New Organization Printables (free)

By | July 10, 2015 Leave a Comment
Hi guys! Since you seemed to LOVE my last printables,I've decided I should do more :) For this time,I figured it's such a struggle to keep on track with my social media and remember my passwords,and it's probably so for many other people.Hope you enjoy those 'password organization' freebies,and if you do,make sure to comment down below and/or send me an email. :) Here's the first one:
Recently I discovered 'Always in my heart' free font and since then,I've been supa obsessed.I used it in all of my freebies +intro photo hah.It's the one I wrote the title with.Hope you enjoy this one.
This goes to all of you who don't love pink,or simply love bright&fun colors! :)
And,I figured that not all of you have tumblr,so I deleted the icons,so you can customize on your own style and preference :)
This one ... idk I just made it lol.
Last but not the least,this one that is 90% customizable and personalizeable ! :)

~Hope you guys enjoyed these.Send me photos if you print or customize any of these on my twitter or instagram account (twitter: mypastel_world , instagram: mypastelwordl1)
Love you to the moon and back.
PS. Let me know what other printables you want to see,and I'll 100% make them (free,as usual :p).
All the love,
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