June 2017 bullet journal spread

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Hello everyone!
Sorry for my little disappearance, I was overwhelmed with school and exams and such. Now that summer break is beginning, my free time is overflowing me with joy and blogpost ideas! To begin with, I have to do my monthly report on my bullet journal, this time: JUNE edition! Let's go.
This is how the pages look like in general. I blurred the ideas I wrote on the "Blog" section so I won't spoil the next few blogposts hehe.
Now let's do the usual habit - talking about each page!
The color theme for this month is peachy and two shades of blue - light and dark.
The first page consists of my usual vertical tracker of habits - and as you can see, I clearly wasn't that productive those last few days oopsies.
Right next to it is a mini calendar just so I can have the whole month in my hands. It's really useful for birthdays, and forgetting what day of the week it is etc.
Lastly on the page we have the "Ideas" part, which is seperated in two things that I love doing most: blogging and drawing.
The right page is kind of empty - most likely because I was undecisive on what I should put on that particular part, so I said "Eh, f it" and left it like that.
On this page we have the monthly mood, my overall goals and appointments/ events that I need to remind myself of more often.
Next we have my june bucketlist,which you're free to get an inspiration from:
•Go to the library
•Recreate a make-up look
•Balloon fight
•Re-read Bokura Ga Ita (the.best.manga.EVER)
•Have a photoshoot
•Make a new sort of lemonade
•Watch the sunrise
•Make popsicles
•Go to the pool
•Build a fort

I kept the list short, because this bucketlist is limited to this month only - not to the whole summer.
And lastly, we have this idea that I - hands down - stole it from the internet, but I took a spin of me and my taste on it. A doodle a day keeps the stress away!
And this was all on this month's bullet journal spread. If you want to read the others:

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