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Yo guys!It's been a long time since my last post.In a few words,I've been in a sudden hiatus because of responsibilities,but now I'm fully back and with a few announcements!
1.I made a second blog,where I post daily personal stuff like favorites,reviews,rants,poetries,drawings and more.CLICK HERE to visit it and make sure to follow it x (It's called My Pastel Thoughts hehe)
2.Now I have my own YouTube channel.How crazy is that?!The content may not be 10/10 though,considering I film with a Samsung Galaxy s3 but aye CLICK HERE to go check it out!
3.If you're curious about my art,I do have an instagram account where I post almost daily.CLICK HERE or find me by my username "mypasteldrawings".I follow back ;)

*skip to here for the actual post*
Summer can be very lonely.Whether if you have no friends (like me),or all of them are on vacation and find absolutely ridiculous reasons to not hang out with you,you always end up being alone.I figured I could make up a list of activities to do on your own and have fun without having anyone else there with you.Let's go! :)
-Bikeriding is always a good idea,especially to do on your own.Noone can know where you're going so might as well explore amazing places.I like bikeriding on the countryside nearby my town,it's so calming and relaxing.I usually stay up until sunset and the view just inspires me.For a bikeride you might like:
•A bottle of water (essential af)
•Earbuds and phone (it's fun but it's also risky since you can't hear the cars passing by)
•Gum to chew on the way (i mean, why not?)
-Spa Days never fail to keep me busy and clean.The refreshing feeling afterwards is amazing.In the 'Spa Day' category,there's a few things you could do:
•Painting nails
And while doing these,you can also multitask by:
•Listening to music
•Watching a YouTube video
•Reading a magazine/book/encyclopedia
-You don't have a professional camera?I always use my phone camera for everything.I mean,I used to own a Nokia Express for like a whole year of this blog,so..(now I've upgraded into a Galaxy s3,don't worry lol). Just grab a camera,whether it's 2mp or 20mp and find beautiful things to capture a moment with.I like taking photos of flowers,water,sky,nature,animals and what I find beautiful in general!So move your bum.You don't have to go on public (if you have anxiety and feel embarrassed).A garden will do just fine. :)
-I have never in my life worn make up (except for prom) but I occasionally sneakily get my mom's make up and make a fool out of myself with it.But it's so much fun and you could actually improve yourself while you're at it! Experiment with bold looks,and something you've never tried before.And if it turns out great,you might earn some instaworthy selfies too!
-It's always nice to wander around your town on your own.It's very relaxing and it's such a great boredom killer,too.When I do this though,my biggest essential is earbuds so I double enjoy my walk.
If you're a woman/girl (which you probably are),I'd recommend doing this in the morning and/or midday.It's too dangerous to do this at night,sadly :(.
-Don't you dare say stuff like 'They're for children' cause I know for a fact children wouldn't want to read stories about bullying and suicide.[just sayin']

Favorite Anime:
•Bokura Ga Ita (romance)
•Maid Sama (romance-comedy)
•Toradora (romance-comedy)
•Lovely Complex (romance-comedy) -side note;this one is hilarious

Favorite Manga:
•Orange (romance,slice of life)
•A Silent Voice (slice of life) -this is the bullying/suicide one I was talking about earlier
•Namaikizakari (romance)

Now,you have a lot of things to do,don't you?
-Who says you can't play football on your own?I like jumping like crazy,running and following the ball and hitting it so hard it goes elsewhere for me to follow.There are quite a lot of sports you could do on your own:
•Football (as I said)
•Tennis - you versus the wall
•Volleyball - you versus the wall

Since I want your struggle to be over forever,here's a list of more things to do without going into details:
•Water the plants
•Make lemonade
•Finish a pinterest project
•Do yoga (on sunrise)
•Do something that scares you (after making a list of what scares you)
•Start a challenge (and finish it)
•Write a future letter to self
•Learn a new language (  is life,it's also an app)

That wraps it up for the content I want to share today :) I hope you enjoyed and hopefully got inspired to do something.
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Thank you for sticking around.All the love,
A My Pastel World citizen x

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  1. your blog is really very nice,..please check out mine. I just starter it

  2. Love the"spa day' cause i always do that :)

  3. Nice list of things! I think every body would love going out and riding their bikes since Pokemon Go is out xD
    I followed you on Instagram :) @thelunardescent