5 Amazing sites you probably didn't know about♥

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 Hi loves! Today's post is gonna be a little different,but surely it will help you! :) I've kinda started to post daily,but from now on I'll post either daily or once in two days.In this post,I'm going to show you 5 AMAZING sites you probably didn't know about.Without any other word,let's get started cause I'm actually excited to show ya those sites.! xoxo
Disclaimer: this post is NOT paid by any of the sites mentioned.

 1.www.weekplan.net | This is such an awesome site :) As you can see on the screenshot,it helps you organize your week and life! I love it.You can also make plans for other dates (not just this week).You can write goals,things you want,bucketlists and stuff like that.And also,they give you a trial for the Premium edition(which lasts 2 weeks). xo

 2.www.deezer.com | It's an amazing site which allows you to listen to music whenever and wherever you want.It's like spotify,but the difference is that this one is FREE. I love making playlists here,because you can add a photo to the playlist.Take a look at my playlists :) My acc is Unicorn Directioner,so feel free to follow me there<3

 3.www.wishmindr.com | This site helps you organize the things you want.This is simply a place where you make your wishlist :) I love it because you don't have to add photos from computer,you just pick one from the site.You can also make a lot of wishlists and categorize them.For example,this one is my "Things" wishlist.I also have other wishlists like "Clothes" and other stuff.So yeah,it's an awesome site.x
4.www.bucketlistly.com | this is also a REALLY good website,where you can show your dreams or keep them for yourself.You can save your dreams on your bucketlist,and when you do the things you wished,you can check the thing on your list and you'll get points :) Wish those points you pass levels and become a master:p I'm so in love with this site,cause you can also 'explore' which brings you bucketlist ideas.xo
5. www.pinterest.com | I'm sure you know this site,but still I wanted to show it :p Pinterest is an amazing site that shows you what you like.For example,you want outfit ideas;you search;and voila! a thousand of outfits appear in front of u *-* You want recipes;you search;a lot of recipes appear.I SO love this site and although a lot of you know it,there are still people who don't know pinterest and that's why I showed it. :) x

 Thank you for reading this post loves,I hope you found a site that gives your heart warmness and loves♥

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