Back To School Supplies Haul

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Hi babes! Depending on where you live,you've either started school or you're about to.However,today was my first day and it went...uhm okay,I guess.So,I wanted to share some of my stuff I bought to you guys and have a nice rest while writing.Warning: if you don't love colorfulness,you won't probably love this post.
Let's get into it! :)
1.My maths notebook.It's quite big,but I adore it! It suits me so well,since,ya know,I have wanderlust and England is in the list of the countries I want to visit asap.It was also really cheap comparing to other notebooks who have this size(a4),so I got it. :)
 2.My grammar/literature notebook.This one *coughs* also suits me.I mean,it's so cute and yet it matches really well with my maths notebook.I simply adore the things I got related to travel...(and yes,there's more than these two).
3.My drawing panel.Yes,this one is also related to travel and (now I just noticed) by the same company as the ones mentioned...Haha,no it's not sponsored,just a sweet coincidence lmao. Istambul*-* I looove this drawing panel,it's the prettiest I've ever had.
4.When I walked past the stationery aisle,this eraser caught my eye.It's so colorful,pastel and it erases really well.I'm in love with it and I can't wait to use it more...*o* And not to forget,it stretches really well (even though it looks as strong as a stone in the photo).It's a lifesaver when it comes to boring school hours:p just play with it.
5.My technology class notebook.I love it's neon vibe and just simply its strong material cover and really soft pages...the only thing I hate about it is the huge logo in the left upper corner.But still though,I love love loooove this (a4) notebook!
6.This (quite expensive) case.It's so much cuter in real life! It's like a triangl version of a case.. It has a strong material as well as it squeezes like A LOT when you zip it so it stays flat af even if you put a ton of things in there.It costed a bit more,but it was totally worth it ;)
7.These kawaii stickers.When I came accross these,I couldn't help but immediately decide to buy them.I mean,just look at those tiny pencils and pins and awhhh.I'm gonna use them for my planner,as well as a decoration sometimes.. :)
8.Bunny emoji stickers.So when I found the other ones,I digged for more and found these cute bunny stickers with different face expressions (so you can use them based on how you feel).As you may've noticed,I've used two of them already and the missing place looks terrible.
9.Notebooks,lots of notebooks.These were the cutest ones,so I decided to let them be as they are,but I've covered the other ones with washi tape,wrapping paper etc cause they were so ugly and I couldn't bear with it.
< Here is one example of how I changed my notebooks.I know the emoji I  drew doesn't even come close to the real one,but hey,at least I tried :(
And this is the rare photo of the notebook covered in the same wrapping paper as the one I did the photoshoot of my stuff on.
And this one,which I put tape on and then sprayed with pink spray paint.It turned out a lil messy,but I still love it cause it reminds me that nothing is perfect<3

-That was it for today loves,hope you enjoyed although I think many of you didn't.But don't worry,since now that school started my life is back in track again and I'm gonna post daily or at least once in two days :) Make sure to follow on blogger or bloglovin to not miss my posts (or maybe bookmark my blog?).I love you to the moon and back.Have a nice school year,and make sure to spread kindness cause it;s free :D

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