Being bullied:My experience and advice

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Hi everyone.It's friday - which means that it's the 'inspiration post' day of the week.For today I wanted to talk about one of the biggest issues in our society which is bullying.Get tissues and start reading!

I really don't know how to open up about this,I'm scared it'll be boring and you'll leave..You're probably being bullied and that's why you clicked on this.Read my story and then you'll get the advice.

As some of you know,I'm a teen.I'm in 9th grade (a freshman in every country but mine.In mine it's the last year of middle school smh).I've been bullied since I was in preschool.I was just too quiet to ever defend myself.I'm soft.I can't say two words to someone without crying.This was their advantage.My innocence and character.As I grew up,people told me worse and worse things.Now,in the 9th grade,it's becoming too hard to handle.People call me ugly all the time,even my parents,family and closest friends...I get it.I'm ugly.Why would someone remind others that they're ugly?I never understood this.Why would someone go and yell the ugliest things and names to someone who've never done nothing bad to them?And I try to ignore them.Trust me,I act like I don't care but once I come home I cry a lot.I wish it could only stop with being called ugly.I get called stupid too.I hate the feeling of not knowing what to say or to defend my own self.I know I'm not stupid.Otherwise my grades wouldn't be this good (all 5,which in my country are like A-s).I just don't have the ability to reply fast and be witty.I wish I was witty.Oh man that would be perfect.It's just too hard to breathe,you know?It's hard to enjoy life with their voices in your head..I can't find the right words to describe the feeling,but I'm sure most of you get what I'm talking about.
Nevertheless,I chose to be positive.Of course,I'm not positive all the time,cause everyone has that 'breakdown' moment once in a while,but I've been able to build an empire in my head that protects me from the bad words.Not exactly since I still get affected by them,but not as much as I used to be.I started a blog,on which I found happiness and responsibility.I felt like I had an actual friend.Opening this blog,I started exploring the Pinterest world,finding a lot of gems to keep me happy.Nowadays I just find joy in the little things,such as planners,washi tapes,singing,drawing and of course blogging.It's like my little world.Like I have my own world with my own people and every once in a while people try to occupy my world and start a war there..
Long story short,my biggest advice over here is to start a blog,even if you have no idea how to use it.In the beginning I had an ugly theme with pictures of other people.With time you'll get used to the blogging world.It's free after all.
If not blogging,take up swimming,reading,drawing,singing...wherever you find yourself happier! Remember that their words are said for a reason. Don't let them WIN. Don't let them waste your life,when you have the ability to make it colorful and beautiful.You're never alone.I know you'll probably rolling your eyes right now,and I know it's cliche,but I'm here for you everytime you need me.I love listenting to stories.Just email me ( not,God is always with you.What goes around comes back around....a study says that the ones who bully usually have bad grades.So you'll grow up,you'll have a successful blog/life while they do a hard job for 12 hours a day just to get a little money to survive.If you stay determined,you'll win over them,even if you don't have as much power as they me it'll get better.Life is full of suprises.If God wanted you to "die" (as you say to yourself),he'd probably take your spirit by now.But He wants you to experience a new day,week,month etc.Your life may change 360 degrees during this time.So be patient and work hard.Take your mind off the bullies,because people throw rocks at things that shine!.
Sorry if that was terrible.I'm sorry.
Here's the quote of the week:
That's it for today loves.I hope I inspired someone.Remember once again,I'm here for you.I really wanna talk to someone so message me on email ( , twitter (mypastel_world) , pinterest (DIYismahlove) and any other social media that are linked in the right sidebar.
Stay safe and love life
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  1. thank you soo much this made me so happy <3

    1. aww I'm so glad it did!I'm right here if you need me.

    keep going girl
    i loved this post it made my day more positive thanks.
    even if i don't have someone to talk or something i just have my bff and that's important, she is always there for me so who cares if i dont have a squad or something i have her, that's all i need
    and that girl is you:)