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 Hello everyone!Today's post is a little different,but from now on expect different posts on different days!So basically in the middle of the night an idea popped into my head:organizing my posting schedule and give each day of the week a sort of "label".For example,now thursday-s are all about posts related to me and my taste.Check out other days:
Anyways,so for today I'm gonna do a "Get To Know Me More" tag.Let's get straight into it:

-What's your name and its meaning?
-My name is Ndera,which in my country means honor or doing something good to someone:)

-Overall appearance description?
-I'm skinny and kinda tall,I have long wavy brown hair and brown eyes.I'm flat and rectangular shaped.*sighs*. My eyebrows are thick and my eyes are big.My lips are normal (just a bit swelled).

-Left or right handed?
-Leftie for life hah.

-What was your first real award?
-The one I got for taking the 10th place in my national English competition.

-What are you currently wearing?
-An oversized gray sweater (which is indeed comfy) and my pajamas.

-Where do you want to live?
-I really want to live in USA or day...

-What's your favorite color/s?
-I like everything pastel and bright.

-Do you believe in aliens?
-I do,because our universe is so gigantic and unexplored..there's gotta be someone else beside us in it,no?

-Do you believe in Heaven or Hell?
-I do.

-Do you believe in yourself?
-Honestly depends on the case.

-Do you sing in the shower?
-Yes,and it's really embarrassing especially when someone of my family comes in the bathroom and tells me to shut up.

-How would you describe yourself in three words?

-Do you have any pets?
-Yes,I have a cat.

-What's your favorite singer/band?
-One Direction (I even got a twitter fan acc for them).

-What's your favorite season?
-I love them all,but summer is my all-time favorite.

-Who was the last person you texted?
-My cousin (she's about my age and she's my bff)

-Are you single or taken?
-I'm single,aiming to remain so til I reach the certain age to be able to get into a serious relationship.You feel?

-Can you speak another language?
-Yeah.I speak albanian and english fluently,while I know some turkish and italian (but not fluently tho.Just some words that can make it easier to communicate with people)

-Have you ever had a surgery?
-No,thanks God.

-What was the last thing you bought?
-A red and black flannel haha.

-What's your favorite TV show?
-Uhm,mm idk I only watch turkish series.(american ones aren't available)

-What's your favorite anime?
-Toradora definitely.

-How are you currently feeling?
-So happy,energic and full of positivity. :)

-What's your biggest dream?
-To travel the world (I have wanderlust).

Those were the questions,answered in complete honesty and modesty.Hope you got to know me better now.For more things 'me' make sure to catch up with my blog on Thursdays haha.
Big love to all of you
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  1. Wow you're a lot like me! :)

  2. Good to get to know you more!