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Hi darlings! For today's post I'm gonna show you what's on my phone (Feb. 2016 edition).Now,a disclaimer,my phone isn't that great.It's not an Iphone,not an android.It's a simple samsung phone that has all the things I need besides front camera.I'm getting a new one soon though :p For the next post,prepare for DIY or tutorials.Enough with the "me" thing.Now let's get into it. :)
When you first open the phone,this is the lockscreen.There's a picture of a quote from Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey.It's aesthetic af.You have to swipe screen to unlock.
You thought you were gonna enter my phone without any password,huh?Lol but after writing the password we finally get into the phone itself.
I decided to keep it simple with only a folder of my necessities.There's 6 pages but all of them are empty haha.
This is what the folder includes :
1.Favim - a weheartit like website.Inspiration,quotes and much more.
2.Musicpleer - a great site to get music I can't easily find
3.Wattpad - an amazing website that allows me to read different stories by talented people.
4.YouTube - videos from all around the world (you probably knew)
5.Google - my search engine
6.Fcebook - a site to connect with my friends
7.Mp3 juice - also a site for music
If you slide to the left,this section will show up.It shows the clock in other countries,temperature and calendar.Pretty interesting huh?
Now into the menu that shows up when you click the bottom right icon.My menu has two pages,and the first one contains the essentials such as gallery,clock,setting,calculator etc.
Enter my gallery:
It has three folders: Camera which has 4 pictures since I delete photos a lot haha
                                Images which has 21 pictures taken from all over internet (quotes,inspiraiton,etc.)
                                Screen Captures which had 5 pictures before me deciding to make a blog post.

 Now since yall wanted to know what music I listen to,here's the list:

1.Little Do you Know - Alex & Sierra
2.Come Home To Me - Justin Bieber
3.Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey
4.December - Ariana Grande
5.Bonbon - Era Istrefi
6.New Americana - Halsey
7.Gasoline - Halsey
8.In My Veins - Andrew Belle
9.Ridin Solo - Njomza (ARVFZ Remix)
10.What A Feeling - One Direction
11. Shouldn't Come Back - Demi Lovato
12.Back To December - Taylor Swift
13.Wake Up - The Vamps
14.I Won't Mind - Zayn Malik
If you enter the clock and alarms,here's what you'll see.The first alarm is made for me to get up for school.Ew.The second one says 'Filmi' which in my language translates to 'The TV Show' and when it rings I get remembered it's gonna start since I usually forget about it.Aaaand the last two ones are pretty self explanatory.
After showing some of the first page apps,here's the second page,stored for useless apps XD I just liked the first page to be neat and not have dem useless apps around so I decided to open two folders for them haha.
That was it for today's post!Hope you enjoyed what's in my phone tag,make sure to comment below your favorite apps and/or sites.Make sure to follow me on twitter : @mypastel_world since I started to post more tweets about my daily life (plus facts,quizzes and more fun pastel stuff).Also,you'll get updated for new blog posts,
See you tomorrow,

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  1. Oh gosh.. You're blog is so nice.. Love it.. 😍😍

  2. Oh gosh.. You're blog is so nice.. Love it.. 😍😍

    1. Why thank you <3 I appreciate it so much.Hugs x

  3. This was a really cute post- I've been thinking about writing about my own phone as well! While I do like the pastel colors you've chosen (not very surprising considering your blog is all pastel lol) my own themes tend to be a darker purple/blue sort of thing.

    And welcome to Teenage Blogger Central! We're really glad to have you on board :) I look forward to seeing your posts in the community! Have you joined our google plus group? We're also on twitter- we'll be giving you a follow there too :D

    Have a lovely day!


    1. Thank you so much <3 I read this whole comment with a smile on my face.Can you please send me the google plus group link? I didn't know you had one.And yeah I followed back on twitter.May I add I love your blog *_* xo

  4. This idea is truly original; it isn't often we get to see the inner workings of someone else's phone and yet they are such a part of everyone's identity these days. It's nice to see all the thought and effort you've put into personalising yours, and making it a true expression of your individuality and character.