3 Simple (But Cute!) Spring Outfit Ideas

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Hi darlings!In today's post,I'm gonna show you three spring outfits ideas,which are simple,cute and fashionable :) I mixed and matched a lot and came to the top three best outfits.Hope you guys enjoy it and get inspiration on some of those outfits.PS if you wear any of these,please send me a photo on my twitter @mypastel_world or email me(on the contact form of the blog). Let's go!
1.This look is so simple,yet so fashionable.Imagine a girl who's wearing an over-sized shirt,an infinity scarf,rolled up jeans and vans!Doesn't that look cute?Well,yes it does!I've worn this look so many times and it's never failed to make feel comfy and beautiful :) A small tip: roll up the bottom parts of the jeans for a more fashionable look! In the photo I did that to just one part of the jeans to show you that even if you don't roll it up,it's still fashionable af.So this part (rolling up) is up to you. xo
2.This look seems ugly on the first sight,but when you think more about it,it's amazing.This was actually inspired by a look on pinterest:
So,this is how it looks like ^. I'm in love with this look :) You should definitely try it bc it's cute af.As in that photo,you could actually wear a beanie for a even cuter look ha x In the photo I made, I admit it looks ugly but trust me,it's NOT. xo
3.This is my favorite one. :) The same jeans as the other photo,but who cares?I love them! The photo speaks itself. It's so simpleee.Also,you could play a lot with this look.For example,it's not meant ONLY jeans,you could also wear skinny pants,maybe even a skater skirt would look fab x Oh,and you could also rock a beanie with this look or add any other accessory for example a bandana or bracelets *-*
This was my post for today,loves!Hope you got inspired by any of those outfits! :) And,if you wanna keep up with my posts,just click 'join this site' which is on the right side of this blog>>>>
Lots of love,
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