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Hey guys! For today,I'm going to share with you my daily routine.Well my day doesn't go always like this,but kinda close.Let's get started! Also I love blog-vlogging so might as well do it more often.
P.S these photos were taken real time while on action so sorry for the low quality on some of the photos.
'Goner' by Twenty One Pilots starts playing on 07:20 as an alarm,and then I find myself waking up and jumping slightly,but quickly enough to turn the alarm off.After a few sighs,I get up and go to the bathroom,where I moisturize my face with cocoa cream and wash it with cold water,which freshens me up.
After making myself feel like a queen,I leave the bathroom and head to the empty living room,where I get my chapstick and put it on my lips.Then I go straight to the heater and sit right in front of it.
After a few minutes of getting heated up,I feel my throat getting dry and go get a mug of tea/water/milk/juice. It really depends on my mood.
You can see my cute lil pastel pajamas right on the bottom of the starbucks logo hahah.Anyways,I drink the drink and then I go back to the heater to get dressed up.(YES.I know.But it's too cold in my house.)Because this post felt more like a v(b)log,I decided to share my ootd with you:
Nothing too special.I was lazy to get dressed properly haha.Also my hair was half up,in an Ariana Grande signature hairstyle.Then,I have a space of time to do small things such as fill up my water bottle,spray some perfume,etc until I hear a knock in my door.It's my best friend who comes around on 07:45 to pick me up to go to school together.I took a candid shot of her while she was waiting for me hehe:
And then,off to school we go.

On the way there,we stop by a bakery to purchase yummy croissants for breakfast (which we eat at school).
I usually get a cherry cream filled croissant,because it's so yummy.In the photo,it's in the top shelf on the right.You can see the pink filling.It's so delicious I haven't gotten tired of it yet,although I eat it daily and have been doing so for at least a few months.
And then,we get to school and sit down.I didn't take much pictures at school,just a symbolic one:
I was really bored so I took a pic of my iconic sneakers haha.

But enough with them.So 6 hours of school fly by,and we get out of it on 1:10 pm.For the past few months,I've stayed later than that for the drama play rehearsals,but today we didn't rehearsal after school.Instead,we did rehearsal on 6pm.We're showing the play tomorrow,and I'm dying out of excitement and fear.
Anyways,so then I come home and eat something.Usually something sweet,but there's been cases that I made sandwichs or bought chips.So,I just find something to eat and do it.
And after eating,I find myself sitting down on my pc,ready to spend hours on it.
After two hours of watching videos,,scrolling through weheartit and tumblr,and reading blogposts,I finally decide to do something.I went to my dad's shop for a little and then went to a market to buy some more food yas.
Here's me.Having fun.A lot.I had to change my pants bc the dark ones are SO uncomfortable so once I came home from school,I took them off.
This is turning into a vlog.I usually go out everyday,so I'm telling today's story only,because I can't describe exactly what I do on a daily basis on just 1 blog post.
So,after purchasing food I went back home and watched Ricegum's new video while enjoying my food.
He's hilarious and original.If you want a laugh,go check out his YouTube channel :')
Anyways,I did a lot of things until 6pm,where rehearsal time came by.
I went to school (where we do the rehearsals) and started practicing with my friends.

When you're done with your act,so you just gotta sit there and watch others play on their act (& you're super bored haha).I stumbled across this antic camera students got as a prop for the play:
It seemed really interesting to me,so I took a picture and thought I'd share.This camera was used in the XX Century and it makes me sad people don't appreciate those things anymore. :(
After a long day of rehearsals,we finally were done and were sent home.It was getting dark,so I thought I'd get a quick snap of the school in the dark before I left.
Kinda bad quality,I know.
So,then I went home and started editing a blogpost.To be continued..Hahahaa.
I loved making this post,might as well start doing weekly blogs.Do you agree?
Also,as you probably know by now,you can now subscribe to my blog.The tab is right there.If you do,there's a freebie pack of my favorite resources that you get;

Sooo,make sure to subscribe,okay?Haha no just kidding.See you tomorrow with another post,although tomorrow is pretty busy.XO,
A My Pastel World Citizen.
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  1. This was cute! Very nice. Although I did subscribe and received the link to the freebies but I couldn't open it. I even made a dropbox account just to open it and it didn't show anything.

    1. Oh,I'm sorry for that! I'm not sure what happened but I'm going to retry sending a new link to you,okay? Biggest apologies :( x

    2. Sent you an email,check it out xo