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Back to school season is here,which means I'm going to (obviously) make a SERIES sharing my tips and tricks on how to survive this school year.For the first series,as the title says,we are going to discuss and share the easiest and most fun ways to study.Without more rambling,let's just get straight to the list.

1.Be genuinely interested on what you are studying.
Make internet researches,watch youtube videos and look up images for the subject you're studying for.Not only you're left with extra knowledge,but when you're interested in something it's most likely you'll remember it more.Don't do it as a chore,as if you're forced.And actually it's fun without realizing, because you start getting into the subject more and more :)

2.Revise and revise and revise
Because the school year hasn't started yet (I mean,at least not for me) we need to keep reminding ourselves to revise every single lesson.We aren't aware of this,BUT just reading the textbook once helps so much.Don't let yourself not touch the textbook when you're at home.If you revise now,it's going to be more helpful than you could imagine. (Ah,the amount of A's I got doing this!)

3.Surround yourself with inspiration
Seriously.Print some cool quotes (or even write them on a piece of paper!) or,use social media. We don't know how much impact the internet makes on us.
Here's a list of my favorite instagram accounts related to studying that you should follow:
and when you follow these,many more study accounts pop up,so.

Favorite tumblr studying accounts:
And also I'd recommend following the tag #studyblr because that's what the most study tumblr blogs tag.
Oh,and this is my studyblr account :

4.Make a pinterest board dedicated to studying
Pinterest is a treasure chest full of studying tips and inspiration all around.If you don't have an account,you're missing.I already made a board about studying.You can find websites to help and tricks you never thought of. CLICK HERE to check out my board.

5.Write after you read
Writing is one of the most commonly known ways to remember things easily.It is said that writing is equivalent to reading 7 times,so.My way to do this is to read and then write what you remembered,OR write as you read.Writing the most important things out of the lesson makes you memorize more.

6.Make a schedule
Take the exact time of the day to study or simply revise.Not only helps you out on doing other productive tasks and socializing,but it also helps on making studying easier.
Note: studying in the morning is better because the brain is refreshed while studying in the night will not be as easy because the brain is exhausted or overworked.

7.Use amazing websites to get you studying -helps you revise with quizzes,flashcards,mind maps and more - makes raining sounds which is perfect for when you're studying - helps you find words to use on your essays instead of repeating the same one - the best math website out there that helps you solve a problem and explains why

This is pretty much a list full of tips that have helped me get through school with straight A-s :)
I hope you enjoyed.Make sure to share with a friend!
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