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Hello everyone! ♥
Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret doesn't have a chain of stores in my country and I can't help but feel miserable when bloggers talk about their products and how good they are.
When I accidentally ran into a dupe of a Victoria's Secret body mist in a cosmetic I almost lost it, especially because the price was really cheap.
So I went off and bought it, and I thought I'd do a post reviewing and comparing the two products.
First of all, let's compare them.
As you can see, they're as identical as they can be. The background is completely identical, and the shape of the bottle and the caps are twinning as well.
What's different is the font / writing and the logo. As you can see even the name is similar:
 "Coconut Passion" vs "Passionate".
Vanilla & Coconut is what's written in both of the bottles, which makes me think the scent is similar as well, but I can't know that in complete certainity.
They both have the same size - 20 centimeters. As for the price, I'm not really sure what price is the Victoria's Secret bottle. From my research online it's around $12-$16 , while I got the dupe for $3.5. CRAZY,right?
Now, into the review.
Because it is a dupe, I didn't really have high expectations on this fragrance, I just got it because of the appearance.
But, to my suprise, it was quite high quality. The smell is just as it's described ; a sweet vanilla scent with a coconut and cotton candy touch to it. You just wanna eat it!
It's a mildly light scent, that is very recognizable and leaves a mark.
 The appearance is 10/10. It has the ability to be a decoration too. It just fits everywhere. Even though the design was practically ripped off from Victoria's Secret, it still makes me gaze in awe.
It is very long lasting as well. I thought the smell would disappear within an hour or so, but to my surprise not only it lasted the whole day, but when I wore the same piece of clothing the other day, I felt a trace of the smell of this fragrance.
Oh, and it's made in Turkey, which is something I was delighted about when I found out, because these "Made In China" dupes really scare me sometimes.
So overall it's done a decent job on all aspects that a good body spray should have.
Here's the back for y'all who wanna read it.

I couldn't find a link for it on eBay or amazon. That makes me sad, but you guys mostly have access to Victora's Secret itself anyways hehe.
This was the post for today!
I hope you enjoyed, see you next time.
A My Pastel World Citizen

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