My blogging routine (after I hit publish)

By | March 07, 2016 4 comments
Hi everyone! So today I'm sharing with you what I do after I hit the publish button on my new blog post for everyone who's interested to know how I get the views. Let's get into it!

1.Hit publish and read the blog post.Right after I publish it,I click it and check for any mistakes made during the process of writing.If there's something wrong,I go and edit the post.If there's not,I continue to the next step.

2.Share it on Pinterest.The first thing I do is share it on Pinterest,considering it brings me so much traffic.

3.Share it on twitter (Click for my twitter acc).I usually firstly edit a cute photo on promoting my new post and then share it on twitter with the link on the description.

4.Share it on reddit.Okay,reddit is a must!It has broken the record of Pinterest on my site so it's always a good idea.

5.Go to Bloglovin'.And check if my post was posted.And then check other bloggers and start commenting on their posts,leaving a link to my blog.

6.Share on tumblr if necessary.

7.Log off and check the views after a few hours.It's such a beautiful feeling seeing way more views than you had before you wrote the blog post.

So that was my blogging routine!Gotta go and do all these steps now,see you later! Hope you enjoyed.Btw doing some quality improvement for my posts,and that's why I'm not posting too much photos those days x
Bye and all the love ! <3

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  1. Oh yes, I also share on twitter, but I've stopped sharing on Pinterest and tumblr and I don't use reddit at all! It's nice to see that there are other options though!

    Have a nice day!

    1. You definitely should try reddit though!

  2. AHHH this was so helpful THANK YOU!! :))

  3. I love your blog so much!!! So simple and pretty!! I also agree with your process as I do the same, loved that feeling that hard work can pay off :) xx