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Hey you all.I haven't posted in two weeks and I'm sorry about that.It's just that it's been an overwhelming time for me (for good!) so I had to take a mini hiatus.The past weeks have been filled with school,acting,performing,swimming,getting a new phone etc etc but it was way TOO MUCH for me to keep blogging during this time.Now,school is over,and therefore I'm done with all the activities.
Too much rambling there.
Anyways,as you all know,I love pastel colors (hence why the blog name) so I own quite a few pastel clothing items.I thought it'd be fun to share with you how to style them and show you a few outfit ideas.Let's go!
Our first stop is pastel tops.How I usually style them:

1.Neutral colored jeans such as grey,white,black and leather.
They always match pastel tops perfectly.I mean,look at the amount of slay this model is radiating with that outfit!

2.Jeans and details
When I wear a pastel top with jeans,I always make sure to add at least one small detail to the look.Either a necklace or bracelet,or a different hairstyle,it's important to add something new to the look.

Oversized tops are my aesthetic.Especially the pastel ones.If they're oversized enough to cover your booty,then why not wear it as a dress,too?
Remember when Ariana Grande slayed this look:
Although I'm positive I'd find a slightly longer sweater maybe (and/or wear them with tights or sheer tights).

Movin' on the next section of this blog post:jeans.Here's how I like to style my jeans:

1.Neutral colored shirts and small details
What a reverse!Anyways,it looks great asf and this is the best way to style pastel jeans :)

2.Denim shirts.
Like yaaas,slay that look.I found this one on polyvore,and couldn't help but share it with you all:

It just looks so pretty!If you have the clothing items,don't miss the opportunity to look this great *wink wink*

3.Pastel tops (duh)
No matter what color is your top,it's still going to match with your pants just because they're both pastel and you're going to look like an angel.
This is my tweet when I became aware of this simple combination that even now I can't stop wearing;
And now,the finale.......
Accessories are great,especially when they're pastel.How I like to style them:

1.With simple outfits that have no pastel in them
For example,a white t-shirt,jeans,heels and a pastel pink bag/bracelet/cap would look great together.

2.With pastel outfits pretty much
When they match,then why not?I just make sure to not overdo the pastel vibes.

I love pastel accessories so much,I mean look at these:

Ugh,so frustrated I don't have them ;-;.
Do you want me to make a 'What's in my new phone' blog or nah? :) Comment below.

Btw I'm going to spam yall with blogposts since it's summer,so make sure to not miss any of the posts.
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A My Pastel World citizen x
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  1. Pastel accessories look super cute! I don't own many pastel things (I can't even think of anything at the moment) but this is making me consider buying something in pastel pink or blue :)

    1. Go for it!It's honestly so worth it.
      Note by a person who owns 1000 pastel items and thinks they aren't enough :p

  2. Haha Pastels are so pretty! I will definitely be using your tips for more pastel inspired outfits.

  3. Heyya...I've seen that you've been blogging for a while
    so I've nominated you for the liebster award in my blog
    Feel free to come read and accept it if you wish

  4. This is perfect and very helpful. I just found your blog and love the design and content. Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. this was such a lovely blog post to read! I am in LOVE with the pastel colors on your blog <3 :)