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Yo what's up.It's been exactly a month since I haven't posted,and I'm truly sorry for everyone I've let down.I promise I'm going to post more often now.But I started high school (yes,I'm a freshman.We have 3 years of high school),so it was very stressful considering that my anxiety was going over the rooftop.I was forced to interact with people,and I'm very VERY bad at that.I should make a blogpost about that.Anyways,to celebrate my comeback,I wanted to do a small haul of some colorful stuff  I bought at Jumbo S.A last night .Let's get right into the post! :)

A small overview / flatlay of the things.
We're going to start off with my favorite things I bought.This notebook is the most amazing thing ever.Once I laid my eyes on it,I knew I'd have to get it,no matter what price it had.Suprisingly,it was very cheap for the thickness it has (also not to mention the cute design of the actual pages).Unfortunately,Jumbo's chains go no further than Europe,so I don't think you can find it anywhere.RIP.
The other thing I bought is this folder for school.Its color is so pretty and I feel like it makes a good blog photo background haha.
I also bought this water bottle for school,but I felt like sharing it because it's just so simple and cute.I can't wait to make smoothies and lemonades and all sorts of stuff in there!
Ever since I joined studyblr,FOR THE LONGEST TIME I've wanted to have arrow shaped sticky notes (or are they called that?idk english is not my mother language).So I finally got around to purchasing them and I have absolutely no regrets,although to be honest,they costed quite more than they actually deserve to be but that's fine.Notice the background?Hahahaha I warned you beforehand though.
The last but not the least,my freshman year diary.I just live for simple designs and soft hard covers and elastic bands.It's bigger than you think it is,but I'm going to leave that to your imagination hah.
I haven't done hauls in a while.What do you think?Should I do more?Did you particularly enjoy this mess of a post?Leave a comment below x
See you as soon as possible (with a fall post maybe?sitck around!)
A My Pastel World citizen x 

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  1. I really like the butterfly notebook!
    You should definitely post more hauls like these :)

  2. Those things are worth to die for! I ABSOLUTELY LIKE THEM!