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Welp,hello there.I've made this decision  to stick to a 'Daily Writing Challenge' and having you all as witnesses.You might as well not care about the topics I'm going to write about though.Anyway,I invite you to join me in this challenge (please make sure to comment below if you do!).I'm going to update this everyday with the topics given in this picture:
Let's do this!

May the 7th// Day 1:List 10 things that make you really happy
•People being kind
•Making/seeing someone happy
•Buying something I really like
•Positivity I see around the internet
•New experiences
•Stargazing / looking at the stars
•Learning something new
•Brushed fonts
•YouTube videos

May the 8th//Day 2:Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot
Oh well,I get a lot of compliments and hate on the internet.I usually remember all of them,but the ones I liked  the most was on a blogpost.People usually comment leaving their blog link,so they can promote them.But comments without links make me really happy because I know they're genuine.There was one comment that went "This nice work in this age!Amazing!Keep it up!" and one that went "Oh gosh..Your blog is so nice. Love it."

May the 9th//Day 3:What are you top three pet peeves?
Okay,here we go:
1.People chewing outloud ugh (it's called misophonia and it sucks)
2.People bragging 24/7

May the 10th//Day 4:Write about someone who inspires you
Inspiration is something I find daily in everything.But if I had to pick one person who is a big source of inspiration,I'd have to say either Marzia Bisognin or Zoella,but we'll go with Marzia this time.I love how she puts her biggest effort on everything she does,and it inspires me how creative she is.Everytime I watch her videos,I can't help but feel shivering down my spines as to the highly inspiring content. :)

May the 11th//Day 5:List five places you want to visit
I actually want to visit the world one day,so this is gonna be a hard challenge,but here we go:
1.USA - duh.It's my favorite place ever,and I'm really hoping I can win a scholarship to study abroad there because it's my biggest dream.
2.Japan - have you ever seen their kawaii products,and the stereotypical school uniforms and blossom trees?The list goes on and on on why I love to visit Japan.
3.Kenya - I have always loved to see more of the african culture and be able to have a talk with people who have lived their whole lives in misery.I love showing my human side and making people happy.
4.Bora Bora - any island would do,tbh,The water is clear as a crystal (cliche af) and the sun is constantly shining.It's just a beautiful art that the nature has put together.Also,the idea of traveling by ship is one of the most marvelous experiences.
5.North Pole - I mean,in a calculated time to see one of the most jawdropping phenomenons in the whole world,Aurora.

May the 12th//Day 6:Five ways to win your heart
Well,here we go;
1.Actually making an effort.I mean there's people who expect you to love them while they do exactly nothing to win your love.And by that I mean ignoring you,not responding to messages,bullying you etc.
2.Being nice to other people.It's immediately a turn off to see someone being a douche to someone,but when I see anyone being nice and spreading love,that's where I know,there's still hope in this filthy world.
3.Keeping a convo and caring about my opinion.I think I shouldn't add why because we all know.
4.Respecting me and loving me for who I am.There's been people that criticized the way I dress and/or act.
5.Knowing me well enough to buy me gummies bc I go crazy over them.

May the 13th//Day 7:List 10 songs that you're loving right now
1.Hotel Ceiling - Rixton
2.Borderz - Zayn
3.Goner - Twenty One Pilots
4.Migraine - Twenty One Pilots
And also 6 others are by Twenty One Pilots bc I'm trash :')

May the 14th//Day 8:Share something you struggle with
Where do I begin?First of all,misophonia.That's the biggest struggle;to hide it from everyone because otherwise you'll be called a bitch and whatnot because you have it.
Then,living where I currently live.I don't have any opportunities in here.:/
I feel like that's enough rambling.

May the 15th//Day 9:Post some words of wisdom that speak to you
This quote makes me realize I've changed a lot for good,and there are even better things that are going to change in the future!! ^-^

May the 16th//Day 10:Write about something which you feel strongly
I love the idea of two people being destined to be together,but somehow I find myself daydreaming a lot and I feel strongly that there should be more activities to do when you're on your own and also care less about being together with someone or having a crush.

May the 17th//Day 11:Something you always think "What if..." about
I usually find myself thinking 'what if' when I'm too shy to ask someone something or do something.I regret my decision but when my time comes around (lay me gently in the cold dark earth lmao ha if you got that you're awesome) to redo that I find myself still shy to do that and the circle goes on and on.

May the 18th//Day 12:Write about five blessings in your life
1.I'm healthy and alive
2.I have a house,money and food
3.I have a family
4.I own a blog
5.I'm different 

May the 19th//Day 13:What are you excited for?
The acting competition ahhh!! It's tomorrow I'm gonna die from the excitement and fear at the same time.Our squad will travel to another city to compete with other squads' plays.Hope we win!

May the 20th//Day 14:Post your favorite movies that you never get tired watching
Well tbh,the Harry Potter movies,Home Alone,There's something about Mary and Furry Vengeance.

May the 21st//Day 15:Bullet-point your whole day
  • Wake up
  • Get ready
  • Eat something
  • Wait for my bestie
  • Walk to school for the achievement exam
  • Complete the exam
  • Go to my grandma's
  • Stay on my phone
  • Binge-watch TVD the whole day
  • Go home
May the 22nd//Day 16:Something that you miss
Summer and bikeriding *sighs* *taps self on the shoulder* soon,soon.

(I don't know what happened or why I dropped this challenge,but Imma continue it now,march 2017)

March the 5th//Day 17:Post about your zodiac sign,and whether or not it fits you
I'm an aries,and stereotypically speaking,we're considered rude,angry,wild,brave etc you know.
Which is not that true for me.I'm shy and I get scared easily,I wish I was carefree and brave though.But I do get angry easily and a few other things that determine an aries so I guess it's 50/50.
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  1. This looks like a really nice writing challenge. I might take this up on Instagram :) You're on Instagram right? I'll follow you and tag you if I do this challenge.

    Also, I have a question. I really like the social media buttons you have on the side and I'd really like to have something similar on my blog. The person who designed my blog isn't responding to my emails so I was wondering if you could tweak the design for me a bit? Or instruct me how to do it or direct me to someone who could help out?

    1. Yes,I'm on instagram.My username is in the social media bar haha.Also,for the buttons,they're really easy to make!I would like to make some for you,but I still think it should have a taste of yours in them.So just design them on picmonkey or somewhere,and I'll do the coding,okay? :) hit me up if you don't want to do them though,I'll do them.Email:vlerandera@gmail.com

  2. Replies
    1. I'd highly recommend it ! To be honest,it really adds a positive vibe to my day :)