FSA: Trying out smoothie recipes!

By | June 24, 2017 2 comments

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new series on my blog.
This series is called "Fun Summer Activities" (FSA), which is pretty blunt, simple and straight to the point.
I've decided to give you guys ideas for an awesome summer while I'm trying those ideas.
To put it simple: I do an activity -> I take pictures -> I blog about it -> You get inspired.
To not miss any of my FSA posts, [this] is where you'll find them.
For the first FSA post, I will cover the topic of making drinks such as smoothies and lemonades.
 Now, personally, I've done a smoothie once in my life and fully regretted it - because sometimes the taste doesn't turn out that great let's all agree~. So that's why, I postponed ever making smoothies again.
But when my mom brought home strawberries and bananas, I knew I had heard about this combo earlier on so I searched the internet for a recipe and eventually came up with my own.
Here's how it goes:
 Chop up some bananas and put them in a blender,
Add strawberries.
Add vanilla pudding (completely optional, but a sweetener is prefered)
Add milk.

Blend it all out.
Pour in a cup and enjoy.

Since I felt like a brave spirit, I also tried a different recipe (is it even?), which I was really surprised in the end because of the magical taste.
I'm talking about strawberry lemonade!
The recipe is really simple: Just leave fresh clean strawberries in a cup in the fridge and they'll  let out their natural juice,even if it's the smallest amount.
Make a regular lemonade and add the strawberry juice to it. As I said, the strawberries won't let out that much, but it will still add an amazing taste to the drink.

There are a lot of drink recipes on the internet - whether it's a milkshake, smoothie, lemonade etc etc. Go out of your way this summer and try out different handmade drinks! Maybe come up with your own recipe as I did, as well. Document it all and live a happy summer.
Until the next post and the next FSA,

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  2. Oh, I think I'll try out the strawberry lemonade ^^ I love making my own drinks, especially in the summer, but I only made matcha smoothies so far *-* But summer isn't over yet, so I still have time :P
    ~Milky ♡