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Okay,so here's the thing:to have a good summer,you should prepare earlier so when it comes,you go out and have the time of your life with activities you already planned.For today,I'm going to share with you how to have a good summer.Enjoy the ride.

-Last summer,I had the habit of going to the public pool every sunday by bike.It was a really fun experience and I can't wait to do it this year,too.So,basically what I'm saying is that you should try coming up with a possible activity to do on a certain day that always ends up being fun.There's a lot of things you could do in the summer,but here's the best ideas for a bucketlist:

Because summer skies are clear,and after a day full of adventure,you need to have a midnight thoughts time with yourself,with the sky's company.Grab a cup of tea,or blankets (because it gets cold,ya know) and enjoy clearing your mind.A friend would be nice,but I prefer being alone cause I can focus at the stars,while when I'm with a friend,we get distracted by laughing or something.Do this for at least 5 minutes,and you're good to go.But I really like the sky,so I usually stay way more.
Yes,that's right.Don't be the type of person who is lazy to go on adventures and stays home online 24/7. This summer needs to be different.Even if you're all alone,grab a bike and have a spontaneous ride around the city,and/or even the countryside.The adventures you can possibly create on the way are endless,so it's so worth it to just go with the flow.But hey,planning a bikeride isn't bad either! I love going to picnics with bikes.
The recipe is easy and the results are great.Pour the lemonade in a cute mug and drink it in your backyard,while reading a book.Or,take it with you on an adventure.Or maybe,just drink it haha.Anyways ,
lemonades are so underrated and you should consume some more.Also,let's not mention the fun process of making it.
It's understandable that we aren't going to spend the whole day outside,so take any rainy day of your summer 2016 to build a fort and binge watch a tv show.Now,if you ask me,I'd recommend The Vampire Diaries,considering it has 7 seasons and 20+ episodes on each.Also I love the plotting and the genre.It's romance,too,ya know.But there's a lot more blog posts talking about tv shows,and you can pick whichever you like.After all,you can watch anime too!There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.If you love the high school themed romance anime,I'd recommend either Maid Sama or Toradora.Both of them have only 1 season but contain 25-28 episodes.Also I love both of their plots.
Alone?Put your headphones on and enjoy wandering around your city pretending you've never been here. With friends?Have a good chat about how's your summer going and go crazy with them!
We all have chalks and we all have neighborhoods.If you're scared people will think you're 'too old' or 'uncool',do it in your yard's cement.But honestly,I don't care so I did it last summer with my bff on the sidewalk of the streets and it was fun but then we erased it.I can't stress this enough but you're never too old/young  to do something! Especially if you enjoy it and it brings joy to your heart.

That's the ideas I had.For more you should visit my pinterest board for summer (<- click it).

Also,I've mentioned it before,but you should definitely start the Notes Challenge if you want a positive summer.It consists of 3 fun goals you want to achieve for a month,and at the end of the month,write down how the experiences were while creating the goals for the next month.This challenge is amazing! I'm currently doing it,and planning a blogpost at the end of May for my goals. have the best summer,I'd highly suggest a slight exercise.It could be:
•Working out
•Eating/drinking healthy
 For example,drinking a glass of water with fruit in it is really beneficial for your body and mind.
And,one last advice I have to you:

Spend the summer coloring,drawing,writing,singing!Test out your limits.

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  1. I never make any summer plans, but this post has inspired me to do so for once. Maybe I'll even go stargazing. I haven't really taken a look at the night sky in months... Looking up instead of down should be great this summer :)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Yes tbh.I've fallen in love with the sky and stars.It's really relaxing plus it doesn't take much.It's just going outside and sitting somewhere. :) p.s I love your blog<3