A farewell.

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I'm a 16 year old girl. (as of now, 2017)
I started this blog just as I turned 14, and this blog has been a part of my life for the past two years.
To grow it, I started taking pinterest's advice.
I started acting like a professional blogger, I wore myself out pretending to be everything I wasn't.
Which is the reason why I didn't post for around 4 months in a row during october 2015.
I've always disappeared from this blog for months during these two years.
I claimed I was on 'break'.
Truth is, I lost interest because I lost a part of me. This blog wasn't representing me anymore. It was representing a positive professional teenage blogger.
This blog, of course, still contains a part of me, it always has.
But I've outgrown it.
I was so pressured to stick to one subject, one theme (lifestyle / blogging advice / photography etc.) so I forced myself to stay in one lane.
Then I realized, why?
It's not like I'm doing this to earn money, or to impress people.
I've always liked blogging cause it's a form of self-expression, everything from the theme to the posts, to the photos. Just like a  youtube channel.
I still love blogging to death.
But I realized, that this blog in particular needs to come to a clear end, because it's not what I want to post. It doesn't make me content with myself.
For the sake of documentation of my growth, I chose to keep this blog up.
You can still read, share, and comment on this blog. And the blog posts of course contain a part of me.
I decided for a fresh start the best.
Since I didn't like the theme nor the branding but I didn't want to delete the blogposts, I came to the conclusion that I can make a new blog, while this one remains untouched.
My new blog is going to be different from this blog, but it's still me, this little dreamer.
There's going to be less tutorials, cause I've grown to dislike making them.
There's going to be hauls, stories, poetry, artwork, cozy rainy days, and random thoughts.
Please don't expect it to be similar to this blog, because that one is my authentic 100% self.
Check it out if you want to:

I'm sorry to my loyal readers.
I hope you understand that I'm not going anywhere. I'm just starting fresh. <3
I'll still read the comments you write.

All the love in the world,
A My Pastel World citizen...finally deciding to move away to BleachPeach town. c;
That doesn't mean you should move away,too. Stay in this world, if you want to.
It's cozy up here.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with us! I am happy you are giving yourself a fresh start because I love to read what you have to say. Heading over to Bleach Peach now!

  2. Never take blogging advice from Pinterest! I learnt this the hard way... with my previous blog, I was desperate to grow it, and my main aim was making money. I took advice from Pinterest and business websites to the point I wasn't even authentic, I wasn't myself, and I lost my passion and interest. It felt like a chore. But a fresh start might be just what you need! I started again last month and I feel like my passion returned, and I have learnt many valuable lessons from my previous blog, so I hope my new blog will be better than ever. We have been through very similar situations ^^ Now, I don't think about making money, it's only a possibility for the future, but not what drives me to write posts. I write in a casual tone- I'm being myself! And I write about what I want to write, whenever I feel like it, instead of forcing myself to post every week and writing bad posts for the sake of writing SOMETHING. Despite that, I have and always had a love for blogging. I'll read your new blog ^^~