Fall bucketlist

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Fall has been here for almost a month now,and I haven't made a blog post about my bucketlist,what a shame! I will be posting a lot more about fall though,so make sure you don't miss by following me on my social media or google+ and bloglovin'.Enough rambling,let's start with my bucketlist!
1.Light a scented candle
2.Cook something related to cinnamon
3.DIY fall decorations
4.Watch Hocus Pocus
5.Watch the sunrise
6.Make a cozy fort
7.Go to a Halloween party
8.Crunch leaves
9.Have a fall photoshoot
10.Make apple pie
11.Wear an infinity scarf
12.Read a good book
13.Have a Halloween movie marathon
14.Wear something orange/yelllow/red
15.Wear fuzzy socks
16.Take a bike ride around to see the leaves
17.Listen to a fall playlist
18.Make a fall playlist
19.Try a new flavor of tea
20.Take a picture of everything on this bucketlist
I hope you enjoyed or found at least some inspiration for your bucketlist! Leave a comment below suggesting my next blog post! Fall essentials?Fall DIY decor?We'll see!
Until next time,
A My Pastel World Citizen

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