My pre-winter must haves

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It's mid-november,yet my country's streets are foggy and cold steam comes out each time you open your mouth.Some days,it rains more than someone would expect.All these signs are pure significances of the winter arrival.So in honor of that,I decided to make an all-cozy blog post for all of you at home,relaxing.
Prepare yourself a tea,grab a blanket and enjoy this short list of my must-haves for this pre-winter period!
•Scented candle.Candles are a neat example of coziness and warmth.Lighting a scented candle in a cold weather in cozy circumstances is guaranteed to spread happiness around.The best thing of all,is that there's all sorts of smells,and a variety of scented candles based on size,theme,and price.Vanilla/dessert/gingerbread ones are highly recommended from me.What's also good about them,is that you can find them everywhere.

•Fuzzy socks.They tend to be very "cliche" or very overused on blogposts about winter,but it's impossible to go down a coziness list without including a good pair of soft socks.You just can't go through winter without keeping your feet warm.Just like scented candles,there's a huge variety of them,so you can also represent your personality.I found some pastel ones,and in that moment,I knew I had to get them.
•(Ankle) slippers.To go along with the above item,you just need a cute pair of slippers to go with the socks,and bonus point if they're ankle high.
As you can see,they're also pastel.(What a shock!!).If you look around for a while,you can find very cute and cheap ones...I mean,I bought mine for less than 2 euros.But normal slippers work just as fine,as long as your feet are kept warm and safe.

•Lip balms.Okay,there's no way of surviving the winter season without a lip balm (in terms of also looking good).You all know the struggle of chapped lips,especially during the winter because of the lack of humidity.
So,I'd highly recommend keeping a lip balm around.Also a small tip:don't lick your lips during winter if you feel like your lips are dry because it will make them even worse (research about it).
•A organization notepad.This one is not as necessary as others,or rather it's an essential for all seasons.It's always good to keep a notepad around.As oversaid as it sounds,it really helps on daily tasks,especially if you're a forgetful person like me.

I hope you enjoyed this small cozy post,or at least I hope it sparked a small warmth in your heart,just thinking about the cold times of the year.
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Have a great week!
A My Pastel World Citizen

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