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Recently,I turned 16,so it's about time I start using make up.Even though in the U.S and many other states, make up is allowed on preteens and early ages really,I just didn't think make up was something suited for my age. But now that I've entered high school,I've grown to really love make up and gradually own a small amount of make up products.(I still take my mom's stuff,though hahaha).So let's have a look of things I have.
Firstly,I'm going to introduce you to my cute ocean-colored make up pouch.
On the front,it has two small pockets that are sewn in between.A small cute button to close the pouch is seen on the top middle.As you can see,some small details have a muddy brown color,which doesn't go bad,I guess.
On the other side,we have another pocket,which has a zip.I usually put unnecessary stuff there (such as Kylie packages for photos...go me).There's not much to say really.
This is how the inside looks with all the products in.
When I saw this makeup bag,I fell in love because I love all of the things that have a lot of pockets aka special places for certain things,you know what I'm on about?
I love this thing,how can I call it...mesh pocket or something? I dunno,but I love it SO much!
It has one of these on each side.
This is how it looks without the products. You can't see much,but there's loads and loads of pockets,one of them even has a flip! The one with polka dots is the one I'm talking 'bout.
Anyways,now let's have a look at the products.
I'm gonna start with this Kylie mascara,which is most likely fake since I got it for so cheap.It's really pretty and glittery,and also does its job as a mascara well.
It's also a really pretty photo prop I guess.It's just multifunctional for me.
Then we have the highlighter.Usha's highlight trio.
I haven't gotten around to using it yet,since I go for simple make up looks,but y'know,I bought it so I'd have it in any occasion.
It comes in three colors - rose pink, peachy and watermelon-ish. When I googled it,I found another brand that sells the exact highlighter with the same shades so I'm guessing mine is a dupe.
Can't review it when I haven't used it,haha.
Next we have this mysterious box.I wonder what it is.
It's the famous 15-shades foundation palette. I'd be suprised if you haven't heard about it or haven't seen a video on YouTube where people reviewed this palette they got of off Ebay for like 5$.
For real though,it's really cheap and there's tons of reviews everywhere so I guess mine doesn't have a huge role,but the colors' consistency is what makes this palette good for me.They are really creamy,and the yellow middle shade is my go-to for my "around-the-eyebrow" concealer. Take a look at all the shades:
Could be used as eyeshadow, foundation, contour and I could go on and on.It blends really well and it's actually nice for its price. Here's a link if you're interested (not spon, just wanna help fellow ladies out cause makeup can be expensive) : CLICK.
Next we have a Meet Matt(e) Hughes lipstick in the shade "Honest".You can get it in Sephora  or any other website for even cheaper than Sephora haha.
This shade is something I've wanted for a while,a color that is a mixture between red,orange and pink.
My damn shaky hand haha.But it's suprisingly long lasting..I had a hard time wiping it off.(*sheds a tear*).
It also smells good..like coffee cake? I don't know,but it has a pleasant smell.
 Then we have my life saver.I present to you,my eyebrow pencil. It's short but don't bully it,it's sensitive.
All jokes aside though, it's not a specific brand and I use this one a lot,that's why I had to sharpen it hence its height. It has a cute cap with a comb for my fancy brows.
This is a Glowing Eye Shadow by LDM Paris..(as you can read). I don't wear eye shadow,but I caught my mom trying to throw this precious palette away,so I insisted that she shouldn't. And then she gave it to me. It's nice to know you have an eye shadow palette though. I've used this one to make fake bruises for halloween and it was really handy indeed.
It also has this cute curved brush that fits in the palette.So lovely.So nice.
Lastly, (yes,I know,I don't have a lot of makeup) we have these two lip balms,which are my go-to.
Baby lips is known everywhere so I shouldn't really introduce it because most of you are familiar with it.
The Lacalut lip balm came with the Lacalut toothpaste when I bought it,it's really great because I got it for free. It smells like a vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles and a yellow frosting. Too specific,right ? Right.
I also usually wear a matte lipstick from Avon over it,but it's in my mom's make up bag so I consider it to not be mine.
This is my daily school make-up look (can you even call it a look?). Filled eyebrows (+concealer on 'em), simple mascara ,and a lip balm with matte lipstick.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing and taking photos for it.
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Until next time,
A My Pastel World Citizen

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  1. I love this layout and Your makeup bag is very cute and simple. Not too much going on. Looking forward to more post from you :).

  2. I'm not a big make-up girl .. but I do love to snoop through my best friend's. It's a treasure trove of cool things. I love this little bag .. it's pretty and simple with enough room to store what you need when you're on the go

    1. I wasn't either,to be honest haha.Thank you!

  3. It is a cute makeup bag you have there. I know my daughter will be getting makeup soon for things. Makes me nervous but I know it's coming.

  4. I make sure to keep my essentials in my make-up bag. I like that yours have a lot of pockets! It's really perfect for keeping everything organized.

    1. I know right! I really love these types.

  5. Loving your makeup bag, especially the foundation set and at such a great price too. You are a girl after my own heart, I always have loads of lipbalms in my bag they have so many purposes to them.

  6. OMG, so cute! I think I was around 15 that I started using a bit of make up, mostly mascara though and a hint of lipstick :) Your make up bag looks good, seems you have it all covered! X

    1. Thank you!That's how I mostly do it,too! :)

  7. In my make up bag is always too much stuff but i always use 5 necessary things :)

  8. I love the multi pocketed make up bag. I have a similar one and use it for a hand bag organiser. Its brilliant and I can easily find my makeup ,keys etc.

  9. I have the same concealer palette which I bough off ebay with about £3. I was surprise that it is actually pretty good and it does the job well.

  10. Nice bag. I agree, I love pockets and places to put more an dmore stuff. Since I only wear eyeliner an dlipgloss, my makeup bag usually has stuff I have no business packing.

  11. That make-up bag could fit so many things. Anything else you keep in yours not mentioned here?