How to be a morning person(how to love mornings)

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 I know that the most of us hate waking up,especially for school.I don't enjoy it either,but with some methods (which I'm gonna show) I achieved to make it at least better.So hop into my boat and let's get started! :)
1.Enjoy where you sleep.This kinda seems 'weird' or 'uncatchy' but trust me,it works.Surround yourself with a clean,fresh beautiful place which you'll enjoy.For example,look at my blanket;how cute is it!It also smells give your best to make your bed better.

  2.Draw something motivating and stick it. You can search morning quotes or smth in google and draw them or maybe even print :) Then find a place to leave it so you'll see it when you wake up.I sticked it right beside my bed (you can see it in the first photo),and when I wake up,I always see it and feel amazing. I discovered this method myself and I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys x

 3.Yoga. Yes,you read it right.Yoga is something you'll fall in love with after you try doing it.You can go to pinterest and search 'morning yoga' or 'yoga for beginners' if you just started doing yoga x. If you don't know what pinterest is,you can use google or weheartit or even tumblr .Find a workout you like and make it  a routine every morning.You'll feel fresh and ready to go x
4.Drink tea after you wake up. Tea is healthy,yummy,plus it wakes you up (freshens you) in an amusing way.If you don't like tea,then go for coffee.You can also eat biscuits while drinking tea (if you're like me ha). I just love tea.It's always a good option for morning,middle of the day,night,and even midnight :).
5.Plan all the things the night before.For example,pick your outfit or get your backpack ready the night before.I always do that,and it makes my morning easier and better(of course!).You don't have to struggle and waste half of the time deciding what to wear and complaining that you don't have clothes.You can do it the night before :p.It saves me SO MUCH time.
6.Once you wake up,run to the bathroom and splash your face with water. You'll definitely feel fresher and you'll WAKE UP with all the meaning.Your eyes won't get closed,you won't feel tired—all you're gonna feel is freshness.You probably heard about this trick before,but it's time to do it! *_*
7.Last but definitely not the least.Eat cereals after you wake up. Cereals are ALWAYS a good idea.Plus it's quick and it makes you feel better in the morning.To become a morning person,this is a must. I'm in love with those Choco O'Clock by Pionir.They're so yummy.It never fails to make my morning better so why not.
This was my post for today loves.Hope you enjoyed and hope I helped ! :) If you like this post,make sure to comment cause I'll read all of the comments :)
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Disclaimer:This post was not paid by any of the companies mentioned.XO
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  1. Awesome post! I love the ideas! <3