How to make chips using microwave

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Happy 2016 you guys!Hope this year will bring you adventures,hope,love and happiness!Also I'm pretty sure it will bring more blog posts from hello!For today's post I'm gonna show an easy way to make chips,using only microwave.The result is so yummy indeed.Let's get into it.
1.You're gonna start off with a potato (duh) and a potato peeler.If you don't a have a peeler in your house,then feel free to use a knife or any other tool.

After peeling your potato,cut it into thin slices.Make sure they're thin (not as thick as I cut them,what a waste of a potato haha) but also not too thin.Just enough so it's see-through.

Get a small glass bowl,and fill it with vinegar.You can use any kind of it,but it's really necessary.Basically you can't skip this step.

Then put the slices in the bowl and let them stay there for 10-15 minutes.

After 10 minutes,take the slices away and put them in a plate (that can be put into a microwave without any damage or danger).Season them with salt as much as you want.

Put the plate in and turn the microwave on.This honestly depends on your microwave's strength,but I put it on 'Medium High' for 5 minutes on mine.

After it's done,enjoy the crispiness and saltiness of the chips made by you ! My dad saw me making them and asked me why didn't I just buy some from the store and eat them instead of making your own and tiring yourself.I told him that it's the little moments in life that makes us happy,such as eating chips prepared and taken care of by you.You'll find happiness while peeling,while putting them carefully into the bowl and most importantly while you take the plate off the microwave! Bonus points it's much healthier than normal chips.I'm sorry I'm aware it was cheesy but yeah.:p

See you tomorrow with another post,
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