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Welcome back to my blog,my cuties! For today's post I decided to share some tips and tricks on how to keep track of things.Hope you enjoy&find any of these tips helpful.Make sure to tweet me (@mypastel_world) with the hashtag #organizewithmypastelworld if you make any of the DIY-s in here.Let's go!  x
1.Hang-in-the-wall to do list.This is so helpful if you forget things easily :p I love it and it's so simple everyone can make it.This is how you do it :
.Grab a paper and some colors.Unleash your creativity while designing your To-Do paper.After being done,hang it on the wall or even locker.
Next to it,glue a post-it notepad.Just turn the post it around,put some glue on the back,and then stick it,it's that easy and helpful :) Hope any of you will make it.
2.Make sure you own at least 1 calendar. The months of my calendar are written in my language,if that caught your eye.It's albanian.I love my small calendar at the top of my bookcase door.I also put some colorful washi tape to make sure it contained life (bc it was black and white). Also,I like to circle the important dates for me,but if your calendar is wider,feel free to decorate it (it's fun tbh). Shoutout to the Garfield sticker ha.x
3.DIY organization bag.Okay,I discovered this one myself and it saved my life to be honest.All you're gonna need for this project is a CD case(bag) and imagination! :)
Because it has a lot of pockets,this came out really handy to me.Plus,it's small so it doesn't take much place. I removed the CD-s and moved them somewhere else,then I decorated it because it looked bad.

I keep my bracelets on  the first pocket.But the pocket is see-through and it disappeared in this photo haha.Still though,it saved my life.I kept losing my bracelets until I discovered this diy. :)
4. Shop at a dollar store.This tip may sound ridiculous,but my local dollar store has a lot of things that help you organize.I visited it and one thing caught my eye:

this thing.It has small drawers there (which you may see).It aso has two separated parts to keep my markers and color pencils.I never thought my local dollar store would have such things,until I found it. The polka dot stripes are not ready-bought though.I put some washi tape on it to give it life (yep,you guessed it).I'm in love with it and since this photo,I've fullfilled the drawers.They're full now.:p
Side tip: never ever forget to use a planner!
Hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to follow my instagram for more tips and DIY-s (mypastelworld1) and I follow back there so..;)
See you tomorrow ,

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