Guide to Grunge Fashion and Photography

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Grunge is a fashion style based on the grunge type of music.It's supposed to be effortless,but we want to look good,no?For today,I'm going to show you around the grunge world online:fashion and photography,and give you the best tips I've earned.Now let's get into the post x


For fashion,there's a lot of sources online to get tips from.Since you're here,I'm going to show you my go-to grunge things you must have.
For the tops: A red flannel [usually oversized and/or tied to waist] or pale color one is a must.We all have flannels,don't we?Next we have the famous denim jacket,which also is recommended to be oversized.You can find the best ones at the thrift stores to be honest.Also,you're gonna wanna have a simple crop top that isn't loose.And I mean,there's a lot of tops you can wear to represent grunge,but those are must-haves since they're great layers.
For the bottoms part,I decided those three work best,but forgot to add those black skinny jeans with a rip on the knee.Plaid skirts (especially like this one in the photo!) are really recommended and bonus points they're cute and can be matched with other stuff that isn't grunge.The shorts usually go with a-bit-torn sheer tights and boots,while the jeans make everything grunge depending on the top and accessories.
Now into my favorite part;accessories,shoes and beauty.For the boots,grunge girls usually go for the short thick heel,but Combat boots work well too.I highly recommend a 90's choker since it matches with almost everything and adds grunge vibe to any outfit you're wearing.Beanies are also a part of grunge accessories,they're life ok? Now for the tights,they are also a MUST since they go with everything,and grunge girls from tumblr really like layering them up.Never forget adding two or three necklaces,and dark lipstick.
There's a lot of inspiration to find,especially online.For example google and pinterest are enough to find an outfit which you can recreate (and which YOU like).There's also a ton of youtube videos for grunge outfits.
For the hair and make up,the best place to find your inspiration is YouTube to be honest.There's a million videos there that are gems.


Now,there's a lot of types of grunge photographs.The ones I've occurred the most are these 2 types:
  1.The blurry ones,that sometimes have a quote on it.
To make a photo like this,you must find a place to take photo of.Then,shake the phone a little bit while taking the photo and voila,you have a grunge masterpiece.
To add the quote,there are a lot of online photo editors.But if you want it to be fully grunge,use the arial font while adding italic to it and writing on caps.(you know what I mean)
2."the girl" - photos of a grunge girl.To make a photo like this,you're obviously going to need a photographer or a model for the photo.Find an old place or maybe one covered in graffiti (wherever you find it grunge) and then snap a photo.To make it look grunge,you have to lower the contrast and brightness.Play around with effects and stuff until you're satisfied with the photo.

-This was it for today loves,if you enjoyed let me know so I can continue the guide.Also make sure to follow me on bloglovin or twitter to never miss my posts!Also if you want to,bookmark my blog and check every second day,since that's how I usually post.All the love xo
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