DIY Galaxy Print Using Watercolor (2 ways)

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Hi guys! Today I figured I'd do something back-to-school related.I'm gonna show you two ways to make a galaxy print using only watecolor (not acrylic paint!).You can use these methods to a notebook,canvas - whatever you'd like.Make sure to send me photos if you do try these methods.Personally,I think the second way worked faster&better but the choice is yours.Without a further do,let's get into it! >>
1.For the first method,you're going to need:
-watercolor (sorry for that mess doe) -a sponge/sponge brush -water -a surface [the choice is yours!!]
Get the brush and dip it in water.This is the only time we'll need the brush ;p
Then paste it,into the color you're going to use to make it wet.Do so for all the colors you're going to need and make sure you make them wet all the time (not just at the beginning)
Take the sponge and dip it into the first color.Give it as much pressure as possible [the more color it gets,the better it is]
Then,paste it into the surface in a up-down-up-down motion.Spread the color as much as possible until you're pleased. :)
Then,continue with the other colors,making sure to create a gradient between the two colors.I left it like this and wrote a quote on it [I can't help it—it turned out so pretty u.u] , but if you want a galaxy effect,continue doing this with galaxy colors until the surface is completely covered in your colors.Then let it dry and paint some stars.But an easier way I'd recommend,is dipping the brush in the white color,then move your finger at the tip of the brush.It'll be an easier and much realistic way (although it might turn a bit messy,oops!)
2. Now into the second method (you won't need a sponge on it tho).Dip the brush into the water and then gently create a layer on the surface,as shown in the photo.Make sure to cover the whole surface with water,cause we need it to be wet,otherwise the effect won't show up x

Then start adding a few drops of galaxy colors,and watch them as they mix together and create the beautiful effect.Continue doing so until the whole surface is covered in colors.
This is how mine turned out before adding the stars.Continue scrolling to see the final result v
My 'stars' didn't turn out well,only bc I didn't have the white color and used light pink instead.But trust me,if you do have a white color,this will turn out super pretty.Even though it didn't turn out perfect,I love it! :D
-Hope you enjoyed and learned something lovelies,make sure to send feedback on my social media or comment down below.
See you soon,with an exciting post^__^
All the love.
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