9 springtime activites to do when you're bored

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Hello darlings.In 4 days,it's going to be the blog's 1 year anniversary.Oh my,how fast time flies!Yes,that means I created this blog on 8th of April 2015.In this date,I'm going to make free printables,quotes,layouts,logos and much more! Make sure not to miss out and follow me on bloglovin , twitter and pinterest .Anyways,for today's post I'm sharing with you some ideas on how to spend your free time during spring when you're bored,as spring break has approached in my country :).Let's just get into it.
1.Enjoy some time outside. With outside,I mean in your backyard or balcony.I swear I underrate them so much,Like I legit spend my whole day inside on my computer while I can just take a blanket,some food,and have fun in my backyard.If you have a flat,that thing is easy to solve.A balcony is perfect if you have the chair and the table.Speaking of those,this is what I usually do outside:
2.Read a book. Especially now for spring,I love reading books outside while I smell the wonderful smell of the flowers and hear the beautiful sounds of the birds singing.Honestly though,if you want to read something,just do it outside instead,whether it's for studying,a magazine,poems or anything else.
Recently I've been reading Paper Towns by John Green and let me say:it's as amazing as expected.
3.Paint or draw. Imma punch you if you say stuff like "Oh no I can't draw very well".Each of us can draw,we just need practice.After all,nobody is going to see what you draw,so even if you do it wrong,you're just going to have fun and laugh off about it.Here's what I ended up doing:
You see,people tell me my drawing is goals and stuff,but I chose to draw an ugly logo and share it with the internet because why not.But anyways,get what I'm saying? You can write instead of drawing.There's always options.
4.Listen to music. I recommend doing this one on the balcony,where the wind caresses your hair in the middle of the night and you stare at the stars,drunk by the soft melody (speaking from my experiences,which I very much enjoyed).But music overall is one of the best things to remove your boredom,because either you'll find yourself dancing or thinking.
5.Treat yourself. When you're bored during spring,just gather all of your favorite products in one place and after taking a hot shower,start using all of them.It's the best feeling when you know you smell like paradise and feel clean and pure.My favorite products are shown in the picture.Btw,don't do this outside bwahahah.
6.Start the springtime cleaning. Ugh,as much as we hate it,we have to admit that when spring comes,a lot of chores come with it too.So when you're bored,why not spend your time doing something productive?
To make your cleaning more fun,I'd recommend putting music on.I recently found this website 8tracks where people share playlists.So just search for cleaning and music you can't help but dance to will pop up and cleaning will be so much more fun!
7.Make a temporary change.Now this my friends,is the best way to entertain yourself when you're bored.I bought a less than one dollar temporary gold hair color spray and decided to give my hair a ombre effect for a few days.To more than my expectations,my hair shined like real gold and actually smelled amazing.You can find those types of hairspray almost in every cosmetic around and you can do a lot with it.You can go with the pink grunge hair or gray baddie one.The options are countless!
8.Go for a walk.Stop lying to yourself and go for a walk,whether it's with your friends,family or with your headphones only.If you don't live near a forest,go for a walk around the city.After all,it's the steps that count my friend.Also bikerides are highly recommended as they're more fun and more effective for giving you physical strength. :) You can do it.
9.Wattpad&lemonade. I present to you wattpad: a reading app where a lot of amazing writers share books with chapters up to 100.This is possible for all of you.If you don't have a phone,you can go to their website and read books.I swear they're amazing (and no,this is not sponsored,just PROTIP). Also we all know how to make lemonades.They're the perfect combo for a chill day.And if you don't like reading,TV shows or movies are always a thing,you know? ;)
That was it for this post.I tried to find things yall could do,so please appreciate the effort I put into this post.I hope it was worth it. :) Check out my social media in the right sidebar if you want to contact with me.All the love,
A My Pastel World Citizen x.

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  1. But I really can`t draw! (expects to be punched in the face) :D
    Yay for 8tracks! I recommend playlists by Idril...
    I love to sit on the balcony reading a good book with a nice cup of tea. That`s my idea of springtime. Not cleaning. I don`t like that one. I know we have to, it`s just I always postphone it till the last moment and then stress about it.

    Anyway, lovely article, thanks!

    1. Your comment made me so happy! I love the honesty in it,thank you so much x btw cleaning sucks :(

  2. This was a really nice article! And congrats on reaching one year with your blog! I look forward to seeing what you'd share on your anniversary!
    I'd also like to see your art works! Writing with paint is always a great idea.
    Have a nice day!