My summer roadtrip essentials

By | August 18, 2016 2 comments
Hello everyone! As I'm going to take a mini-vacation,I thought I'd share with you my essentials and all of the stuff I'm getting for traveling.I'm not in the mood to make a really long blog post rambling in the intro,so let's just get straight into the actual post yay ! :)
First of all,this is where I'm going to keep my stuff.I originally planned on getting my backpack but that plan failed as it's washing and won't be dry til tomorrow..R.I.P. This tote bag is really cute though,and as you can see it's gonna explode because of the stuff I put in lol.
First of all,is a deodorant.It smells like heaven.Plus roadtrips tend to make me sweaty so it's such a save.I can't go anywhere without keeping this aroud.
A body spray.This AVON one is so good,I'm making a review on it on my second blog,check it out :  But yeah,while I'm on vacation I'm really going to need this one.
Sunglasses because why not?Especially a colorful pair.They bring the summer mood everytime I wear them,although it's mid August. ;-;
The headphones/earbuds are a MUST.Not only they keep you entertained with music,but it's also really helpful when you want to watch a video and don't want anyone to annoy you.(or you're simply on a bus and you have to be silent)I love my pastel pink ones,they really reflect a part of my personality.
Yes.I'm serious.No.I'm not going to wear it on the roadtrip.But since it's a vacation,we're going to be at the beach everyday and I want to take some tumblr-worthy pictures and props like these help.:) I'd definitely recommend grabbing stuff like this that makes your photo prettier.
My favorite cap of all time.Because:
1.It's pastel
2.It's half-mesh
3.My horoscope sign is written on the front.
Like yas.I wear this everywhere.I like the sporty look it gives and also I tend to have bad hair days quite a lot so..
My wallet (duh!).Although I'm 15 and my parents will most likely pay for everything,I still want to purchase kawaii stuff that noone else has here.So,pretty much.But I do have a bad history with this wallet and it terrifies me..then at the end it's pastel so I have to get it!
 What's a vacation without a beach?So I put these two babies into my exploding tote and I thought I'd share how they look.P.S they do have their bottoms,don't worry :p
Other stuff that I'm getting that didn't quite make it as an actual photograph:
•My phone&charger
•Water bottle
•A sweater (in case it gets cold)

And that's it!Some of you may ask if I bring make up and the truth is that I don't,because I don't wear make up.I know.Shocking.
See you next time,hopefully on monday when I'm back from the trip.
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