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By | April 20, 2017 9 comments

Since it's finals' time, and I already finished mine, I decided to be a little help to those who are currently "eating" their book alive.
To find a hq version of these printables, click here. When you click download, make sure you select the "Original version" option.
Here's a preview of them (you might as well save them from here,but I can't guarantee high quality though).
I hope these help anyone,let me know if you print them! :)

See - I made it in all shapes and forms haha. I played around with colors so it could fit your taste.
If you want more freebies, I send them via email to my subscribers every friday, don't miss it!
All the love in the whole wide world,
A My Pastel World Citizen


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  1. Wow! They look great. Such a good idea too so thank you for sharing! I'll be checking back regularly to keep updated with freebies

  2. You did a great job. I don't have school anymore, but I'm sure these will come in handy for a lot of people. Love the different backgrounds/colors.


  3. This would have been ideal when I was uni and would have reminded me to take more breaks. It is important to take breaks!

  4. I just want to know where these were when I was in college lol. I love the designs though, they're super cute!

  5. This is a great help for students and super cute to ��

  6. I would have loved to have these in school. I'm not sure if we didn't have them or I was just out of the loop. OK I can probably use these right now. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. We live in a college town and my husband works at the University .. and finals are just around the corner. These are so cool and any student would love to have them! It's crazy how hard it is to get organized sometimes

  8. This is great! These printable sheets surely help students manage their tasks. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are great ideas! Keep it up!