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As a fellow bookworm, I know the struggle of losing track of a page. A few days ago,as I was reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" a few ideas of bookmarks popped into my mind.
And we shall start with the easy DIY-s!
1. Stickers!
 To make the bookmark, just fold the paper in two and scribble cute words on it. Then, to make sure it sticks out, just put a sticker right on the top edge of it.
Not only it looks super cute, but it is done within a few minutes and it comes in very handy and it's really practical!
As  ridiculous as this sounds, a map makes a great bookmark. Before you come at me for ruining a map - I have 100 maps of the world so I don't necessarily need them. Why not turn them into something useful?

As you can see, I chose South America to be my bookmark.
Once again, just cut a piece of paper in a map, fold in two then cut the edges so they're straight and parallel with each other.
3.Magazine or book article!
It didn't take me a lot of time to find this cute part in a magazine, and as soon as I saw it I imagined using it as a bookmark. So I cut it in a "banner" type of form.

There are a lot of cute articles for you to choose from - the options are endless!
And it also sticks out really well - so you can just gently open it.
4.Easy tape!
For those of you who prefer something really easy and quick to make, while maintaining a modest and cute look at the same time - this DIY might be just for you!
At first, you need to cut a small piece of paper and washi tape.
Take a side of the washi, and tape it to a side of the piece of paper. Then tape the other edge of the tape on the opposite side of the paper, and just secure the washi tape is sticked into each other.
It's very easy and I don't think this even needed a "tutorial" but, oh well!
Or doodling? Since I love melons, I figured I would draw a kawaii one!
To begin with you're going to need a piece of paper folded in two. Then you're going to cut it however you want - shaped like a fruit, coffee, animal, food .. your call! You just have to make sure you're going to leave the edge uncut so the bookmark stays in two parts.
Although I left a SMAAALL part held together, it doesn't matter because it looks cute,so!
6.Sticky notes!
Sticking two sticky notes instantly makes a fast bookmark (or just one sticky note at that!).
But I must warn you, it can get pretty annoying when they're not glued well to each other.
You can't say this isn't cute, right?
And that concludes the list of these 6 easy-to-make cute bookmarks!
You can find other pretty ones on pinterest - some even are origami ! However,they take more time, so.
This was it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed it.
(Did anyone notice a change on the theme?)
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen

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  1. Such a cute bookmarks!