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Hi guys! So,on saturday me and my bff are going running.To be more exact,we are gonna run to a park and then do some work-outs there :) So,I got so excited and I decided to get things ready.And then an idea popped into my head;to show you those things x Also,get ready because on saturday/sunday I'm gonna post some work-outs that we're gonna shoot in the park :D And I'm soo excited about that.Without a further do,let's get into this post! *woooooooosh*
~Make sure you have a comfy outfit.It matters A LOT..I picked this tank top to run and work-out with,because it's soft and soo comfortable, plus it lets my body breath and feel the air.It's also really cute x So before picking,I'd suggest you to try on the clothes so you can pick which is comfier.For the pants,I picked some yoga pants of mine,which are as comfy as this tank top :) (sorry for using the word 'comfy' too much oops :p)
~Accessories are also really important.For example;a headband that makes your hair prettier is really nice x Or a "bracelet" (if we can call it that) that is sweatproof is also so amazing! I use it to wip off the sweat off my face! But it's also pretty and it's pastel so double points go to that.!
~You MUST wear sneakers or maybe flip-flops that make ya feel comfortable.I'd recommend Nike,but for the moment,I don't have any pair of 'em.Still tho,I feel blessed for those cuties you see in this photo x But make sure that your sneakers are tight enough (because being too loose it's SO annoying) but also make sure they fit perfectly so they don't hurt your feet when you are running.
~ALWAYS make sure to check the weather.This site is called and it tells the weather worldwide so..:) It's also very correct! I always check it because it's simply 90% correct.I was checking the weather for saturday,I was a bit disappointed at first,but then I checked the 'hourly' section and saw that the morning will be mostly sunny..NEVER EVER forget to check the weather,cause it might be rainy and that would suck if you didn't know earlier. :)
~Me and my bff are also gonna have a little picnic and stuff,so if you are going to the park the way I am,then,gurl,you must bring a bag.The size of it doesn't matter,pick the bag that can fit in the things you need.After all,I'm gonna show you what to put there bc why not?(which are also essentials) haha x :)
1.The most obvious thing—WATER.You'll need it after you sweat a lot so it's really handy and helpful.I'm gonna take two bottles of water cause I know one won't be enough after all hah.But yeah,water is a must-have at running and/or work-out(ing) !!
2.Don't forget to bring hair clips and elastic bands! They are also a MUST because you get sweaty and you need to take the hair off your face.But you also have the other option;tie your hair in a bun or ponytail and you'll avoid taking them with yourself ;) xo
3.Never forget to bring money.I didn't have a lot of money to take photo of,so here's this little cutie ha :)
You'll never know if you need them but bring them in any case..For example if you're coming back from the park and you see a food store,you'll 99.9% stop to buy any food or ice cream ;) So it's better to take them with you because everything might happen..x
4.Deodorant,obviously.After you get sweaty,you smell terrible so VOILA! just take the deodorant from your backpack,hide in a bush and spray :p It's really useful,too.Now I'll mention a few things things you  ALSO need that I didn't take a photo of (oops).
5.Of course-phone and headphones to listen to ya fav songs.BUT,if you are in the park with a friend,don't EVER take the headphones with you cause let me tell you,it's kinda rude.You make your friend feel like you're avoiding him/her and you don't want to talk to them while working out.But if you're alone,then take them! ;)
6.Also,you need wet wipes,to wip off the sweat of ur skin. x
That's it for the post lovelies! I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to follow my blog and twitter (@mypastel_world)
All the love.
DISCLAIMER:the post isn't paid by any of the companies mentioned or shown at the photos.
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