Spring Essentials

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Hello!This is my first post and today I'm gonna show you some spring essentials and tips about them :).Before getting started,I'm sorry for the terrible edit but I promise I'll get better at it.Now let's go! x
 1.First,I recommend you to get a hand&body cream cause they're an important essential to keep your hands soft.I use this Arko Nem Cream which is from Turkey,and it's really good.It smells like mango and mandarines matched together so it also smells amazing.But there are also other flavors like yogurt&berries ,pineapple,strawberry,watermelon etc. :)

2.To make sure you smell as good as your hands,you have to use a perfume and it's an amazing essential. There are different companies of perfumes but Flormar is da bomb.This is 'Flormar So Chic' which comes together with a deo,but I decided not to show it.This perfume smells like spring itself.It has the violet flower scent and I'm so in love.But also the Katy Perry's perfume(which I can't remember its name) smells amazing! Any perfume would work,but for spring I'd recommend the ones with the flower smell :)

3.Now into lips.To keep them moisturized,I'd recomment to use Baby Lips as an essential.This one is called 'Peach Kiss' and it has an AMAZING smell.:) I think I can't even describe how wonderful it smells*_* The color is also beautiful,it's like a peach mixed with a bit of brown.But Baby Lips in general are a great company,so all of their lip products are amazing.

As we're into lips,I wanted to tell you guys that Labello is also an amazing company :) I have two Labellos and both of them smell good +make lips softer.

This one is Labello Fruity Shine:Cherry.It's sooo good. It smells like cherry and it also gives you a tint of cherry color in your lips:) This one is so 'springish' (if that's a word). It's all fruity and flowery and just reminds me of spring. x

And here's the other one,Labello 100 years. This one was limited edition,so I don't think it's on sale anymore.But it's still an amazing product and it makes me feel special and loved idk why :3

4.For spring,you must have some wet wipes,but you have to be careful while you pick. I will always recommend the ones with the Violet or any other flower scent :) That's what spring's about:flowers! I found those ones Lara Fresh which look&smell amazing.

For more fun,make sure to color-match your essentials ! Look at how well my essentials coordinate ha.And a random idea that came to my mind,is to go essential-shopping.Ya know,to shop some essentials is NEVER a bad idea.*_* That's it for my post loves! Hope you enjoyed and I gave you some ideas ! XOXO

Disclaimer : this post isn't paid by any of the companies mentioned.

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