keep track of my habits each and every day,ticking in the right place once I do any of the things listed.
On the top right side,we have an overall look into the month,so I can circle important dates and check days.
On the bottom right side,as you can see I doodled two hands holding each other (*cough* i'm so lonely though it's ironic *cough*).And above it,I put a quote to ease my anxiety,anywhere,anytime.
On the right side,we start off with a list of my monthly goals,and monthly mood.
Monthly goals is self explanatory,and monthly mood is just a daily doodle of how i feel when i fill up the page.
On the middle we have the "study sessions",where i keep track if i studied that day or not.(because seeing it filled up fills you with motivation).
And on the very bottom we have the mini bucketlist,which is a compilation of 6 fun things I want to do during this month.
I will post the monthly spread every month from now on,so be sure to not miss it if you like it! (I switch colors and details up every month,I did January so haha)
See you tomorrow,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo

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  1. Love this post! I have a journal similar to this one, and one of my favourite things is getting to plan out how I am going to set out each new month.

    1. Thank you very much!Yes,it's very fun indeed! :)