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So,remember when I did this post back in 2016? I showed you exactly what I'm about to show on this post,just it was way worse back then,because not only did I have a bad phone,but I also didn't have anything that interesting to show..
Now fast foward to a year later,I have a much better phone,customized way more according to my tastes.
I have a Samsung Galaxy s3.People often ask me why didn't I buy an Iphone.
See,the thing is I've always been a samsung lover because of the endless customization options such as widgets,icons,bars and more.
The only thing Iphone has that I actually want is emojis,nothing else.
Let's start with what's in my phone now,shall we?
This is what you see when you unlock the phone.A combination of grunge and pastel pink - just like my style. The first page out of four consists of mostly social media and studying apps:
1.Instagram - well,duh.I'm on instagram on the time. Follow my blog account : @mypastelworld1 , my art account : @nderarusart and my photography account : @nde.rarus .
2.Chrome - it was installed itself when I got the phone,but it's such a great help and even if it's not a "Social media",it really does deserve to be on the first page.
3.Whatsapp - where I talk with my relatives and friends.LOVE THEIR EMOJIS.
4.Tumblr - where I spend time reblogging inspiring stuff
5.Lite - this is facebook lite btw.I got it only to talk to people who message me there.
6.YouTube - where I spend 70% of my day
7.Snapchat - it's laggy and it drains my battery but oh well,everything for the streaks!
8.We Heart It - basically a faster version of tumblr
And now the studying apps:
9.ClassUp - it's an app that lets you make a timetable and take notes and such.
10.Memrise - is a course app,in which you can take lots of different courses starting from language to arts to music to even geography.

The 4 icons down there are the permanent ones that stay on every page,they are:gallery , camera , music and play store (since their names don't show).
Swipe to the right and you will see this organized page (unlike my life haha ha h  a).
I managed to organize apps that aren't social media into four different folders: Art , Needy , Photography and Customization.
While we'll get on them eventually,I'm going to discuss about this cute widget. This is the thing I love the most about samsungs.I can turn on and off the music with just a tap on that cute little thing that matches my phone.
(It's not sponsored btw I wish it was lmao).
While most of you don't know,I actually draw.So I have these two apps that I need in order to be able to express myself through art.
1.Medibang - is the app I use to draw
2.Deviantart - the biggest artist community where we share art,do collabs,do commissions etc.

And yes,I'm that obsessed with my theme so I changed the icons inside the folders,too.
The "needy" folder may not look the best according to my opinion,because I literally just put random icons and I didn't even bother to fix it.Anyways,here are the apps:
1.S Memo - it's the memo app that every samsung has.I needed an easy accessible way to open it faster so I put it here
2.Night Mode - absolute life saver when it comes to being on my phone on the dark.It's an app that darkens the phone screen far more than the lowest brightness option on the phone itself.
3.Calculator - obviously I'm too lazy to actually do some math.
4.MirrorGo - is an app that allows me to look at my phone on the computer.It's lit.
5.InstaSaver - no words to describe this one.I love instagram posts but I hate screenshotting and cropping,so this app came along.
6.S Planner - also a Samsung app that comes with the phone.
7."Music" is actually a bookmark of mp3juices haha where I get all my music.
And here we have the legends-,the lifesavers-,the unimaginable-,the photography apps!!
No but seriously they've made me look less ugly in a lot of photos,so shout out to these guys:
1.APRIL - not only love it because it's called like my birth month,but it actually has tons of filters and the fonts are to die for omg
2.Boomerang - I'm sure you know what it is but it basically makes a video go back and forth
3.Photolayers - the most amazing photography app with a low mb and a huge role.You can add layers to your pictures such as png-s,quotes,and everything that you have on your gallery.
4.Spinly - all the tumblr and VSCO effects/filters.
And last but not the least folder out there,Customization.
1.Kika - it's my keyboard app where I can change the keyboard color,letters,etc.
2.Buzz Widget - it's a DIY widget kinda app.With this one I did the music widget and another one that you will see on the other page.
So,this is the third page which includes another self-made widget and a sticker (YES,we can put stickers on a page using the launcher that I use).The wording on the sticker is not family-friendly but oh well,we need an aggressive reminder sometimes,no?
And the last page is my timetable but since it's all in albanian,you all wouldn't be able to understand a thing anyways,so.
Now for my fellow samsung users that want icons like mine- just use the LINE launcher.You can make DIY icons there and that's how I did mine.I saved tons of pics from weheartit.And then,you hold the tap on an app,there's a menu that pops up.Pick 'icon' and then this will show:
Tap on the 'Icon DIY' and then pick the pic you want from the gallery.Which means,yes,you can put your face as an icon if you want to.
You're welcome haha!
No,but for real I had a lot of fun typing this,and I feel like I breaked the professional barrier thingy,but I couldn't care less!
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Until next time,
A My Pastel World Citizen

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  1. oMG your home screen is like ~rlly~ aesthetically pleasing. I have an iphone and the customization is totally impossible. It's too generic (sad face) I'm gonna check if some of these are available on app store cod i NEED to check spinly out

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Ah thank you so much :) that's exactly why I didn't get an iphone haha

  2. Wow, that's a lot of aesthetic in there! It looks beautiful :)
    I'm afraid I'd still stick with iphone though! Mostly because I prefer things to be absolutely simple and functional. I used to have a windows before and so I really like the whole simple style sort of thing going on. Another thing I really like about iphone's is the camera! My camera is a little wacky (it's got some sort of dust in it or w/e) but that doesn't change the fact that captured pictures still look great!


    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ Yes I agree,iphones are simple and sophisticated.Especially the 6s' camera has such a great quality,I was really shocked.