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Hello ladies! We all have the days that we say "Ugh I have nothing to wear" while our wardrobe is full of clothes.But little do we know,there's actually ways to pick outfits easier than sitting there and whining how you don't like anything you have.I'm going to share with you these ways.Enjoy the ride!

1.Download a wardrobe app
You probably didn't know they were a thing,did you? Those trendy apps help you keep in touch with fashion by showing you outfit ideas, and most of them have the feature to add clothes to your virtual closet. You can take the pic of the item,or find a similar product picture and add it. Then when you have an overlook at your closet digitally, suddenly a lot of ideas come up! (Tried and true).
Most of the apps also have features to select clothes from your closet and make an outfit - and even select a date on the calendar for when you're going to wear it! They provide the weather too, to make sure you ain't freezing. Here's a few of them:
-My Dressing
There's a ton more that I can't remember, BUT you'll surely find them with a short google research.

2.Write them down or draw them
Personally,I've kept a notebook full of drawings about outfits I wore that I liked so much I'd wear them again and you can't believe how much it helped.I'd recommend this 10/10.Also maybe try finding outfit inspiration online and writing them down.That's also really great.
Finding inspiration on magazines,cutting them & making a collage is also something that could work.
But honestly,all I do is draw myself in different outfits featuring things that I own that I forget I do. (That is a mouthful haha!)
Need I say more? Pinterest is an endless world full of amazing outfits you can simply copy.Who doesn't want to get outfit ideas with clothes they actually have in their closet?Honestly,don't miss out on this one. Similar to Pinterest is Polyvore - which unlike Pinterest,it was made solely to help 'em girls out with outfits and fashion.
Social media in general is a bouquet we pick the flowers from - all of the inspiration.
YouTube, Instagram, etc etc are platforms where people share their "outfits of the day" which can be really really helpful not only to pick clothes, but to shop online,too.

--- This was the post for the tuesday's girly/fashion blogpost! Tune in on thursday for DIY/tips kind of post.
I hope you all found this a little helpful, since I tend to make helpful posts out of the things that actually worked for me.
All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen xo

-Disclaimer: this post isn't sponsored.
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