How to have fun during a rainy day

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Spring,as always,brings us sunny warm days and flowers,but equally as much,it also brings us rainy days,which make us stay locked up at home.And sure,we can get bored sometimes.And with sometimes,I mean 24//7 .Right?
So here's a list of activities,recipes,tips and more.Enjoy!

1.Read a book
Books are always the best friends.If you're the type who doesn't have books in their house (like me),you can always read books online! There's a lot of free websites (such as wattpad) who have amazing content to read in a rainy day.Here's my recommendations:

Physical books:
Girl Online - Zoella
Any book of the Harry Potter series - J.K Rowling
Paper Towns - John Green

Wattpad books:
The wallflower's revenge
The bad boy stole my bra (personal favorite)
The bully next door (kinda has a poem form,which I love)
My wattpad account is @thestoryofadreamer1 , in case you wondered :)

2.Make things
The reader is probably confused right now haha.By that,I mean CREATE! Includes cooking,DIY,drawing, writing,blogging and such.
Here are some easy recipes and DIY-s that you can do with stuff laying around your house


For the easy recipe numba 1,you're going to need ham,cheese and cucumbers.Easy as that!This trio makes a delicious healthy snack.
The easy recipe numba 2 includes almost the same ingredients,but they replaced the cucumber with a salty stick (which not all of us have,but is worth running in the rain to a shop for!).It is also a really good combo!
The recipe numba 3 is kinda more complicated than the others,but still equally good.The photo speaks for itself.I've taken all of the three from pinterest.

 A phone projector.This is one of the best DIYs around,and it's easy.All you need is a box,duct tape,magnifying glass,pencil and scissors or knife.The steps are shown in the photo,and I must tell you they go on vertical order.

Spa-in-a-jar.Might as well use the products after putting them in a jar.Turn the rainy day into a wonderful spa day!Also,this idea is great for birthday gifts.
DIY headband.How cute and easy is this?! To be honest,it's also fun.Put music in the background while working to add the cherry to the top!

3.Dance in the rain
This is one of the most fun activities I've ever decided to do.Don't think of stuff like 'Ugh,no.I'll get sick' or 'I'm too lazy to change'.You have one life,go out there and live it.If you want your hair to be dry,just make them into a bun and wear a beanie over.Or the hood of the hoodie could work too.
Dance around,laugh,enjoy the rain.It's going to be the highlight of your day.Trust me.

Grab a blanket,food and your laptop.Or maybe build a fort.Totally up to you.No but seriously,it's so much fun.The food might as well be snacks from the recipes I mentioned above. ;) And also,if you happen to scroll a lot and not find good movies,here's my recommendations:
1. 17 Again (Comedy,Romance) / Zac Efron plays the lead role so bonus points
2.Alabama Moon
3.There's something about Mary
4.Mr. and Mrs.Smith (Action)
5.Any of the Hunger Games movies
6.Any of the Harry Potter Movies

Also,if you want to watch TV shows,you should watch American Horror Story.The first season is heaven. It's creepy (duh) but not that scary.I get scared easily so I got scared a lot but it's not that harsh.

That's it for today's post! I hope you aren't bored anymore.Make sure to comment below what weather it is in your country currently.My country's weather is too cloudy,I'm suprised it hasn't started raining yet.
All the love,

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