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As we dig deeper into our closet,we find clothes that we haven't worn in a long time,so we take them and put them in the bin.But honestly,why would you throw away a piece that could turn into a trendy unique new self ?The process is not only fun,but does no harm if you accidentally screw up - since you were going to throw them out anyways.
These thoughts all came to me as I saw a pair of jeans that I bought back in 5th grade (5 years ago) that still fit me but somehow are out of trend.
And THEN I figured out a few ways to revamp them and decided to share them with you!
We can start off by the back pockets! There is so much you can do - starting from gluing jewelry,glitter,painting etc. I decided to paint Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night".This idea was inspired from an image I found on weheartit.
I started by sketching the painting using a reference,of course.This is highly recommended because it makes the work easier and more accurate.
Then I started painting.
And this is the finished result! As you can see,I also painted the other pocket with a light blue shade,just so it wouldn't look so blank.Acrylics are really nice,however,I wouldn't recommend doing this to the pair that you plan on wearing everyday,because once it rains,you're doomed.(unless you use fabric paint,of course).
Moving on to the next idea:
Using just scissors,tweezers and (not necessarily) a marker,you can join the "see my fishnets through the rips" trend.The steps are pretty much self-explanatory but I'm going to break it down for those who haven't tried ripping their own jeans (yet).So you wear the jeans and then mark  the part that you want to rip.It's really important to do that while wearing the pants,because it's more accurate.Anyways after that,grab the scissors.
And this step is done! I would recommend saving the excess fabric for one of the next ideas ;)
Now,with the tweezers,start plucking the corners and pull out.This is really fun especially when you're angry haha.You may skip this step,you know,but this gives the rip a more "natural" cut,as if you bought it ripped.
And that's about it.If you feel like it,go crazy with the rips,ain't no one stoping you!
To give the pants a fresher and more original look,I rolled the bottoms and wrote stuff with black acrylic paint (what a suprise).
Then I grabbed a black pen and drew on the pants,using a reference of an outline (here).I didn't let the creativity run wild with this one,but you can do all sorts of patterns and mandalas and much more beautiful ideas!You don't have to be good at art to do a mandala,since it's only made of triangles and circles.Just make sure to use a reference though!
Now,grab the excess fabric I mentioned earlier.
Using that piece of fabric,I made a sort of a "patch" with a tumblr quote and rose written on it.
Then I cut it out and glued to the pants.You could do so much with this idea,there is tons of patch insipration online.You can use other fabric,color and even paint the patch,and sew it to your pants.Why not sew something directly to your pants if you're good at it?

To add more spice to the look,I wore fishnets under the jeans,and to anyone curious as to how they turned out,here is a picture:
The patch is on the knee under the rip but you can't really see it since it's jean colored.But yeah.
I'm really happy on how these turned out,even if I can't really wear them outside often.They're useful for pictures and I'll certainly wear them more than I used to.
If you have any old clothing,I'd recommend trying to add spice to it,whether it's a shirt,pants,shoes etc.
Oh and here's a comparison.
You can clearly see which version is the glo-up here lol.
Anyways,expect a ' march monthly journal layout ' REALLY really soon!
I hope you enjoyed today's blogpost.
A My Pastel World Citizen
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